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Hey, Diddle, Diddle; The Devil With No Fiddle

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An old poem I wrote before my Awakening even began, back when I was still Christian/Catholic; it may show in the poem. It's not meant to be taken seriously. It's supposed to be a humorous ironic tale of the tables unexpectedly being turned on a certain Fallen master manipulator...

In any case~

Introduction: Lucifer tries to corrupt yet another soul. This time, a young witch. Two problems though:

1. Nothing he does is working!

2. He MUST win her over, or else...


"So what do you say?" said Lucifer, "What do you say, Nightshade?" said he. The witch feigned thought for a moment and said, "Satan, or Lucifer--whichever you prefer--I'm afraid that to your offer, I cannot agree."

"As we speak, your mother dies."

"Of that I am well aware, but I simply cannot say 'yes'." Nightshade replied.

"Your magic can do nothing." Lucifer taunted. "Of that I am also well aware. But I'd rather do nothing than have the both of us damned down here and by my obtuse mistake forever be haunted."

"So in life you'd let your mother suffer" Lucifer tried. If there were two things Lucifer was, one would be prideful; the other would be sly.

With tact Nightshade reasoned, "On Earth, her suffering will end; here, it would forever last. I must give you credit for your attempt however, you ass."

"That aside," she continued and then took a moment to ponder, "I myself have no interest in eternal damnation; with my soul, I wish not to monger."

Lucifer felt an eye twitch; this one was tough. However, he was not quite ready to give up.

"You and your mother are witches, Nightshade. Both your souls already belong to me. Hell is already engraved in your fates, can't you see?"

Lucifer smiled in victory. He had her now! But he was shocked out of his fantasy when Nightshade said, "What do you take me for, a stupid old sow?"

"Witches being your servants is a legend, a myth invented by man because what they cannot see, they fear. No, Lucifer, the truth is that God is who we hold dear."

She said that with such resentment towards him that Lucifer was almost taken aback, "For a master manipulator, you're really not that good. Perhaps you should be given a lesson in tact."

Luifer was silent; he was not pleased, but before he could say a word, Nightshade sneered, "Now if you'll excuse me, I must be on my way. I hope to never again see you, and to you sir, good day."

With that, she stepped through the portal without a word. Lucifer stomped to his righthand, Beelzebub with all the quietness of a chattering bird.

"Milord," Beelzebub quietly began but was soon silenced with a glare.

"Shut up, you fly on the wall, or your neck I will have snared."

"There will be others, Milord, others you can corrupt." Beelzebub whispered, feeling somewhat meek, but when Lucifer was angry, it paid not to be weak.

"True as that is," Lucifer muttered with contempt, "That witch-girl was the subject of a bet."

"You see, Beelzebub," the fallen angel leader began, "with the witch's father I made a bet: if I won, I would win all three of their souls; the two women and the man."

"But what if he won?" Beelzebub asked, but withdrew and quietly murmured, "Not that it matters much." Then Lucifer growled, "He could make a wish without requiring payment and I must grant it as such."

Beelzebub faltered a bit as he asked, "What was his wish?"

"When the Apocalypse War comes, I must lose." Lucifer explained, feeling unhappy and tricked.

Beelzebub groaned a bit, "No way we can get out of this." he sighed.

Lucifer snarled, "Before your time, would you like to die?"

Needless to say, Beelzebub said nothing more. Lucifer muttered, "To think I could be outdone by the daughter of some trickster wizard boar!"



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Thanks, Malintra. =)

I just had it lying around, and thought it wasn't half bad for the time I wrote it, so I dusted it off a bit and posted it here. =P



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