Return ...and.... Renewal, Two old poems

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These are not a new poems but I decided to transfer them here as these are the only copies I have.


A glimpse of magic it once has known

This body frail and old has grown

The brightest spark is shining through

It's done, but now there's more to do.

Light of day bright as night

The body now gives up the fight

The one within is now without

It leaves the realm of scream and shout

Oldest memories now renewed

Ancient knowledge now reviewed

Oldest being now settles in

The newest story, does begin.


The fire within twists and burns

The flame without responds and turns

Embers falling, twisting toiling

Air on fire, water boiling

Fire like knife cuts through all

Firestorm turns and deadens all

The animal now sears and speaks

Running hot my spirit seeks

Natures seed it adds and sows

From the ashes now it grows

Life and all it runs anew

Refreshed and clear like morning dew

Fire and fear, blood and bone

The animal always feeds alone.

I bring the phoenix here to you

Fires of gold and deepest blue.




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