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Demovora Cain

Flight Rising

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Anyone here play Flight Rising? 

It's an online dragon breeding game, though that in no-way describes the whole of it as it is in depth and really interesting. You can buy, skins and accents to overlay your dragons and apparel too, play games to earn treasure, buy and sell with other players on the auction house to make more currency, and fight in the coliseum to gather dragon food, apparel, familiars and battle stones. Every month there is a new festival to celebrate with chests to find and new apparel and familiars to collect.. Altogether a brilliant way to spend far too much time in a day lol... AND I get to buy and breed pretty dragons..

What's not to like about that?

If anyone is interested go here and sign up.. If you do join please don't forget to look me up and send me a friend request. I'm Demovora (of course)..


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