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Fire bombed in Hamburg...

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For a long time I have had memories and visions of me being a soldier dressed in a gray uniform and dying in a fire bomb attack. The very last thing that I remember from that incarnation is being imgulfed by flames and a bright white light in my eye sockets. I also believe it is my most recent incarnation, the one just before my current one.

And a few nights ago, I dreamt a dream: it was during the last days or rather nights of the 2nd World War. A fellow brother-in-arms (and who I also know in this incarnation) and I were running threw what was left of Hamburg trying to find shelter and when we spoke/shouted it was in German. Houses were bombed or in flames everywhere we looked.

Suddenly I heard a plane right above us and I shouted to my friend to take cover. I hid behind what used to bedste a car and the last time I saw my friend in that incarnation was when he was trying to walk over some rubble to reach me. And then...everywhere was imgulfed in flames, my eyeballs melted and as that happend my hand touched the intense heat of the think that was my last moment in that incarnation...nobody could have survived that. I woke up straight afterwards.

I have never had an interest in neither the military or it's uniforms. I have however been to Hamburg once in this lifetime and thinking back I found Hamburg quite familiar even though I had never been there before...or so I thought!

However this is the first time that I have ever dreamt about a previous incarnation.


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