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Walking The Garden Stones

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Extending from the grand castle, a growing garden has been born. With the careful hands of wise caretakers, sigiled stonework formed into branching paths point and extend through a vast, open space. Plots open for renovation and trees dot the sights underneath the wondrous sky. Panes of thin, crystalline glass keep in the life-giving warmth for the massive greenhouse and seem to pull and bring in more light than what seems visible from above. Dotting the plots are trees, some old and large, others new and growing, both in a sparkle of colors and luminescent leaves, but inspecting these trees, draws an uncommon thought.

Where the tree's branches where bear fruit, extends a small, fibrous hand as if in offering. You understand the gifts it pleads for, as if it's meaning is to take the fruit of its labours from those who give to it, instead giving to it themselves.

Coming here to this tree tended for you, placing your hand over the fibrous hand draws a stream of light from your palm. The light forms a physical fruit of purest crystal, shimmering with iridescent energy. Within it's facets, faces and moments blur together, this same feeling and sight dotting where the trees carry their fruit. Those who touch these pleasing diamonds, draw forth visions, some you have experienced.

Some visions tell of happiness and joy. Some of the mundane, littered with people and places both familiar and not, then some show portents of pain and sadness, memories worth remembering and never forgotten, shared to give aspiration and connection with all who touch them. Your own crystal you've left behind, a treasure of your time in existence. So it will be that some will see yours, feel them and will be inclined to offer their own to weave the tapestry of the trees.

This is the vision of The Garden of Memories.


Welcome friend, to the Garden of Memories :)

The above flavored excerpt is my way of attempting to convey the idea and purpose behind this new place.

Many of us in the Otherkin community have memories we may or may not understand. While many of us have found meaning and purpose in intermingling together, some still crave more and desire more answers or, perhaps, to find those they once knew and may perhaps meet again.

The Garden of Memories is a place intent around this idea. For those who have memories not of their physical vessel, this is a place where people may share these details in attempts to find more details that they need. Many of us wish to feel more connected to our community by understanding our pasts and seek to do this by making this place an area where people may attempt to do this. 

It's by no means a perfect practice, but our hope is that people who discover people with memories that mirror their own, that they can comment and provide new information, as well as putting their own memories here in hopes that someone knows them as well or, at least, has a piece of the memory puzzle so readily needed.

If you have no such thing, then congrats to you, though we ask for respect of those who believe they have these past memories. If intending to help piece things together with us, we ask for the most concise details you can possibly provide, as well as confidence that, as far as you are mentally aware, you are providing accurate information.

This is not a place to share a fictional story or to post with the purpose to alter people's perspective without your confidence in the matter. We take this quest very serious and we recognize that none of us have all the answers and need the community to help each other to give each other completion.

We hope you enjoy this feature and I pray whole heartedly that you have the pleasure to piece together memories here. 

Blessed be and namaste~


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