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(Posted this on my DevArt not too long ago now. It was inspired by FB's little intro box that says "Describe who you are" if you don't have anything there.)


How do you describe an ever-changing enigma?

A shapeless shadow that writhes and adjusts

Yet conforming to none of your standards

My blood is ink

I flow and scrawl in delicate fanciful strokes

Flightless yet you can’t stop me from flying

I make no sound but I am as loud as our universe

My words form dizzying spells that take you higher

Every peak of every emotion experienced

And every corner of every dream explored

Like a drug I expand you into infinity

Like death I bring you back to zero

Read my sweet berry lips but you can’t make me out

I’m not meant to be understood

Unknowable unfathomable inescapable

You reduce me to boxes and labels

Compartmentalized joy and sorrow and ashes

But underneath this façade you forced

I am a storm of ink and shadow and pure

Never full never empty a wellspring of thought

My identity is “I am”

My description is “unknown”

Try to declassify and decode

Good luck and it’s your turn

Describe who you are




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