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Solitary Confinement

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Ever am I mindful of exactly who I am,
And the outrageous chasm
Between who I am and who I want to be
Sometimes even who I was.
But you would not see it.
You would see only smiles
The mask with which I armor myself.
But that is exactly what I want from you
Look no closer
Ask no more
Probe no further
I am fine.
I have no fear of little men,
Not here. Here I fear demons,
And my demons are immortal.
They whisper in my sleep,
Mocking voices like children in corridors
The corridors I remember from my childhood
And the attitudes not dissimilar
They would see me break,
As would many outside my body
But I do not fear you.
You are pitiful compared to this existence.
"You bring yourself down."
"You make yourself unpopular."
But you don't need to live in here
This not so solitary confinement
That is slowly killing me.
No, I have not fear of little men
Not here. Only Demons.



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