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Mog and Rhannan

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(Thread necromancy! Trying to contribute to the story a bit again, sorry for the delay.)

Rhia sighed. She'd been going back and forth for the last few months between trying to train her young charge and search for the other draconic presence she'd sensed. Selen had proved to be a willing pupil, but he was still in the awkward stage of growth for dragons. Often he was his own worst enemy, usually tripping over his own legs or knocking things over with his tail. She splashed her hand in the warm water of the baths and conjured up an image of the city on the surface. Everything seemed peaceful. Rhia watched the scene shift to her companions: Vincent was collapsed on the floor with Bane hovering over him like a worried mother. What now, she wondered. "Selen, I am going to check on the boys; it seems as if they've run into a bit of trouble."

Should I come? His aqua-colored nose poked out of the water quizzically.

"No," she shook her head. "Stay here and continue your meditation. I'll return soon and if anything happens you know how to contact me." Rhia pulled herself from the comfort of the water and shook herself as shadows pulled around her body, contorting themselves into clothing. She visualized their little hideout and willed herself to the room. "What has happened," she asked Bane calmly.


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