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Never will I forget

Forget that dreadful day

Day that you were taken

Taken far away

My whole life changed

Changed with that wall

Wall that had gone up

Up and would not fall

It went up in an instant

Instant without a care

Care what we all wanted

Wanted to be spared

The days that followed

Followed and were bare

Bare for you were gone

Gone and were not there

How long has it been?

Been since it’s stood there

There where I’m reminded

Reminded of despair

Seasons come and go

Go but last forever

Forever it will stay

Stay this bitter weather

Spring turns to winter

Winter for us all

All who are forsaken

Forsaken behind this wall

No longer do I care

Care for what they say

Say about this wall

Wall that must not stay

Today that wall will fall

Fall upon the floor

Floor from which we’ll rise

Rise for it’s no more.

(I made this a few years ago for a Creative Writing Contest, I hope you enjoy it.

It was made for a couple of our system members who are from a world where the Berlin Wall separated him and his brother for years).



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