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Originally posted by ComeToMe on July 25th 2007.

It can be very hard to decide whether you are actually a Vampire or not, and after discovering that you are you still don't get to rest, for now comes the decision, "Am I a blood drinker or a psy feeder?" If you think you are a Sanguinarian Vampire then the urge or need for blood is probably on your mind most of the time.

It can be a very difficult time and for some quite an unwelcome thought too, but you do need to be sure.

Being a Vampire is not a bad thing, but being a Vampire with a thirst you are either trying to ignore or just don't know how to quench, can be.

Without proper feeding sang Vampires quickly become tired, angry, miserable individuals, who refuse to get up in the mornings and cannot concentrate on anything. They have no energy or enthusiasm, and often become irritable and sick or even severely depressed. :fever:

The fact is that whatever type of Vampire you are you will have to feed, and if you are a sang Vampire that means blood in some form.

Does it have to be human blood? Not necessarily. There are Vampires who would not have anything else, but for most it does not have to be.

Human blood MUST come from a donor. (No, real Vampires do not run around in the night leaping on innocent strangers and biting them on the neck.) Donors should be someone you trust completely, without question. They MUST be clean and disease free. You do not want to pick up any of the incredibly nasty bugs, viruses or illnesses which can be caught from drinking contaminated blood. There are substitutes for human blood if you are unable to find a donor you are 100% sure of. Anything less than 100% safe should be dismissed unless you are feeling incredibly life weary. :bomb:

Below are a few of the options I have used. The one you choose will depend on availability, personal freedom, economic status and in some cases the strength of your stomach.

1. Firstly you could try a rare steak, it may help with the cravings and if it doesn't it won't do you any harm. Millions of people eat their steak rare without getting ill, and without anyone thinking they are odd, strange, wierd or freaky. It is an incredibly normal thing to do, and even your family and friends won't question it too much, so if you can stop your cravings in this way then you may have no more problems.

2. Blood sausage is available both from some supermarkets (in the UK look for black pudding) and on the internet, the blood it contains is clean and safe, and may help to quiet the cravings.

3. You could buy liver from your local butchers or supermarket, place in a blender/liquidiser, add water and blend to a liquid. Heat in a microwave until it comes to blood heat and drink. It is not to everyones taste, but it does still the cravings and it is readily available.

4. There are some places in the UK that sell dried pig's blood over the internet. This can be re-constituted with water and once again heated to the right temperature.

5. If you have access to any ethnic delicatessens in your neighbourhood then fresh pig's blood may well be available. This is a common substitute among many sang Vampires.

If you are reading this and your stomach is churning at the thought of any of these options then perhaps blood feeding is not your destiny and a rethink may be in order. :wink:

I really hope this helps you.


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I would like to add cranberries to the list.

I personally only eat them dried or drink the juice, don't really like eating the normal berries..

Now then, theyou won't cure your cravings like what is mentioned above but because of their blood purifying ability they can help you through your dry spells where you just don't have the means to buy the above, or know it will be a while before you find a doner. They also increase the time it takes for the hunger to come back so using them with the above will also help.

Good luck. :)


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I'm going to copy over the points Eric and Ferris said about this on our other forum:

. Pomegranates. Probably any or most fruits, but pomegranates for some reason seem to help the most. The fuit is better, but it's seasonal; fortunately you can usually find pomegranate juice (probably hybridized with something else - blueberry, cranberry, whatever suits your taste) in the grocery.

. Liquid chlorophyll. The peopl here would mix it with mint chocolate chip icecream so the color wouldn't be too jarring and they wouldn't have to drink it; now they found a mint-flavored concentrate, and they're putting drops of that in. The cold helps, and it gives an energy boost. I don't know how much it helps with cravings, but seems to make them go away for a while.

. Eating living plants. (Less helpful.)

. Dark chocolate or very thick hot chocolate. (Helpful to an extent.)

. Beef stock/bullion, the type you'll find semi-liquid in small jars - not the dry cubes or liquid-in-a-can. Stir in a spoonful with hot water to make broth, maybe add some salt, and there you go. A bit better for temporary substitute than something purely to reduce cravings though, at least in our experience.

. Some systemmates with a similar issue have tried red wine, but they said it ultimately made it worse. Ferris noted that it might just be that they associated it with blood wine, and because of that it only helped them initially. Maybe it was the alcohol that made it less effective. We don't know.

All of that (sans wine) is what the people here use.

My species tends to deal with a fair amount of bloodlust, and I have different ways of handling it: A cup of something neutral, relaxing, and warm (try milk), and don't think about it. Not trying not to think about it; the straight and forward "You're being set aside; I'll deal with you later," and letting it drop, or forcing it to the back of your mind. Go to sleep, or get on with work. It can be dealt with later.

(It might work considerably better in my case because, at least where I am outside of "here," I can go out to satisfy those cravings if necessary. Still, just speaking from experience, it works well for mild cravings you'll be able to sate later.)

- Shay


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I've found chilli chocolate helps me. The darker the better.

There is something about that combination that shuts my cravings up for a while.


Beef stock/Buillon
Here in the UK people should look for 'Bovril' or Bovril substitutes in the supermarket aisles. I think that's the stuff, and it helps me even more if I make it nice and strong, but it can be a bit salty drunk that way.

Alcohol makes things worse for me too. It makes the body's decisions harder to make and choosing is impossible. In this state of confused, complete lack of control I know my cravings get worse and I start to make stupid decisions. That's why my drink of choice is coffee. It helps me stay alert and responsible, therefore aiding better decision making.



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