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(Those who follow multiple Otherkin forums may be getting tired of this one. But I think it's a pretty good example of part of the thought process that led towards understanding and accepting my otherkinity. Plus it's a pretty good opening song for a set.)

What is this vision in the center of light

Take in the weak and endow them with might

Torment the strong till they're weak in the knees

Some people think that it might hold the keys

Eternal salvation in the palm of your hand

A rise against evil, you must make a stand

Nobody knows about the truth of it all

Nobody knows how to answer the call

Life everlasting with only one touch

Even though life isn't worth very much

No surprise catches and nothing to pay

Just give up your soul at the end of the day

Mystery founded in the world beyond life

Journey to be started with the touch of a knife

True immortality with nothing to fear, oh

The time has now come to meet the infinite zero

You're nothing

You've nothing at all in the world


Let your true desires unfurl

Talkin' 'bout a subject hitting close to the heart

Thinkin' 'bout maybe where it's all gonna start

Thinkin' 'bout things that have all come to pass

Wondering whether this time it will last

There it is watching from up in the sky

Extraordinaire supernatural spy

A hideous figure in the circle of vision

Be careful with your secrets outside of the kitchen

Nothing can stop it cause you can't even see

The true colors of this monstrosity

What is this thing that people see in the mirror

It's still too vague but it couldn't be clearer

No it couldn't be clearer

Watcha see in the mirror

No there's nothing held dearer


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