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It takes only a few minutes but means so much!

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Some of you might be sick and tired of reading post about The Amazone forest and it´s people by now. But that will not make me shut up!!!! If you are sick and tired of it, then simply just stop reading now!

The Kichwa tribe in the Amazone forest needs your help to inform the world about the threat to them and their home. A lying president and oil companies are threatning to destroy their lives, homes and the wild life where they live. This goes deeper than just selling land and finding somewhere else to live. The tribe will be scattered, which means thousands of years of culture and tradtion will eventually die out. But even more important than this, it will be a signal to other greedy corporations and governments that it is still perfectly okay to exploit nature and spread polution and this will have an negative impact on all of us and everywhere on this planet.

So please sign now :)


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