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The bees are dying out...let´s save them!

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So what do bees mean to you? Are they annoying beings that invade your jam sandwich in the summer or/and have a habit of always making you the favorit stinging target? Well, bees sure are like that and yet they are much much more!

First off they are a kind of match maker between plants and flowers...the exchange of pollen is more or less like plants and flowers having sex and thus making new plants and flowers, however this would be a really slow if not non-exsisting progress had it not been for the bees who carry the pollen around. Without bees there would be no flowers, hardly no berries or nuts and a lot less vegetable to go around!

Bees also make honey...honey strengthens the immune system, works great when cleaning wounds, fantastic for skin care and works as an antiseptic, which is crucial in a world soon to be without penicilin.

In other words, if bees suddenly all died out...we would really miss them! The answer to why so many bees are dying all over the world is still not exactly clear, but there are evidence that pesticides are to blame and some say that so are 3G and 4G mobile/cell phones due to the radiation...hell, they even give me a slamming I can only imagine how rotten a bee must feel near a mobile/cell phone. Cannot do much about banning smartphones, but if the above makes sense to you...then you can help to ban one of the most dangerous please, sign now!

And for those who do not call Europe for home...remember we are still living on the same planet and the bees are dying everywhere!


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