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DNA manipulation going mad!!!!

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Fancy some nice salmon anyone???? Well, in the future if a bunch of scientists have their way, you would be wise to reply to the above with a "Thank you, but no thank you"

These nutcases in white coats are working on creating a super mutant salmon which will be able to breed all year round, grow twice as big as a natural salmon and well, as animals will most likely eat anything smaller than itself including the natural salmons, there will in no time be much more DNA manipulated salmons than real ones and the whole eco system which right now is doing a balance act to keep everything in order will very likely tip over and the consequences will be severe!!!!

The DNA of us two legged creatures is not immune against mutations either and mutations can come from an external source. To even think what effect this manipulated DNA will have on people eating a manipulated salmon is can hope for the best, but expect the worst!

We could of course all just stop eating salmon. That would not be a problem for me...I hate fish! However there will still be a problem with the already strained and very fragile eco system.

Want to to your bit to stop this??? Sign here:


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