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  1. I remember being here from another world. I was a member of a felinoid species. We were fighting to keep this world safe for the humans . Other non-Terran species weren't so friendly. We were trying to help. To keep this planet from the darkness. The last memory I have is that of falling in battle.
  2. Oh I know. I didn't expect it to happen when I was attending Mass for the first time in years. I had some time to fill in between seeing a couple of home care patients. I wasn't expecting to be immersed in something that happened many thousands of years ago.
  3. I've had other memories of a past life a lot longer ago. I was awake when those memories popped up.
  4. Yes. I did end up watching it, but I wasn't impressed. I remember my American History professor in college showing us a film of two men trying to fight a duel with swords. They were very inept an flustered. It seemed a lot more real.
  5. Hamilton is now streaming on Disney. I tried to watch it, but it was too sappy. Apparently I need to make another attempt.
  6. I had a dream many years ago, of being a deserter from Napoleon's army. I remember hiding and being terrified. I could hear the soldiers searching for me. I knew if I was caught, I would be taken back and executed.
  7. I haven't been working for a month, so instead of catching up on things around the house, I have been binge watching various Star Trek series. I started with Voyager, and now I'm watching Star Trek Enterprise. I still need to finish watching Star Trek: Picard. I still should get off the couch and do some extra cleaning, but that just isn't fun.
  8. One night, almost four years ago, we stopped west of Albuquerque to look at the stars. The Denver metro area has so much light pollution, that stargazing is difficult. I saw a star formation, low in the sky and to the west, that looked to me, like a bipedal cat on a hunt. I felt like I was being called. That my home world was out there.
  9. I have had an eclectic fluid pantheon for years. I was raised Catholic, but started questioning all of it when I was in seventh grade. It kind of took off from there.
  10. Sanity is overrated. But I understand completely.
  11. Keeping safe and howling at 8 p.m. Italy sings. The United States howls. Ready for things to settle down, but I know it's going to be a while.
  12. I started doing spell work somewhere around age 14 or 15. It was multiple decades later when I realized that I'm Otherkin. I'd had multiple dreams over the years, that pointed to that, but it time for me to put the pieces together.
  13. My perspective on Fictionkin, is that the idea had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere likely involves racial memory and the Akashic Records.
  14. I think one of the supervisors at work is Dragon-kin, but has no idea. He has some interest in the metaphysical, and i have directed him to some resources, but how would i even begin to tell him that he might be Otherkin? My cat senses tell me that he's Dragon, beneath the human persona. Another co-worker wears a Pentacle, but I haven't yet discerned if she's Otherkin. I suspect that she is, but the supervisor smells strongly of dragon.
  15. I have never been involved with someone who was Otherkin. Apparently, one of me is enough. Fortunately, my Muggles have been receptive and respectful with regard to my Otherkinness.