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  1. My perspective on Fictionkin, is that the idea had to come from somewhere, and that somewhere likely involves racial memory and the Akashic Records.
  2. I think one of the supervisors at work is Dragon-kin, but has no idea. He has some interest in the metaphysical, and i have directed him to some resources, but how would i even begin to tell him that he might be Otherkin? My cat senses tell me that he's Dragon, beneath the human persona. Another co-worker wears a Pentacle, but I haven't yet discerned if she's Otherkin. I suspect that she is, but the supervisor smells strongly of dragon.
  3. I have never been involved with someone who was Otherkin. Apparently, one of me is enough. Fortunately, my Muggles have been receptive and respectful with regard to my Otherkinness.
  4. I'm still fairly new here, but I do think fictionkin can have a place in discussions. I think some people do have an awakening of being Otherkin as a result of fiction. I don't think we have large numbers of undiscovered "flavor of the month" Otherkin. Just my thoughts.
  5. I have had too many losses over the years to list them all. Some have hit harder than others. The three children who were never born, my ex, and all the cats who have passed through my life. I guess it's an off assortment, but those have been the toughest for me to endure.
  6. I'm so sorry. That's a rough time to get through.
  7. I indentify as a cat trapoed in a human body, and I really love snow leopards. I know my avatar is a panther cub, and not a snow leopard, but there's a back story to that. I'll share it when I'm not so tired. New job and new schedule is rather wearing right now.
  8. I like Hall of Spirits. It's a place I would definitely visit. Many losses over the years.
  9. My personal experience is that many otherkin also have Fae ancestry. Science insists that we have "junk DNA." I think, if they wanted to be a bit more open minded, they would find traces of other species. Babies are sometimes born with tails and other indications of being otherkin, but that doesn't fit in the box.
  10. I have a hoodie with a picture of a cat. It says "I'm A Cat Trapped In A Human Body." People think it's cute. It's a ninthreatening way of stating my Otherkinness.