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  1. I just realised I haven't read a book for far too long, so I am determined to make this year the year I rediscover my love of books. I decided to start with my favourite memory books from my childhood, so I opened the first of my newly downloaded copies of the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton.. Anyone who wants me will find me curled up by the fire in the Library.. All donations of hot chocolate and cookies would be happily accepted.
  2. Anyone here play Flight Rising? It's an online dragon breeding game, though that in no-way describes the whole of it as it is in depth and really interesting. You can buy, skins and accents to overlay your dragons and apparel too, play games to earn treasure, buy and sell with other players on the auction house to make more currency, and fight in the coliseum to gather dragon food, apparel, familiars and battle stones. Every month there is a new festival to celebrate with chests to find and new apparel and familiars to collect.. Altogether a brilliant way to spend far too much time in a day lol... AND I get to buy and breed pretty dragons.. What's not to like about that? If anyone is interested go here and sign up.. If you do join please don't forget to look me up and send me a friend request. I'm Demovora (of course)..
  3. One of my very most lovely friends got me a soda stream for Winter Festival and oh man I wish I'd bought one of these years ago. With all the chemical rubbish manufacturers are putting in their drinks these days my soda stream will be my best friend from now on (well next best, after the friend who bought it for me anyway! lol).. I fizzy up some tap water, add the juice from a freshly squeezed (pick your favourite fruit here) and drink. So simple, so healthy and really affordable too... What would be your favourite fruit juice to add, or do you have any ready made drinks that are healthy that you can recommend?
  4. Softly nudges Zoochotic out of the way and settles down for a nap..
  5. I have just got back from some time up in the wilds of Wales.. What a great place.. I managed to survive the ravages of storm Brendan and his horizontal hail stones! I even spent some time on the beach (yes it rained and yes it was very cold) lol I just needed to grab some time in the fresh air and open spaces, and I've been looking at work spaces too.. I have a shortlist of places not in towns and these include, the Lake District which mum and I both loved but prices are expensive, North Yorkshire, which has the wide open spaces I need but also mountains and a great public transport system, Scotland which is so rugged and definitely a place to get back to nature in, though that does seem a bit far away, and Wales, which is very beautiful but still reasonable price wise but the public transport system doesn't seem all that great in the more out of the way places... So many things to consider and I have talked about this non-stop for months.. I am sure I am boring everyone I know and my mum is only one talk away from putting names in a hat. lol So I wondered, when you feel the need to escape from it all and spend some time breathing in fresh clean air, where does you heart yearn to be?
  6. But to me technology is one of the main areas where there is no fixed truth, and people can only have their own personal belief.. Things are being improved and upgraded so fast that what a person believes one day can literally be no longer true the next. One person's truth is another person's outdated technology.. lol Hey Simara, Definitely have a lot of the same kinds of experiences with Demons/Angels.. I never generalise because in my experience there are no 'average, normal, people'..
  7. Keyforge is not a game I've heard of but I'm UK so maybe that explains it.. (Will youtube it when I get time). Used to play D&D back in the day but haven't had my cards out for quite a while now, and I've played Magic before but now there's just no time.. Is Keyforge your new crush?
  8. I personally avoid use the phrase 'the truth' as much as possible because I believe each person contains within them their own truth, and that the world is a far different place to each person living in it than any of the rest of us could possibly understand. I use the word belief to express those things that deep inside I feel to be real about myself but could offer no tangible 'proof' of to anyone who does not know what it's like to be me.. In fact without a common frame of reference I couldn't even begin to explain to anyone what it's really like to be me. They just wouldn't be able to understand, any more than I could really understand what it's like to be them, because I'm not them.. We might have some similar experiences, but we would perceive them and react to them differently because we are different people with different views and values. As a Pagan and a practising Wiccan I believe in many Goddesses and Gods not just one.. I have seen some of the things believers in god have done in the name of their deity and have absolutely no interest in any of it... Mainstream religious belief unites it's various followers under different banners, this divides them into different groups where each is taught that all members of the other groups are to be hated, and therefore it is acceptable for any of them to be vilified and persecuted.. In fact the only thing they all seem to agree on is that people like me are evil and therefore damned to a hell we don't even believe in.. I can live with that.. lol
  9. This is the first time I've read this conversation, I really really must try harder.. Congratulations Mog, have you had your big day yet? Did I miss it?
  10. I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Winter festival. I hope you have a great time whether you spend it with loved ones or you escape to some peaceful solitude. Much love to all the members of my second family.. ~x~ See ya next year...
  11. Hooray.. *hands Rhannan a cup of hot chocolate, grabs a book and settles back with a sigh*.. I'm jobless and living off my savings. Not really interesting but definitely news.. lol How's you?
  12. Awwww.. In April the makers said it would be available on the Switch, but then they only released in on the PS4 and the Xbox 1.. I am so upset..
  13. Damn Rhannan, that's good.. What happens next, does she go with him, does she talk him around to her way of thinking, does her father come back?? Oooh you can't do this to me!!!!! lol
  14. Oh Rhannan, I'm so sorry.. Both for your loss and for the worry you're going through with your other little one.. How is he doing now?
  15. I just had my coffee but I don't feel anymore alive than I did before I had it.. Coffee just isn't working for me at the moment.. Time to brew some more, maybe a stronger blend this time.. lol
  16. Since no-one else has started this thread I thought I'd do it. Right now I am loving Tears of an Angel by RyanDan. Can't listen to it enough.
  17. That's awesome. Thanks. I'm all signed up, logged in and chatting to Zygo, so no problems for me.
  18. What's a discord server?
  19. While I would definitely be open to making one in the future if we had more members who would use it I'm sorry but for now my vote would be no. I don't think we need a forum dedicated to fiction kin at the moment. I don't care what other people might think of The Castle, our reputation was set long ago, my objection is that we simply don't have enough members who would use it, and unless we do get more fiction kin members I think any discussions could be put into other spaces for now. For instance I think Rhannan's idea of a personal blog space for TimeIsIndustry is an excellent idea. I enjoy discussing fiction kin if the topic is approached sensibly, I know a few people for instance who claim to be 'Navi' and have had memories awakened by seeing the film and with nothing better to relate those memories to feel like Navi kin best represents them. They discuss the topic with open minds and a sensible approach, but I've met my share of people who swear they are actually Count Dracula or better yet his son! Which is absolute rot of course, even if Dracula had not been the creation of a 19th century horror novelist Vampires cannot have children because they're not alive... And yet there they are claiming human type blood-ties to someone who doesn't exist and never has and becoming aggressive and rude when anyone tries to talk to them sensibly about it.. But then I've known people from all kin races like that.. lol
  20. Oh no. I am so sorry to hear that. I wish I could give you a long, long hug, and loads of tissues, cups of sweet tea and medicinal mead and generally take care of you for a while so you can grieve properly.. We've always had kitties and I get attached very quickly.. I know it's like losing a part of yourself when they leave, especially when you've been companions for such a long time.. I know that you know her spirit will always be with you, and I hope you find a safe resting place for her earthly form. My love to you sweetheart.
  21.  Haven't seen you around in ages. How have you been?

    Hit me back if you're still on this addy..

  22. It seems like such a long time ago now, but how is the little doggy who started all this? I really hope she's feeling better now. (Please tell me she's feeling better)
  23. First welcome to you, it's great to have you with us. You can request a name change any time by putting a message in the announcements/talk to us section right at the top of the forum. The admins will be happy to help as long as you aren't requesting to change your name too often. I've always believed the Djinn to be a type of Fae because they are magical beings who work with nature to bring about change, but I think they are only distant relatives to most other Fae creatures as I've met a few and their personalities and essences have a totally different 'feeling' to any of the other Fae I've ever met... You sound like you've have more discovering to do within yourself, I remember that feeling well. I'm really looking forward to hearing more about you. I identify now as Vampiric, both Sanguine and Psi, but I've thought of myself as a few other things along the way, and the better I got to know myself the more confusing it became until a good friend here said " Look carefully at the memories you have and sift through to discover not what you have been before but what you are now. Past life manifestations do not define your essence, they only highlight roads your essence has travelled." Thanks Wraith, I miss you. X I've never heard of elves having horns. I'm not saying it's impossible, just a new idea to me and I don't know much about the Unseelie court at all but there might be others here who do. Hope to hear from you again soon.
  24. I'm a Switch girl personally Drake but I hope you manage to get a crew together.
  25. I really like Hall of Spirits Rhannan.