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  1. I really like Hall of Spirits Rhannan.
  2. I know.. (teehee) I couldn't resist the temptation.
  3. I like Rainbow Hall, in fact I really love it but just a small point I thought I would mention... Taking Draken's point I thought of what people might do if they didn't understand the context so I googled rainbow road and all I got was a list of references to Mario Kart.. There's a chance that is going to confuse the *Milton Keynes* out of a lot of people.. Either that or they're going to think it's a place for gaming, or a place for people who identify with some kind of Nintendo fiction kin. I did have more luck with Bifrost (the burning rainbow bridge between Midgard and Asgard) but that isn't going to be in the title so that won't help. Perhaps a name that links yours and Draken's.. Something like 'Spirits in the Rainbow Hall'. Or is that too long?
  4. I agree and I have no idea why it is either, but I've stopped trying to figure it out, I prefer to just accept and enjoy.
  5. You're very welcome my pirate princess...
  6. I love this name for you, it's so pretty and yet strong. Just how I think of you.
  7. I'm here. Though not as often as I used to be, just too, too busy right now. Great new name Simara. I love it.
  8. Hey Jalyndre, great post.. I have no idea why I am the way I am, although "Human with an energy deficiency" is something I vehemently deny being. I psi feed, in almost exactly the way you describe Jalyndre, and although it can be a very tiring and draining experience for the donor it isn't usually dangerous or unpleasant, and I haven't personally had anyone tell me that they feel ill afterwards, though I suppose if the vampire is new to psi feeding and isn't careful they could take too much or feed to fast and either of those might have that effect, and of course if they are feeding without consent then that alters things drastically, as the natural psychic protection most people have unknowingly, would have to be smashed through in order to get the energy out and that is never good for either being. Sexual energy is something I've never been able to feed on, I think I'm usually too distracted for that, so I can't comment there. Blood feeding is the thing that energises me the most, but it's also the thing that is hardest to obtain since I refuse to feed from anyone I don't know and absolutely trust. Father Sebastian is a crock, a true, out and out fake, and I pity anyone who believes that his nonsense has anything to do with being a vampire in real life.
  9. Is it too late to throw on Memory garden? Partly because this is where we're all hoping to come to help our memories grow into something more than we alone possess, and also because we could invite people to come in, wander around the garden and see if anything they see there fits with anything they have. I thought maybe the garden idea would fit well with the castle theme, and even if people do post misinformation, well every garden has weeds, and even if they do turn out to be misinformation they might remind someone of something that isn't...
  10. I LOVE it!! I really do. It makes me grin every time I see it. lol
  11. @DrakensonofDrakonis Well I have no great interest in even our own politics, but I wanted an 'insiders' view of Trump, since it's something I could never have. Thanks for your insightful voice and straightforward point of view. It is said that nature abhors a vacuum, and so change is inevitable, but still change can be very worrying, and to me as an outsider he seems quite volatile, not so good for the commander in chief, so in addition to hoping he has good advisers to help him I also hope he listens to them. As for everything else Trump related, I do the only thing I can do... I sit back and wait to see what the Universe brings. Personally I see no point in 'hate posts' of any kind.. Hate, to me, is a complete waste of precious Universal energy that could be put to a positive purpose if only a person is willing to make the effort.
  12. I am really really good, at being very very naughty, does that count? Kisses...
  13. Happy to have you with us Rhannan, but I think Mog's going to need back up now.. So Zygo.... You busy? I could show you what I'm like at 4am... rofl
  14. Yay. Thanks Jalyndre.. You're a sweetheart. @Zygopterix Usually wickedly sinful @Mog Definitely, sounds like fun to me.. What do you think Jalyndre?
  15. Aww, come on... Even good little girls get to stay up until 10pm. Not that they do anything interesting with the time but still.... If I promise to share can I at least get until midnight?