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  1. Could be that it does. All I saw was a field with chairs.
  2. I hadn't spent enough time in there to really tell, but from what I saw it seemed rather beautiful. Long story I suppose, but basically I accompanied someone there for negotiations that went very bad very quickly, so I left soon after.
  3. I believe I'm just doing thread necromancy here... But in case the OP is still around, I am also Jinn (specifically Jann). I also wanted to chime in my thoughts on some of the questions. @Simara the Jinn do have another realm, but it is different from Fae. As a Jinn I had only been there once, so you can see I spent most of my time in the realm of humans, and have little experience there. As for the shadow people, I have seen them in this life often and I believe it's mearly our way of seeing entities (like looking through hazy glasses rather than them being a specific kind of being). @Rapha Ki-lash means nothing to me.