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  1. I first wanted to post this on a the Elven board, but I have been told that this applies to some Vampires here goes: There are a few issues regarding time in my life: I have a really rotten conception of linear time, I do not own a mobile phone hence a clock in my bag, all the clocks on buildings where I live never seem to work, and I just seem to fry the batteries in conventional watches (see above paragraph). I have tried to wear watches on my right wrist because if I wear them on my left wrist over my Elven flow the battery will only last a few days, on my right wrist 1-2 weeks: when I practise my darts I use magnetic arrows and one day I decide to make an experiment. I have long suspected that my Elven flow equals stronger magnetism in my aura which in itself is an electromagnetic force field. And rightfully so, when I held an arrow over my right wrist I could hardly sense anything however over my left wrist I could definitely feel a magnetic pull. Now I am not technical minded by I know that too much ampere through a battery can really mess up an electrical circuit hence in this case blocking the power to the quartz crystal which makes the watch work. The problem is that I am mostly right handed which makes it a nuissance to even fasten the watch strap yet alone all the knocks and bumps the watch get's from everyday life. I would like a watch though for practical reason and it will not hurt if I can wear it as an accessory, too. I have really stumbled over wooden watches, I like the concept, and since there is no steel casing/conductor of magnetism, they should be sturdy enough for even me to wear one. But has anyone here, who normally cannot wear watches, any experience with wooden watches? Can we wear them or does the battery fry way to early like in conventional steel cased quartz runned watches?
  2. A belated merry Yule to you too, girl :-)
  3. I have bookmarked it, will read it when I have more time, and then get back to you :-)
  4. I wish I could contribute to this thread a bit better...but: Luna and I found eacother in 1998, before my awakening began and other than acting concerned through the really rough patches of my awakening - there were days when I felt so bad that I was bedridden, then Luna never seemed much affected by me being Otherkin...or in other words, she didn't give a toss As long as mommy provided her with food, water, little "chats", ice cream (she used to love ice cream so much) and cuddles then apparently all was well
  5. Again it is all down to the individual, but my parents and I are so different from eachother that I would never trust them when it comes to dating advice and choice of partner: it would be all about what they wanted and how good the potiential boyfriend was at sucking up to them...and nothing more.
  6. I can only agree with Rhannan...stay as far away as possible from toxic people, may they be human or Otherkin! If your guts tells you that there is something not quite right about a person, then you will in the vast majority of cases, be right. Watch out love /compliment bombing in the very begining of a friendship or relationship or people pressuring you into recieving their so called help...these are two major red flags!!!! And remember in these cases it is perfectly alright to break off all contact without any explaination, even though you may feel rude in doing so: these people do not want to love you and see you happy. They want to use you and control you in anyway that makes them feel good or feel amused...even if it means breaking you down completely!!! On the internet, then the very best and most simple way to get rid of these people is to: delete and block, use the ignore button if there is such one or mentally ignore them: do not read or respond to their posts or PM's!!!! Should they cause even more trouble, then contact the forum administrator!!! But as for actually relationships and dating... Just before and very early on in my awakening I was in a relationship with a guy that I think might have been a slumbere, too. He was very interested in Vampires, not the movie -and pop culture ones...but real life Vampires. And looking back he did show some signs of Vampirism, but as said...he never mentioned neither Otherkin or him being one. An online friend, a fellow Elf who had been awakened for years told me straightout within the first few weeks of my awakening not to expect much of this relationship, I got a bit cross by his remark and asked him why, he replied "Because people change during an awakening" and he was absolutely right!!!!! I think that I can say for all here that an awakening brings out your true self and this self might be very different from the disquise that you have been living under your whole life and even for several previous incarnartions. And well, not everyone that you know will understand and like these new changes...friendships and romantic relationships will fall apart, but just to give way to better ones, because after all if you cannot be your true self in a friendship and romantic relationships...then why be in one at all? During the first stages in an awakening you are going to change a lot and sometimes rapidly and you are going to need a lot of time to do research, study, and reflect. You will be having symptomes that some migth misjudge as being physical or mental illnesses and try to do you more harm than good...there is no doctor or medicine which can cure the cramps of a developing the Elven energy flow in the left side of your body, itching phantom limbs, or severe Empath symptomes...and no, you are not going crazy!!!! So stick to friendships in the begining and avoid romances! Avoid getting romantically involved with a matter how kind and sincere this mentor is! You might feel like a newborn baby in a teenage -or adult body at the very begining of your awakening, at least I know that I did: you finally know who and what you are, but that does not mean that the world around you becomes more fact sometimes quite the opposite! You need to find your stand in the world all over, just like when you were a small child. The difference however is that you are not a child this time around, but feeling like one might make you feel inferior to a mentor in the same way a student migth feel inferior to a seasoned teacher, or a secretary feeling inferior to her boss. And a healthy romantic relationship is built on mutual respect and balance!!!!! Not everone is romantically compatible...or get's along!!!! And this goes for humans too, yet still many seem to live under the spell that what goes for one person goes for all...and those who stray of the path are weird, evil, or down right insane. However different traits goes with different Otherkin races and some traits clash too hard to co-exist!!!! It does not mean that people hate eachother, it just means that your true self is too different from somebody else's true self and the most civil and polite way to cope with this is to acknowledge that the friendship or romantic relationship is not working due to kin clashes: thank the person for their time and the good experiences that you might have shared...and then move on! Of all, your fellow Otherkin will be the first to understand that you cannot alter or ignore you true self and kin characteristics and traits to other people's likings!!!! By accepting this, you may also experience that an Othetkin romance gone wrong can transform into a deep and long lasting friendship as it did with a friend of mine: we simply accepted that in our case an Elf and a Vampire are too different to be lovers and spouces! We then both to took some time out lasting a few nights and then embarked on a friendship that lasts to this day (still going strong after almost 15 years)...and this is partly because of self acceptance and knowing that none of us have done anything wrong, we were and are just being who and what we are!!!! And that's about all the advice that I can give regarding Otherkin dating...
  7. Well, I just wanted to share this with you :) I just love when myth begins turning into makes you wonder if Avalon and Hy Brazil existed, too. I have got a reprint of a world map from the 17th century and the island of Hy Brazil is on it, but so are sea monsters!
  8. I know :)
  9. Yes, it does seem like an allergy. Aaaaawwwwww, the poor little love :'(
  10. Yup, time for some thread necromancy or necroposting as it is also called. Many forums seem to hate it, but in this castle of ours, a bit of necromancy is seen as a healthy activity...which is one of the reason why I love this place (now where did I leave my Necronomicon...oh right, under that plate of cookies) Never the less, back when this thread was first started it was still unknown to many that archaeologists had made the suggestion that Doggerland or as it is known as today, Dogger Bank, could have been the place which at least inspired the legend of Atlantis heard by a very young Plato (aged 9 - 11) at a party his parents held on night in ancient Greece. Doggerland was a huge landmass that even after the ice age had ended 12000 years ago linked Great Britain with continental Europe and Denmark via not a small, but a massive land bridge, meaning that apart from some short sailing voyages less than two hours combined, you could have walked dry footed from what is now London to the Stockholm area. 10000 years or so ago Scandinavia was still mainly tundra, but further down south in not the continent or Great Britain, but on a huge land area called Doggerland it is now believed that a thriving stoneage civilisation existed and there are good evidence to support this theory! 1: The finds of animal bones and hunting weapons are plentiful. In fact evidence points to that Doggerland was very rich in both flora and fauna. This would have attracted a lot of people back then suggesting that Doggerland had a, for that time, large human - and undouthly also some Otherkin population. 2: And apparently this, to include everyone, homonid population were very advanced for their time! There are evidence of stoneage huts in the North Sea just around present day Dogger Bank, which is still not very deep. And with plenty of food in the woodslands, valleys, and plains of Doggerland then there was no real need to be nomadic hunters -and could simply remain the latter while living on the same spot! This would have meant that at least villages would existed back then with huts instead of other words: same old, same old! 3: Then there are the landmarks! In some descriptions of Atlantis it is said that there were red and white rock formations. Rock formations such as these are very rare in Europe, but plentiful in Heligoland, a small island off the coast of Germany and thus located in what used to be Doggerland!!!!!!! In the stories about Atlantis a great wall is also mentioned: as the large ice sheets in Norway and northern Sweden finally began to dissapear for good the water levels on the coasts of Doggerland began to rise and around 6000 - 7000 years ago Doggerland was reduced to an island in the middle of The North Sea. In the centuries leading up to this is not hard to imagine a, for it's time, very advanced civilisation trying to secure it's coast lines against rising sea levels...just as people do today. And when considering that Doggerland was richly populated, then there would have been enough hands to go around into building some kind of wall!!!! 4: The one thing in the common Atlantis theory which has always left me in doubt is how an island, yet alone a whole continent could sink into the ocean...litterally over night!!! I believed that the truth had been trimmed and that over night was more like centuries of melting water rising the sea levels. And then I heard about the Storegga slide on the coat of Norway!!!! A massive underwater land slide which happened around 6000 years ago sending off a tsunami which hit the flat island of Doggerland and flooded an instant!!! 5: About the population of Atlantis is it said that they were spiritual, but at the end they became increasingly materialistic and as a punishment their island sank into the ocean. Now I am not going to accuse the ancient Doggerlandians of being a bunch of greedy bastards, but Doggerland is linked to spirituality!!! It is by some claimed that those who built Stonehenge came from an island that had dissapeared into the ocean and Heligoland, whic litterally means Holyland, is dedicated to the god, Forsete...who can best be describes as the Asa godesses's -and god's ambassador in the world of mortals. Forsete was originally a Frisian diety, but migrated north so to speak, not from a flooding but the destruction carried out by mad christian monks! So undouthly at least parts of Doggerland were centres of spirituality! At the end times of Doggerland, it was a small island and islands of that size have always attracted those who seek peace and quiet to engage in spiritual teachings and practise. Prior to Doggerland sinking the island would have been too small to substained any large animal flocks and graising lands, so it is not hard to imagine the the island of Doggerland was a sort of the still just mythological Avalon, a place of learning and worship! Where did the name Atlantis then come from? Plato heard about Atlantis roughly 4000 years after Doggerland had sunk beneath the waves and in that span of time then news become rumours, rumours become stories, and stories become legends and well, stories esspecially when spread by the word and not the pen are altered during time and Doggerland could have just have been "moved" a bit south west in the minds of the story tellers of ancient Greece, because to them the only known world was the lands around The Mediterranean...everywhere beyond this were mythological places, home of demi gods/goddesses and monsters ! I believe that Doggerland is the closest to the legend of Atlantis that we will ever come: granted, there are no evidence of space crafts and advanced computers powered by crystal energy, but the people of Doggerland were very advanced for their time...and perhaps already be the first towns thousand of years earlier thanThe Sumerians!!!! Neither were the population direct offsprings of the goddesses and gods: but parts of what was Doggerland is dedicated to a god...who is said to have spent a great deal of time amongst the mortals of Doggerland as an ambassador! So yeah, sorry to dissapoint everyone...but Atlantis might very well have been found. The decendents of these "Atlantians" or more correctly Doggerlandians can be found in large numbers in such mundain places as England, Germany, Norway etc. And no, Dogger has nothing to do with dogs :D Dogger is simply the Dutch name for fishing boat: Dogger bank has for thousand of years been a good place to fish. This is what parts of sunken island of Doggerland looks like today: Present day Dogger Bank
  11. I don't know. My economy has been shakey for quite a few years now. Things were a bit different almost 20 years ago when Luna and I found eachother, I was not wealthy or rich (and never have been) but I could afford to buy a brand new cat bed, special kitten food etc. everything that a new cat baby needs and wants. But the last decade or so the budget has been tight, there has always been money for cat food, litter sand, gifts on her birthday and such. But an emergency visit to the vet or even a monthly payment to a cat insurance...Luna was too old to be insured even at the age of 9, when we moved to Sweden...would have knocked over the monthly budget completely! So even though I miss holding and cuddling a cat...I simple cannot afford a new baby :-! And sorry to hear about your little snake girl, Mog. Personally they scare the hell out of me...but yes, I know that they are creatures capable of giving and recieving love too :-)
  12. I would not know. But since no one, to my knowledge, has ever confirmed or disconfirmed that a soul can indeed time travel, then I am open to the idea. But because both The European continent and The Americas were destroyed, then it must be from the future.
  13. I have been having some weird dreams lately and a visitation from Luna...but I am not sure that it was a dream, because I was half awake. Anyway it was very pleasent and she seemed happy...being a little tinker and wanting to "talk" :) But then I felt a sleep again and dreamt of...not a previous incarnation, but one to come: In the dream I was female and the dream followed me from birth to a young woman. I was living in a cave with a clan of people, dressed in hides, but sophistically made...we all looked well kept and healthy, not your usual image of cave people...some of us were caucasian, while others were eurasian, but we all lived together in this cave...somewhere in southern central Asia, in a mountain landscape...The Himalayas, I think. And we lived there very isolated. I can remember that in the dream I asked my father what had happened to the rest of the world: now this might seem like an odd question for a small child raised in an isolated area to ask her father, but the fact is that we were all very spiritual and phychic developed since birth. My father told me that America and Europe were destroyed and nobody lived there, but a landmass had risen in The Pacific and a few people still lived in Africa, but we had no contract with them. I sensed that the catastrophies that had happened in Europe and The Americas were quite recent, no more than a few decades or less in the past. And that my parents, my father caucasian and my mother eurasian, were first or second generations after the catastrophy...but already highly developed intuitivly and spiritualy together with all the knowledge of the old world. And I sensed that this old world is our current one. A possible iceage could have begun or was involved in the catastrophies or severe civil unrest. I sensed in the dream that it was mainly catastrophies which destroyed the two continents together with civil unrest, but not actual wars! The dream ended with me giving birth to a child fathered by a man that I know in this current incarnation. And to be honest I feel weird writing all this, putting it all in past sense, since it has to do with the future...but it is the best way to describe it. I used to know a guy who swore that he once died in a explotion on a space craft during a space battle. Now it is not unthinkable that somewhere in this univers that there were some highly advanced civilisation a long time ago who did master the technology to build -and use space crafts and fight out wars in space. So I have never dismissed his claim. But in the dream I knew that this was not something that took place a very long time ago: first off I first came to this planet around 5000 years ago, when white and asian people did not live in caves anymore and there were no talk of Atlantis or some other ancient civilisation. This dream has to do with the future!!! Has anyone here ever sensed or dreamt something similar? Because there are loads of information on the internet concerning dreams about past lives, but not about those to come! Now I am not an expert on dreams, so the dream might mean something very different, so all ideas, theories, and inputs are welcomed and equally valid.
  14. My book about how to live a greener lifestyle, Green Dragon, is finally ready!!!! Well, I can barely believe it myself, three years of writing has finally come to a clossure and yes, it feels a bit weird, but at the same time, I cannot stop smilling *lol* Green Dragon is a about everything from how to save water, to making your own organic make-up, herbal lore, detox etc. Going green on both the inside - and outside. Basically how to be an eco warrior in all aspects (well at least as many aspects as I could think of). And the e-book is completely free of charge!!!!!! If you want a copy I will send it to you via e-mail including a password that you will need to unlock the pdf file. PM me and I will get back to you
  15. I know how it feels, my dog died when I was 11 and it took me years to learn to cope with his death...and I still miss him. And my home, well my whole life feels empty and lonely without my little cat girl. Your mother will too, in time, learn to live with the lost.
  16. I wonder how many have dreams such as these. There are plenty accounts of dreams that have come true about the near future, but not about those in a future reincarnation. Anyway, there was a date in the dream, too...year 2326 or 2356. The dream was just like a past life regression, but in reverse.
  17. Again...I am so very sorry for your lost, Rhannan *big hugs* Loosing a beloved baby is never easy. But yes, the poor love is in no pain now and playing somewhere beyond the rainbow bridge.
  18. My bad luck that I do not like neither chocolate or coffee :D But I will always keep some tea at hand. Thanks for the tips, Draken and Rhannan :)
  19. Well, I can only confirm that! Have had yet another day of aura migraine and no food in the house. Despite not feeling well, I was forced to go grocery shopping and to avoid fainting...after not eaten for more than 24 hours...I managed to eat a bit of chocolate. And it does really help!!!! I have never been a chocolate lover, but this thick brown dry stuff actually has it's uses!!!!!
  20. I will send you the e-book tomorrow, Rhannan :) Yeah, mine are aura migraines...I cannot barely write or even talk when I have those along with the spasms and light/sound sensitvity and dizzyness. People have actually thought that I am having a stroke when the migraine sets in, but it is completely harmless...unless you are driving a car or something like that. Yoga is a good relief method. But unfortunately, I am not aware of any herbs that really help...or I would have included that in my e-book!
  21. Got to agree with Mog: One's kin kind is a very personal and private matter. And even if you can sense another person's true form and that they are Otherkin, then you should never intervene without being to invited to do so in neither their slumberness or awakening, because... 1: It is private matter of no concern to others and most Otherkin prefere to keep it that least offline! 2: Some slumbering Otherkin just do not want to know...full stop! 3: Pushing Otherkiness on slumberes and also those who are awakened may be taken as a sign of you believing to know everything and them knowing are the superior mentor and them the ignorant novices. But fact one is an all knowing superior expert and acclaimed mentor and leader when it comes to Otherkin!!!! Even those of us who have been awakened for more than a decade do not know everything about what it means to be Otherkin! First off the term Otherkin is very broad!!!! I am a Draestari Elf, but I can never really understand and certainly not know how it feels to be a Vampire or Dragon despite them both being Otherkin like myself. Second off, an awakening takes a long time and one person's path of awakening may differ a lot from another person's path. And thirdly, a mentorship should be based on a mutual agreement...and respect!!! Unlike what some migth think, the role of a good mentor is one of humbleness!!! Your are there to give possible answers to questions, but NEVER EVER to push someone to down a certain path, to mold someone into a kind of Otherkin fitting your ideas and desires, and in general act superior. Otherkin is not a cult!!! Always be respectful as a mentor and mind your own business unless being asked otherwise. 4: Discovering fellow awakened Otherkin does not automatically mean that you will become best friends!!!! Some Otherkin, just like humans, simply just cannot stand eachother...for various reasons!!! So if the topic of that mythological creatures might be real or the likes comes up in your work place, then my advice is to join the conversation and speak your mind, but otherwise keep your Otherkiness and those of others to yourself. And for all we know, your supervisor and your co-worker may already be members of this or other forums for Otherkin.
  22. Sorry, been having a migraine that just did not want to go away. Will send the e- book to you in a day or two, Rhannan.
  23. I just tried to send the ebook file to you on Skype...apparently one can send pdf. files on FB messenger but not on Skype. I will need to send it to you via email, girl. But as for publishing...why not convert the file you have written the book in to a pdf. file (that of course only you can edit) and sell copies of it on eBay?
  24. I will try and send the file to you on Skype, Rhannan. And as for the publishing: it is not published anywhere so to speak, but shared via e-mail and messenger software, so I cannot really help you, sorry :-\
  25. Will try and make time for some hopefully cosey and enlightning chat sessions in the near future :)