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  1. Now normally I do not very well along with Angel kin, but then again it is not that kind of angel that I am refering to: it is the kind of angel on wheels who came about after the second world war in America...the biker sort. And I think that the spirit of such an angel might just have saved my life! Even as a punk, I used to get along well - and know both skinheads, psychobillys, and bikers and well 95% of time most punks, metal heads, skins, mods, bikers etc. did get along or chose to just ignore eachother back in Copenhagen decades ago. And I used to know 5-6 bikers myself, I especially liked this guy (let's just call him K) It was not that we had anything more going than a casual friendship, because when I say that we all got along then I do not mean that we got it off with eachother at least not long term... we were not that crossover!!!! Never the less then I really liked K and well, had we belonged to the same sub culture then we would definitely have been together... he was just the coolest guy ever and well the other bikers used to tease me and say that K had a thing for me, I do not know if that was true though..they were a bunch of cheeky buggarsAnd well recently I have thought a lot about K, a lot more than I have since well, at least since I moved to Sweden. K has never known about me getting married and divorced (at least I assumed he hasn't), he knows nothing about me awakening, he never met Luna, and he does not know that I have left Denmark... it has truly been that long ago that I last saw him! So I could not fall asleep to night and I was lying and thiking about K again. I got up and found that my candle had almost burnt down, I switch on the lamp and grabbed a knife in the kitchen to scrape out the last bit if the candle in the candle holder and did just that. Now my knives and utensils lie in baskets that hang from the ceilling, space is scarce so I have to be creative. And well as I put the knife back in the basket, then I swear I hear the phone ring and turn towards it, and in that second the basket falls of the nails hooked to the ceilling and the knife lands on the floor where I was just a second before. That knife is pretty sharp and well it migth not have killed me, but it could sure have injured me. I just felt somebody was there...and well, someone who clearly likes me. As I said thenI have not spoken with K for many years now, I do not even know if he is still alive...there was a huge nordic biker war in the late 1990's between the Hells Angels and Bandidos and well, a few got murdered, he might have been one of them. So I wonder if there is a connection between the sudden many memories of him and this incident! Anyway I remembered of course to thank the spirit for looking after me, no matter who it was. As for the knife, I think it must have fallen under the fridge, because now I cannot find it.
  2. And once they started on that then trust me...they will never stop
  3. I first wanted to post this on a the Elven board, but I have been told that this applies to some Vampires here goes: There are a few issues regarding time in my life: I have a really rotten conception of linear time, I do not own a mobile phone hence a clock in my bag, all the clocks on buildings where I live never seem to work, and I just seem to fry the batteries in conventional watches (see above paragraph). I have tried to wear watches on my right wrist because if I wear them on my left wrist over my Elven flow the battery will only last a few days, on my right wrist 1-2 weeks: when I practise my darts I use magnetic arrows and one day I decide to make an experiment. I have long suspected that my Elven flow equals stronger magnetism in my aura which in itself is an electromagnetic force field. And rightfully so, when I held an arrow over my right wrist I could hardly sense anything however over my left wrist I could definitely feel a magnetic pull. Now I am not technical minded by I know that too much ampere through a battery can really mess up an electrical circuit hence in this case blocking the power to the quartz crystal which makes the watch work. The problem is that I am mostly right handed which makes it a nuissance to even fasten the watch strap yet alone all the knocks and bumps the watch get's from everyday life. I would like a watch though for practical reason and it will not hurt if I can wear it as an accessory, too. I have really stumbled over wooden watches, I like the concept, and since there is no steel casing/conductor of magnetism, they should be sturdy enough for even me to wear one. But has anyone here, who normally cannot wear watches, any experience with wooden watches? Can we wear them or does the battery fry way to early like in conventional steel cased quartz runned watches?
  4. Oh, fancy our Mog getting married It feels just like yesterday that you were a little shyte of a teenager Congratulations, Mog (and try not to set her so much on fire on your wedding night that you completely burn her out) So who is the lucky lady?
  5. There is of course no guarentee that what you see on the astral plane is 100% true, but I have been confirmed in what I have seen in more than just one incident.
  6. Asking for a bit of help is fine. There is a big difference between having a sparring partner and just learning back and doing nothing. I have tried to look for him online, but with no luck... I will give the astral plane a go in a few days time to see if I can get in touch with him there.
  7. I am sure that things will work out with the bills, Rhannan :-) But yeah, being in an economical pickle is never fun.
  8. I think a sundail watch would be well... a bit of a pain in the backside to wear... unless you have super strong wrists and lots of sunshine, I have neither :-D I have however heard that digital watches are not so sensitive to magnatism, but I have never seen one that I have liked...they are too masculine and bulcky for my taste. As for other electronic devices running on batter power: I am sure that it said some where in the manual which came with my tablet how long the battery lasted. Problem is I threw the manual away a long time ago without ever having reading it in the first place :-D So I must confess that I have never really notice if I drain other electronic devices as I do with watches. I have had a few pocket watches, but I forgot to put them away in some safe spot, when I had Luna. She used to like playing with them and pushing them down from tables... then the glass broke and well, death came swiftly by the touch of tiny, and yet fatal velvet soft paws :-D
  9. *Grabs the largest cushion in sight, throws it on the floor by the fire place, sits down on it with a mug of hot back current juice* Nothing much is happening here. Just gone through almost two weeks of Earth Empath symptomer which is a lot longer than usual, some days I could not even exercise :S But all is well now, going to do some more reading and writing. Dreamt of little Luna last night <3 I know how you feel, Yaakov...I have been appointed as a tutor/mentor too and no, I don't mind sharing what I know, but some people just know how to drive you around the bend! I used to know this guy online who decided to make me his mentor and fair enough, I did not mind helping him out, until he suddenly felt all entitled and demanded me to be able to chat when ever he felt like it including when I was working from home. In the end I just had to delete and block him! I am out a job too at the moment. Good thing is that I have gotten a job consultant who is like I into heavy metal, punk, and the occult... I doubt that he will actually find me a job, but we have some good and fun chats. As for making money though: I am considering selling online tarot lessons and unlike my e-book, Green Dragon, then the books that I am working on now I will sell as e-books on Google books, Etsy, or Lulu. And I can only agree: I miss this place too. But face it, the only ones who can keep this place alive and buzfing is us :-)
  10. I am really enjoying this winter. There is snow everywhere and it looks so pretty...and best off, it is not so cold that I cannot halt for a moment and enjoy the winter wonderland landscape :-) I am feeling the cold less this winter, it might be down to my new army boots, but it definitely has something to do with me taking a cold shower everyday since May last year too: I could just go on and on about why I will never take a hot, yet alone warm shower again and all the advantages of taking icey cold showers, but one thing I definitely do feel is that I feel the cold less now than ever before.
  11. *peaks down in the picknick basket to see if there is anything left still fresh enough to be eaten and finds a tin of sliced peaches* Well, at least this sort of necromancy won't leave you dying of starvation :-D
  12. Not to be rude, but how can you be an ex- phychic Vampire? Either you are one or you are not. I might be mistanken, but don't you mean that you have just learnt to control your psi feeding?
  13. Empath!!!! Usually people think of empaths as gifted and sensitive persons who can sense other people's emotions, as if they were their I do not fit into that catagory by far! In fact sometimes I have wondered if I might be a bit of a sociopath for not paying attention to people's emotions or perhaps I have just spent to much time surrounded by drama queens and attention seekers. But ever since my awakening began, I have been more reliable than most weather forecasts when it comes to predicting both natural disasters, major accidents and unrests amongst people. Since the early 2000's if I suddenly experienced mood swings including being very aggressiv one minute and depressed the next, pains in my hands, my phantom ears raising hell and feelling light headed...something always happened two-three days after!!! The first time I really in earnest experienced this, was just days before the extremely powerfull earthquake and following tsunami in December of 2004 and in the days leading up to this, I thought I was going mad!!! And then just as sudden as the symptomes had appeared, they dissappeared again. Now to me, sensing energy is by now an everyday thing, a natural part of life. I was not even aware of the fact that I am a Draestari elf, when I for the first time felt the now familiar magnetic pull through my entire body or in other words a Psi Vampire having a cosey little snack on me, needless to say the rude buggar was startled when he found out that I could sense him Also since my awakening I have been able to sense and sometimes even see people's true form. But whether the above occassions have something to do with me being an Elf or not...that I do not know!!!! But I know for sure that being an Earth Empath is not something exclusively Elvish and that is one of the reasons why I am writing this post!!!! Earth or Gaia Empaths is something which is not very much written about, because can a planet "have feelings"? Are the rocks and the air "alive"? This planet is like you and I, the blanket lying on your bed and the air you breathe made of atoms...atoms vibrate and the lower the vibration, the more dence things are. The vibrations are in many itself and I believe it is these vibrations or rather a disturbance in the vibrations from this planet that Gaia Empaths can sense. But try writing this in less tolerant forums while hoping to come across as being completely sane!!! But what ever you have thought up until now then you are not neither physically or mentally ill, if you can sense forth comming earth quakes or conflicts and you are certainly not alone in this!!!!! Just an example: animals are known to act alarmed just before an earth quake happenes and just before a tsunami...they move to higher grounds. You are just as much a part of nature as a bird or a why should it be different for Otherkin or humans? I feel blessed for being a Gaia Empath, but it can also be a curse! Despite the strength of the symptomes, then you do not know where a disaster will happen or what actions will be carried out in a cannot warn anyone, even if people were willing to listen (which they are not). The past week has been a bit rough, so the chemical attack in Syria or the terrorist attack did not come as a surprise to be honest. A friend of mine...a Vampire and fellow Gaia Empath used to struggle a lot with the death tolls of all the things she was sensing, but the one way to cope with being a Gaia Empath is to know that you can sense, but at least for now...not prevent. The blessing is however to be able to feel the life force of Gaia within is a very intimate privilege that makes the symptomes easier to live with: on tough days, go easy on yourself! Feelfree to share your thoughts and experiences...
  14. As you might know I lost my little life's companion a few weeks ago and this took place two days after her crossing the rainbow bridge... I had runned out of food and was forced to go down to the supermarket and restock. And on my way home I saw something really strange... I have lived for almost 11 years in my current home, I know every creek and crack in the building, and have seen quite a few neighbours come and go: one of them a rockabilly guy in his 20's. We used to greet and talk a bit everytime we met in the yard or in the washing cellar and he seemed like a nice chap. He moved away a few years ago. Never the less, on my way home I saw him, or someone who looked alot like him, come around a corner and walked a few meters infront of me. As we were walking down the my street I was a bit lost in my own world, thinking about what to do with Luna's body and trying to handle my greif...and then I see him stopping at the spot where the fence to the yard stops and the outer walls of the building where I live in begins: he turns to face the wall, takes two steps, and litterally dissapears into the wall!!!! I do believe in ghosts, but with that said, neither do I scream "Ghost!!!" everytime I see a shadow! So my brain begain overloading!!! He looked as solid as a living person belonging to this dimension and dressed in a builder's work clothes. When I first saw him I assumed that he was on the way home from work as the time was around 6.30 pm. And had he stopped and done the same just a few meters further ahead then I could have convinced myself that someone again had left the main front door wide open...but this is not what happened!!!! I then thought based on his appearance that he had been hired to work on or remove the fence and that he had forgotten some tools, gone back to fetch them and walked through a hole in the fence or something like that. But as I reached the fence then I could see that it was the same old fence and all intact!!! There is a small space between the fence and outer wall but it is only a few centimeters wide and thus there is no way that a fully grown man of flesh and blood could squeeze himself through that gap!!!!! Furthermore, there where he dissapeared into the wall leads into my kitchen where Luna's body was lying in the freezer. So who was he? A ghost, a person in another dimension which breifly overlapped with mine or someone to guide Luna into the afterlife (as she was dying I told her not to be afraid and that she was going to Freya in Folkevagn. I also have a friend who is a germanic shaman and who did his to make her passing a gentle one)? Thoughts, please...
  15. Perhaps this spirit once worked on a construction site and well if I was him then I would wear my construction clothes too. I admire blue collared men: without them we would not be living in comfy warm houses with stoves and flushing toilets.
  16. I understand what you are saying, but when you think about Atlantis, Rama's bridge in India, The Yonaguni monument in Japan, and Mohenjo Daro in India together with The Vedas then this indicates that there were antediluvian civilization which were perhaps not as technological advanced as this current one, but at least a lot more developed than coventional science wants us to believe. Another good reason to want to learn more about these almost forgotten civilizations is to better prepare for when our civilization comes to an end...instead of letting history repeat itself. I bought a copy of The Vedas in December, but due to different reason then I have not got a chance to read it yet, but now I have got a sudden urge to read written knowledge which is at least 2000 years old.
  17. A belated merry Yule to you too, girl :-)
  18. I have bookmarked it, will read it when I have more time, and then get back to you :-)
  19. I wish I could contribute to this thread a bit better...but: Luna and I found eacother in 1998, before my awakening began and other than acting concerned through the really rough patches of my awakening - there were days when I felt so bad that I was bedridden, then Luna never seemed much affected by me being Otherkin...or in other words, she didn't give a toss As long as mommy provided her with food, water, little "chats", ice cream (she used to love ice cream so much) and cuddles then apparently all was well
  20. Again it is all down to the individual, but my parents and I are so different from eachother that I would never trust them when it comes to dating advice and choice of partner: it would be all about what they wanted and how good the potiential boyfriend was at sucking up to them...and nothing more.
  21. I can only agree with Rhannan...stay as far away as possible from toxic people, may they be human or Otherkin! If your guts tells you that there is something not quite right about a person, then you will in the vast majority of cases, be right. Watch out love /compliment bombing in the very begining of a friendship or relationship or people pressuring you into recieving their so called help...these are two major red flags!!!! And remember in these cases it is perfectly alright to break off all contact without any explaination, even though you may feel rude in doing so: these people do not want to love you and see you happy. They want to use you and control you in anyway that makes them feel good or feel amused...even if it means breaking you down completely!!! On the internet, then the very best and most simple way to get rid of these people is to: delete and block, use the ignore button if there is such one or mentally ignore them: do not read or respond to their posts or PM's!!!! Should they cause even more trouble, then contact the forum administrator!!! But as for actually relationships and dating... Just before and very early on in my awakening I was in a relationship with a guy that I think might have been a slumbere, too. He was very interested in Vampires, not the movie -and pop culture ones...but real life Vampires. And looking back he did show some signs of Vampirism, but as said...he never mentioned neither Otherkin or him being one. An online friend, a fellow Elf who had been awakened for years told me straightout within the first few weeks of my awakening not to expect much of this relationship, I got a bit cross by his remark and asked him why, he replied "Because people change during an awakening" and he was absolutely right!!!!! I think that I can say for all here that an awakening brings out your true self and this self might be very different from the disquise that you have been living under your whole life and even for several previous incarnartions. And well, not everyone that you know will understand and like these new changes...friendships and romantic relationships will fall apart, but just to give way to better ones, because after all if you cannot be your true self in a friendship and romantic relationships...then why be in one at all? During the first stages in an awakening you are going to change a lot and sometimes rapidly and you are going to need a lot of time to do research, study, and reflect. You will be having symptomes that some migth misjudge as being physical or mental illnesses and try to do you more harm than good...there is no doctor or medicine which can cure the cramps of a developing the Elven energy flow in the left side of your body, itching phantom limbs, or severe Empath symptomes...and no, you are not going crazy!!!! So stick to friendships in the begining and avoid romances! Avoid getting romantically involved with a matter how kind and sincere this mentor is! You might feel like a newborn baby in a teenage -or adult body at the very begining of your awakening, at least I know that I did: you finally know who and what you are, but that does not mean that the world around you becomes more fact sometimes quite the opposite! You need to find your stand in the world all over, just like when you were a small child. The difference however is that you are not a child this time around, but feeling like one might make you feel inferior to a mentor in the same way a student migth feel inferior to a seasoned teacher, or a secretary feeling inferior to her boss. And a healthy romantic relationship is built on mutual respect and balance!!!!! Not everone is romantically compatible...or get's along!!!! And this goes for humans too, yet still many seem to live under the spell that what goes for one person goes for all...and those who stray of the path are weird, evil, or down right insane. However different traits goes with different Otherkin races and some traits clash too hard to co-exist!!!! It does not mean that people hate eachother, it just means that your true self is too different from somebody else's true self and the most civil and polite way to cope with this is to acknowledge that the friendship or romantic relationship is not working due to kin clashes: thank the person for their time and the good experiences that you might have shared...and then move on! Of all, your fellow Otherkin will be the first to understand that you cannot alter or ignore you true self and kin characteristics and traits to other people's likings!!!! By accepting this, you may also experience that an Othetkin romance gone wrong can transform into a deep and long lasting friendship as it did with a friend of mine: we simply accepted that in our case an Elf and a Vampire are too different to be lovers and spouces! We then both to took some time out lasting a few nights and then embarked on a friendship that lasts to this day (still going strong after almost 15 years)...and this is partly because of self acceptance and knowing that none of us have done anything wrong, we were and are just being who and what we are!!!! And that's about all the advice that I can give regarding Otherkin dating...
  22. Well, I just wanted to share this with you :) I just love when myth begins turning into makes you wonder if Avalon and Hy Brazil existed, too. I have got a reprint of a world map from the 17th century and the island of Hy Brazil is on it, but so are sea monsters!
  23. I know :)
  24. Yes, it does seem like an allergy. Aaaaawwwwww, the poor little love :'(
  25. Yup, time for some thread necromancy or necroposting as it is also called. Many forums seem to hate it, but in this castle of ours, a bit of necromancy is seen as a healthy activity...which is one of the reason why I love this place (now where did I leave my Necronomicon...oh right, under that plate of cookies) Never the less, back when this thread was first started it was still unknown to many that archaeologists had made the suggestion that Doggerland or as it is known as today, Dogger Bank, could have been the place which at least inspired the legend of Atlantis heard by a very young Plato (aged 9 - 11) at a party his parents held on night in ancient Greece. Doggerland was a huge landmass that even after the ice age had ended 12000 years ago linked Great Britain with continental Europe and Denmark via not a small, but a massive land bridge, meaning that apart from some short sailing voyages less than two hours combined, you could have walked dry footed from what is now London to the Stockholm area. 10000 years or so ago Scandinavia was still mainly tundra, but further down south in not the continent or Great Britain, but on a huge land area called Doggerland it is now believed that a thriving stoneage civilisation existed and there are good evidence to support this theory! 1: The finds of animal bones and hunting weapons are plentiful. In fact evidence points to that Doggerland was very rich in both flora and fauna. This would have attracted a lot of people back then suggesting that Doggerland had a, for that time, large human - and undouthly also some Otherkin population. 2: And apparently this, to include everyone, homonid population were very advanced for their time! There are evidence of stoneage huts in the North Sea just around present day Dogger Bank, which is still not very deep. And with plenty of food in the woodslands, valleys, and plains of Doggerland then there was no real need to be nomadic hunters -and could simply remain the latter while living on the same spot! This would have meant that at least villages would existed back then with huts instead of other words: same old, same old! 3: Then there are the landmarks! In some descriptions of Atlantis it is said that there were red and white rock formations. Rock formations such as these are very rare in Europe, but plentiful in Heligoland, a small island off the coast of Germany and thus located in what used to be Doggerland!!!!!!! In the stories about Atlantis a great wall is also mentioned: as the large ice sheets in Norway and northern Sweden finally began to dissapear for good the water levels on the coasts of Doggerland began to rise and around 6000 - 7000 years ago Doggerland was reduced to an island in the middle of The North Sea. In the centuries leading up to this is not hard to imagine a, for it's time, very advanced civilisation trying to secure it's coast lines against rising sea levels...just as people do today. And when considering that Doggerland was richly populated, then there would have been enough hands to go around into building some kind of wall!!!! 4: The one thing in the common Atlantis theory which has always left me in doubt is how an island, yet alone a whole continent could sink into the ocean...litterally over night!!! I believed that the truth had been trimmed and that over night was more like centuries of melting water rising the sea levels. And then I heard about the Storegga slide on the coat of Norway!!!! A massive underwater land slide which happened around 6000 years ago sending off a tsunami which hit the flat island of Doggerland and flooded an instant!!! 5: About the population of Atlantis is it said that they were spiritual, but at the end they became increasingly materialistic and as a punishment their island sank into the ocean. Now I am not going to accuse the ancient Doggerlandians of being a bunch of greedy bastards, but Doggerland is linked to spirituality!!! It is by some claimed that those who built Stonehenge came from an island that had dissapeared into the ocean and Heligoland, whic litterally means Holyland, is dedicated to the god, Forsete...who can best be describes as the Asa godesses's -and god's ambassador in the world of mortals. Forsete was originally a Frisian diety, but migrated north so to speak, not from a flooding but the destruction carried out by mad christian monks! So undouthly at least parts of Doggerland were centres of spirituality! At the end times of Doggerland, it was a small island and islands of that size have always attracted those who seek peace and quiet to engage in spiritual teachings and practise. Prior to Doggerland sinking the island would have been too small to substained any large animal flocks and graising lands, so it is not hard to imagine the the island of Doggerland was a sort of the still just mythological Avalon, a place of learning and worship! Where did the name Atlantis then come from? Plato heard about Atlantis roughly 4000 years after Doggerland had sunk beneath the waves and in that span of time then news become rumours, rumours become stories, and stories become legends and well, stories esspecially when spread by the word and not the pen are altered during time and Doggerland could have just have been "moved" a bit south west in the minds of the story tellers of ancient Greece, because to them the only known world was the lands around The Mediterranean...everywhere beyond this were mythological places, home of demi gods/goddesses and monsters ! I believe that Doggerland is the closest to the legend of Atlantis that we will ever come: granted, there are no evidence of space crafts and advanced computers powered by crystal energy, but the people of Doggerland were very advanced for their time...and perhaps already be the first towns thousand of years earlier thanThe Sumerians!!!! Neither were the population direct offsprings of the goddesses and gods: but parts of what was Doggerland is dedicated to a god...who is said to have spent a great deal of time amongst the mortals of Doggerland as an ambassador! So yeah, sorry to dissapoint everyone...but Atlantis might very well have been found. The decendents of these "Atlantians" or more correctly Doggerlandians can be found in large numbers in such mundain places as England, Germany, Norway etc. And no, Dogger has nothing to do with dogs :D Dogger is simply the Dutch name for fishing boat: Dogger bank has for thousand of years been a good place to fish. This is what parts of sunken island of Doggerland looks like today: Present day Dogger Bank