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  1. Just to try and make things a bit more lively around here, I remembered a game from another forum, I once stumbled upon: In all simplicity you write what you would normally have done on a Friday night, going 10 years back in time, for each time such as... Today: surfing Youtube 10 years ago: got drunk in/at The (enter pub name) with some friends. 20 years ago: played video games, until my parents sent me to bed... Etc....etc...etc. But be aware, this will give hints to your true age :-D My turn first... Present day: listening to metal vids or watching obscure movies on YouTube. 10 years ago: working online from home hoping to scrape enough money together to get by on. Provision salary only! 20 years ago: at some black metal -or goth gig and having the time of my life :-) 30 years ago: at some punk gig and having fun as long as no poured beer over my massive mohawk. 40 years ago: pissed off because I had to be in bed by 9pm. Just waiting to be a teenager so that I could do what I wanted...or so I thought. Snuggled up with my dog.
  2. I have always imagined the environment being a bit like ancient Egypt or A Thousand and One Nights scenario, but I may be completely wrong.
  3. Rasing an old, yet interesting thread from dead is perfectly fine in this castle :) What is the Jinn realm like then?
  4. I think it sounds like a great idea: yesterday I found out that yet another person from my past has died relatively young (51)...sometimes I wonder if I will be the last one standing. Writing about the dead will not bring them back...but they will not be forgotten.
  5. I kinda miss hurricanes, too I remember living in Copenhagen on the 11th floor seeing Luna being absolutely fascinated by the water "moving itself" in a glass on the table during a catagory 3-4 hurricane...but never had the power go.
  6. I hope you came safely through the hurricane, Rhannan.
  7. the other day on Youtube, I read and commented to a comment about Samurais and reincarnation: As some of you know, one of my previous reincarnations was in Japan. And then a few other things happened in connection to this but not really worth mentioning. There is however no doubt that every single incarnation has an impact on your soul and if you find the means and times to discover your incarnations, you can learn a lot about yourself and life, by just remembering what you once knew. Alcohol is the worst solution to any problem and it is clear as daylight when you observe drunk people: those who get a bit tipsy at parties are always happy, those who get drunk everyday are always miserable! So what ever your spiritual or mental problem not drown it in alcohol!!!!! But I can understand why some do it and I can understand why you felt the need to do it, Yaakovana. Your past ( this present incarnation and the past ones ) have been traumatic. But I think that the best thing that you can do now is to rediscover your whole self and your past incarnations, embrace both the light and darkness...and take it from there.
  8. Well that leaves me out then! Forget the cord, I would love to punch my ex-husbands teeth out if not on the physical plane, then astrally...and then I would cut the cord!!! Do you know if this Reiki lady believes in threefold law? They always seem to come with the warning of not doing anything maliciously. I believe in warnings when it comes to magic, but it is only when you regret your spell (curses included) that they will back fire.
  9. Oh, you poor love...but I bet you would miss the warmth after one week of snow to your knees and temperatures down at -15 degrees celcius/5 degrees farenheit (typical mid-Swedish winter)
  10. I am eating home popped pop corn right now But by the gods and godesses,....DUCK!!!! What I would not do to sink my teeth into some roasted duck right now!!!! Simply the best meat ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Remember to bring the dandelion leaves too..they taste great in a sallad...we need some food to all that drink!
  12. How about Greenland...winter is just around the corner there. Get me some raw liver while you are there and I might just open the portal a little earlier...because.....uhhhmmm, I love liver
  13. Saids in a loud speaker voice: "This is a special message to all hot climated weather tourist. Due to people from the southern states of America and Australia showing up in polar coats and snow boots and looking like complete twats while the native population is still walking around in flip flops and t-shirts, then to avoid any further mocking and ridicule, we Vikings have decided to be really nice and close all portals until mid November. So go back and unpack your skiis, woolley knickers, and snow bear harpunes...yet thick twat!"
  14. Be careful what you wish for, Mog Denmark a few months from now and Sweden just weeks from now:
  15. Why tank you very much