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  1. I was a member of that group on FB, my member name was Sabrina Belladonna. However I have left FB, too. So the rest is now irrelevant :-)
  2. I have been thinking of buying some jewelry with The Faerie Star and perhaps a tattoo as well. I feel attracted to it, and after all both Elenari and The Fae are Elves. And I know that deep down it is strictly speaking a Fae symbol. But I can imagine that it might evolving into a broader Otherkin symbol, unless The Fae amongst us publically object to this on Otherkin forums etc.
  3. I had completely forgotten about this thread..."You know that you have been in this castle for a very long time, when you can only faintly recall posting in a thread, but cannot for the life of you remember even parts it's name." But never the less, some time ago, I was granted a name change here, from Jalyndre to Simara and for one very simple reason: I remember Simara being my name in at least one incarnation back on Selar. So this is, if not the first name I ever had, then at least a name I had when I was back on Selar in true form and with my people and family.
  4. I am Draestari and have quite a few memories from Selar, but none involve Elves with horns. If I was you then I would meditate on what your soul was created as and where it orginated. The term for that has often be called The Source since it is believed to be the birth place of all souls...and what you were created like there is you true being -and form. That is how I found out what I am. You can also try and enter The Akasha Files when in deep meditation. Even though it only contains memories from here on Gaia or so I have been told. Because truthfully, I have never entered them myself. And as for The Djinn, apparently not many know much about them and the answer are either based on a religious perspective or very vague...none have been very useful. Which Elenari group did you used to host? I might have come across it at some point in time.
  5. I already blog on Blogger and it works fine. And it just takes a Google account to start a blog. One of us could make an account on the behalf of say this castle and those relevant could be given the password. But we need to discuss a whole lot more about this, and if the blog should be directed to this forum, of course also discuss this with the admins.
  6. Well, I am willing to give this blog idea a try, if anyone else is interested.
  7. I know it is not the most perfect solution, but it is better than the established media cowering the subject of Otherkin. Blogging about Otherkin...I really like that idea! I already have my own music blog and I will be able to work on an Otherkin blog, if anybody else is interested...or I fear that the blog will not cover the entire Otherkin community and in general not be objective enough.
  8. Oh, I have encountered these so called Otherkin claiming to be Otherkin and yet also claiming that their Otherkin race was just a myth. I can remember a few of them here, but esspecially on a old and now long gone web community called When I first started lurking there, you had a few "top dogs" there who acted as if they knew everything about vampirism and were real as for the latter, I do not doubt that some of them were and are real Vampires. But they sure did not like that more and more Vampires were awakening, becoming members and challenging their some of them began claiming that it was all just make believe. Needless to say, the place pretty much died with that remark!!! So yes, I this point in time, this castle is perhaps the only really strong not-owned-by-FB Otherkin web community left! But all in all, I think it would be best if Otherkin just stay away from the established media as a whole , because it is so god damn manipulating. The established media just not only edit interviews etc. They take out the bits and pieces of reality and put them together the way they want it to be. Making informative vids on YouTube about awakenings ourselves and such might be a good idea...unfortunately I do not have access to any good software and technical requirements to do just that.
  9. Yeah, I have heard the whole "Otherkin is just a fad" before, too. However going on more than 30 years or so, at least online, then it is damn old for just being a fad!!!!! I remember somebody that I knew a long time ago. He, at least back then, was the type of person who would fanatically try and debunk the theory on gravity had it not been blessed by the established scientific community. And he claimed that the Otherkin movement together with the New Age movement would be dead within five years...he uttered those words of "wisdom" 10 years ago...and clearly that has not happened. But once FB falls apart and places like this one is rediscovered, we can perhaps more succesfully debate and talk about how Otherkin a whole...present ourselves to the general populus. I myself have often wanted to get my ears "done". However based on accounts from others who have modified their ears to look more elven, then they become more sensitiv to sound/noise and I am already having issues of that having modified elven ears would litteraly drive me crazy!
  10. Just to try and make things a bit more lively around here, I remembered a game from another forum, I once stumbled upon: In all simplicity you write what you would normally have done on a Friday night, going 10 years back in time, for each time such as... Today: surfing Youtube 10 years ago: got drunk in/at The (enter pub name) with some friends. 20 years ago: played video games, until my parents sent me to bed... Etc....etc...etc. But be aware, this will give hints to your true age :-D My turn first... Present day: listening to metal vids or watching obscure movies on YouTube. 10 years ago: working online from home hoping to scrape enough money together to get by on. Provision salary only! 20 years ago: at some black metal -or goth gig and having the time of my life :-) 30 years ago: at some punk gig and having fun as long as no poured beer over my massive mohawk. 40 years ago: pissed off because I had to be in bed by 9pm. Just waiting to be a teenager so that I could do what I wanted...or so I thought. Snuggled up with my dog.
  11. I have always imagined the environment being a bit like ancient Egypt or A Thousand and One Nights scenario, but I may be completely wrong.
  12. Rasing an old, yet interesting thread from dead is perfectly fine in this castle :) What is the Jinn realm like then?
  13. I think it sounds like a great idea: yesterday I found out that yet another person from my past has died relatively young (51)...sometimes I wonder if I will be the last one standing. Writing about the dead will not bring them back...but they will not be forgotten.
  14. I kinda miss hurricanes, too I remember living in Copenhagen on the 11th floor seeing Luna being absolutely fascinated by the water "moving itself" in a glass on the table during a catagory 3-4 hurricane...but never had the power go.
  15. I hope you came safely through the hurricane, Rhannan.