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  1. Hm....probably would have been my next guess. They all connect to each other in some ways that get tangled up at times. Anywho, you may pose your next riddle, Yaakovana.
  2. Imagination? Lol XD Adding: If I were a sphinx I probably would've eaten myself by now for not getting the answer yet.
  3. Lol well there is an argument for the subconscious and unconscious selves being two different things. So I'm going to hazard my next guess with the unconscious self, being that I often disagree with my unconscious, which is usually in charge of dreaming time.
  4. Pfft I want to know the correct answer, too. I'm trying to solve a riddle while doing my homework XD Is it.....the subconscious?
  5. I've got a new one, although I haven't started reading it just yet. Been a bit busy since I got it and when I have been free I've usually forgotten that I have it. It's called Dreamworking and that is exactly what it's about. The point of it, if I recall correctly, is to help encourage dream recall and interpretation by exploring dreams you've had (and are currently having) and finding the deeper meanings within. It's meant to help you figure out what you're dreams are trying to tell you so that you can better deal with whatever is going on. However, be advised that it doesn't appear to be from a metaphysical standpoint, at least not purely, it was written by a psychoanalyst/psychotherapist and, since it is about working with dreams, it was placed in the dream book selection of the metaphysical section at the bookstore. Makes sense, I suppose, since dreamworking is largely metaphysical in nature in my experience (especially depending you Path), but it has become more popular outside of metaphysics lately and psychologists have been taking dreams and their impact/implications much more seriously. I intend to start reading at some point, perhaps once I have some more dreams I recall well enough to try and work on.
  6. -________________________________________- Le sigh. Is it the conscience? (Totally not using a guess limit here, I just want to get the right answer lol)
  7. Thought(s), then?
  8. From what I heard there are two high dragons total in DAO if you count the DLC and DA2 has 2 as well I believe, maybe a 3rd in the DLC. There are a lot of dragonlings in parts of DA2 to fight but I've not played the first game yet so not sure. I can say that there are quite a few high dragons in DAI to fight, though I'd rather not kill them, and they are much more varied in form and power than the other games. They actually have different elements they use so they're not all fire-breathing. They do, however, fly and they can summon smaller dragons to feast on you while they cackle from some unreachable spot on the terrain -________- I'd much rather not have to fight and kill them, there are some draconic mounts in the game that you can aquire (not that I really use mounts, kind of a waste of time if you want to actually explore the world), and there is one race in the game that has mythology stating they are descended from dragons. They don't know if it's actually true but that's what their lore claims. Some people didn't care for the re-spawning enemies in DAI but I liked it because it meant I could level up more; didn't care for the level cap-off but whatever. Not played Assassin's Creed yet. Also, totally just finished Witcher 3 main story and I am waiting for the end of the credits so I can get back to the DLCs. I did have a pretty good ending (apparently there's a more negative ending depending on some choices you make) and have that yay sense of accomplishment. But it won't be complete until I finish everything! Like the one with the vampire lady who sings the creepy (but oddly soothing) lullaby. Credits.....neverending. Mog, did you sit through the credits after Trespasser? I can't recall if you said you did or not.
  9. Yea on my first two files I managed to save everyone, but I've been making different choices in this file, letting others do operations instead of solely using Leliana. My bad on that one. Now my Inquisitor is in mourning and should be allowed to have a special cutscene with her lover like in DA2.
  10. Well I know my sanity is frequently called into question but I can provide no proof that it ever existed lol. Then my next guess, since one of us is close, would be the mind.
  11. I'd recommend checking out the Spiritual Dimensions or Walk the Ancient Pathways sections. There are already threads in one or both of those about lucid dreaming and astral projecting. That's great that you were able to experience this. I rarely manage it myself but over the years have learned to work with it better when it happens. I used to jerk myself out of OBE states all the time by accident when I realized it was happening or when I realized I was dreaming. It took a lot of mental training and reminding myself not to get too excited or surprised when it happened, to just relax and go with it, taking control slowly rather than in a state of over-excitement. It's not easy for everyone to do and I still can't trigger the state on my own, in large part due to my medications I'm sure, so I have to wait for it to happen. There are lots of books out there with recommendations, like keeping a dream journal which will help you to recall dreams more often and learn to realize when you are dreaming. I've never been successful at keeping a dream journal. Like I said initially, go check out one of the other two sections, as those are where topics like this would be found.
  12. I've heard good things about ACO from a friend who's been playing it. I picked out Litten for my started(because fire-type and cat) but I am finally on Rte 2 so I am scoping for my Growlithe right now. That Furfrou one....looks like a particular dog breed I can't think of the name for right now. Man I really want my Vulpix and an Eevee! I'm going back and forth on DAI between my nightmare file and my mage file. I messed up on my mage file though: I'm a Dalish elf and there's this one mission where you're supposed to send aid to your clan because they're having issues, well it turns out that one of those options leaves your clan mostly dead and the rest scattered. I was like wtf that's some damn bs and you don't even get a special cutscene with your romance partner to make up for it. And I'm guessing it eliminates the potential missions that follow so there's that. I'm sad though. If I were my Inquisitor I'd be like eff this imma go after these guys and the dude who failed to help out in time. We're going to have some words, and by words I mean I'll be throwing lightning bolts at everyone.
  13. Is it Sanity?
  14. Who's close lol?
  15. Got mine! And the 3DS lol. Soon to have a 360 on which to play the very awesome DAO with the full expansion pack that I picked up today (I got the last one in the store ;) ).