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  1. Present Day: Videogames, possibly a glass of wine, homework, some other hobby I've picked up. 10 years ago: If I wasn't working then videogames, reading, the tube, getting drunk either by myself or making the trip downtown to one of the bars. 20 years ago: Reading, being told when I had to go to bed, might've been playing videogames at that point but I don't really recall when exactly I completely hooked. 30 years ago: Whatever infants do???
  2. @Yaakovana Tovah: Well, dang it! I'll have to think of something else then... Also, @DrakensonofDrakonis and @MalikLucius: You're both wrong :P
  3. Yea I read about getting past all the mobs to the cleric beast and doing it that way but I couldn't seem to get past everything that's in the effing way. I was actually on the way to open up a short cut the last time I tried to play but ran into a little trouble and died. Might have to try that other way you mentioned the next time I feel like giving it a go. Been binging on DAO for a couple of weeks now, today is the first time in a few days I haven't played, mostly because I had some other things I needed to take care of first. Oh wow! I was right? Hot damn!!! *takes a nap* Ahem: If you've got it you don't want it, if you want it you haven't got it.
  4. Oh, well, in that case, I came up with one that's so true it's right, even if it's not the answer Yaakov is looking for: NAP TIME. 'Cause man do you hate it as a kid but miss it when you're older. I wish we could have a designated nap time at work that wasn't our lunch break. Or maybe give us like a two hour break so we can take an hour to eat and maybe run an errand and then an hour to nap. Dude that'd be so awesome. Oh, nap time, how I doth miss thee <3
  5. I tried Bloodborne but didn't get very far. It was rather annoying not being able to actually level up when starting out. I was pouring my free, non-school time into Witcher 3 but I beat it a few weeks ago and now I've started on Dragon Age Origins finally. Interestingly I made some different choices than what I had figured. Totally going for being queen of Ferelden...... Did we already guess Pride?
  6. Alright, so I've got: Shrine of Remembrance Hall of Spirits Spirits' Remembrance Or something akin to that, idk. Been busy with work and finishing up the class I'm in right now. Any other additions before we start narrowing down and putting it to a vote?
  7. Not gonna lie, totally forgot about this lol. Been busy with work and school. *Realizes mug is empty and refills with hot coffee* I feel like I need another vacation..... Did we already guess time?
  8. What about Shrine of Remembrance or Shrine of Spirits?
  9. lol it's a lot of fun and actually pretty long. I think there were a few side quests I missed that are random ones you happen on but I'm not too worried about it. I'm glad I finished although it was slightly anticlimactic. Ah well, on to DAO! Skyrim is peeving me......
  10. So I finally beat Witcher 3, all the way save for like a the horse racing and the card tournaments. I will advise that when you do the Blood and Wine expansion and you get to the knight's tournament part, be either well-prepared for the horse race or be prepared to sacrifice the ultimate win in that because the race is extremely hard. I didn't do much of any fighting on my horse so that definitely played a part in my lack of winning (which I really hated to tap out on that one but I had other things to do), but you have to hit dummies and hanging targets from your horse as you're racing against the clock. Hitting them gives you extra time but you have to have the timing down. I looked up some tips and there's a sweet spot on the swing for dummies so you don't miss and for the targets someone recommended just stopping close enough to hit but not too close. Also there was some advice with turning down the sensitivity on your aiming stick. It's not pertinent to the quest that you win, but it'd be a nice trophy to have. And you can't just race the clock and win, I tried, you really do need that extra time to make it through all 9 checkpoints and get to the finish line. For that super awesome best sword in the whole game that you have to go to an island in a lake to find, it is dependent on what kind of game you played throughout. At the very least throughout the DLC if not the entire game. I haven't read of anyone not getting it but I didn't look into it too much other than to find out whether or not it was worth getting.
  11. I like Hall of Spirits and Spirits' Keep. I was debating on Rainbow Hall, for the Rainbow Road/Bifrost, but it seemed kind of.....idk. What about Hall of Remembrance?
  12. You know, I keep forgetting about this. I still haven't thought of any names but I am certainly open to suggestions.
  13. Is it love?
  14. Is it pun-spiration? :P Jk jk that's not actually my guess.