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  1. Well, I'm working on a lot of things right now, but I wanted to share this with my family here: amazon.com/author/ashleyaikey I published one of my original short stories (apparently it's considered a "novelette") and am pretty excited! I can't believe I finally did it!
  2. Congrats, Mog! When's the day? ^_^
  3. I've had things confirmed before as well, but I still take it with enough salt to taste. You never know what may be hanging around, unfortunately.
  4. That's a good idea with the astral. I've tried looking for people online that I used to be in touch with, but for such a connected world it's awfully hard to find people.
  5. Oh wow! Thanks to that spirit indeed! I'm glad that you weren't injured ^_^ I've been feeling and not-feeling things myself lately. It's always hard to tell with my meds and I haven't been remembering my dreams much again. I will say that the other night I left out an offering to my gods and goddesses and asked for some help, just a little bit, just enough. Came through, too, but I'm still in quite the bind, so I am asking for help again. I don't like being needy with them, I feel like I should take care of as much on my own as possible, but maybe.... I'm not sure if it was just my own thought or if someone actually said it, but it was suggested that maybe I'm not asking enough, or perhaps not being specific enough. I've been told before that I need to allow myself to ask for and accept help when I need it, instead of trying to do everything myself (which is, sort of, how I got injured at work anyway, but I'm of the mind that anything they can do I can do better and now I'm paying for not letting that door break my toes). Perhaps you could try to check in on your friend?
  6. Too bad it won't work out for my bill that's due in two days! I've started trying to do more and put my stuff out there more. I just joined RedBubble and put my first item up, I also have a Ko-fi page now. I'm trying, but it's...hard. I've applied to some regular jobs again but I already know that there are so many I just can't do. I'm really close to having my first short story ready to publish. I want to do it as a standalone eBook and an Audible. So close....just waiting for some feedback now that I've made some really big revisions to it.
  7. Mmm hot cocoa!\ Well, the tutoring thing is kind of bleh. If I could get myself into more and on a schedule, it would be going better. I guess I've just had a lot of trouble finding my rhythm sinc ejust before the end of the new year. I started selling some art tiles on Etsy and I'm working to get a short story completely revised and published. It was rejected from two places, so now I'm trying to just make some solid changes that will help refine the story and make it a bit longer. I'd like to self-publish it on Kindle and even do it as an Audible. I've started work on a collection of short stories and I'm just biding my time until I can get back to work on my thesis novel. The classes I'm taking this term aren't bad, just kind of frustrating at times because I'm having to do things I'm unfamiliar with, like create my author website and come up with a marketing plan. I did a site, but all of that is going to be under a pen name. Still working on getting the book of poetry together, I'm trying to make headway with that again but it's a little slow because I need to finish a painting that's supposed to be paired with one of the poems. I want to do it as a book of art and poetry, so we'll see. I have so many ideas and so little time to work on it all. I had to take a break from my computer yesterday. I used my phone, but never turned my computer on and I took some time to write, relax, and play a game. It was nice, just wish I could have maybe taken a second day to not be chained to my computer. Alas, the new week for class has started and I really need to put in some hours tutoring so I can pay these bills (which I don't think I'm going to be able to this month, honestly). I have no savings to live off of, unfortunately.
  8. *flops down in her usual spot in the library* Home, sweet, sweet home! It's good to be back and I'm really glad we were able to get our home back ^_^ How's everyone doing? Anything interesting happening?
  9. I wish I got real winter here. It's gotten chilly thankfully, but then we keep having random spurts where it's back in the 70s. A week or two ago it was 30s one day and 70s the next. I requested Spring and Winter stop bickering, and, goddess bless, for Spring to just let her sister have her moment. I can't take all this back and forth. On top of the nerve damage I do have arthritis, so the fluctuations really make getting out of bed difficult. Well, makes sleeping difficult, too.
  10. WOW. Talk about thread necromancy. I thought this picnicked thread got closed? Must've been the other one. Ohhhh no, it was that other one that got really bad and was shut down.
  11. Same to you, Dem! Looking forward to seeing you in the new year!
  12. I am having a lot of fun! I just finished my final project for one of my classes, and now all of my work for this school week is done. I have a few hours before I turn towards bed, so I will be using part of that time to work on my fanfic. At some point I really need to work on my original stuff, but I'm kind of dedicated to doing this fic now. And I since Dem wants part two, I have to work on that. Gotta keep my ladies happy!
  13. lol uhoh, I'm in trouble! Dem wants more and I don't have anything yet! I did start writing a second part, but I haven't had a lot of time to work on it with school. Also, I've been laser focused on my Dragon Age stories for the last month because December 4th is Unofficial Dragon 4ge Day and a bunch of fans have organized an event. There's a charity auction, donation pools, raffles, and a couple of the voice actors from DA Inquisition are donating their time and will also give out some signed merchandise and donations. There are writing and drawing prompts for people to use for inspiration, and you can submit your work to the people running the event and they will share it so everyone can see it. One of the big prompts is what the games mean to you, and I wrote a blog post on it. I had to edit a lot of things out because it was a little too personal and involved one of my exes, but it was really nice to express it. I debated on doing a video submission for it as well but that would require looking nice lol. I've submitted four short scenes for the event and was planning on drawing out a dragon, but I won't be done in time with the dragon (everything has to be submitted by 11/27 and this thing is pretty big). Working on the prompts has really given me a lot of ideas for stuff and actually inspired a new story I've been working on via the prompts, but since it's a whole story rather than random scenes like with my other DA story, I'm not posting more than the teaser scene I put up until I have written the beginning of the story. I'm going to try and line up the end of the story with DA Day next year, so I have some time to work on it. I do need to work on the other story-line, The Hunt, but I just haven't had the chance. I've been on a bit of a writing spree except for the part where I have to write something non-speculative for one of my final short stories in a class I'm taking this term. The last time I tried to write "normal" fiction, it still turned into a fantasy story, so I learned years ago to stick with what I love. However, this program requires you to dabble in all of the major genres you can choose from for your thesis, so I still have to try. I really don't think my professor is going to fail me because I suck at contemporary fiction, she's not that sort of teacher and will generally give someone a passing grade on an assignment if she can see that they really did try. I just...I set the bar really high for myself with the last three assignments because I was able to incorporate fantasy elements in all of them and I kept with the same main character so I could flesh out one of my backup thesis ideas. Like, that bar is so high I'm going to need my wings back to get over it. But! Since you want to know what happens next with Lannan and Merrick, I'll tell you....once I've written it I have a general idea, I just have to fit it into a timeline and decide on a couple of details first. Because it isn't my world, I have to try and remain aware of the rules and where the canon characters are and when they're there. This first installment takes place completely independent of all other characters within that universe, but the next chapter will probably bring them into contact with civilization. Oh....I have a map, I think. I guess it's a good thing I got Witcher 2, because it comes with a map! But, to be honest, several people have expressed an interest in this story being turned into a full-fledged book, and I really am inclined to do it, provided I go about it the right way. The main obstacle is that I can't publish it for profit unless I get permission, so I may just post the chapters online. I haven't decided if I will repost onto Archive of Our Own, mostly because it's a media tie-in right now and not a pure fanfiction, but all of my DA stuff is on AO3 and it's a site for that kind of stuff. I'm really glad you like it though! It makes me feel encouraged to keep writing! Ohhhhh I don't think I told you guys yet! I finished the first draft of the novel I've been working on for the last couple of years! I want to use it for my thesis, which doesn't start for almost a year yet, but I was so excited when I finished it and I still can't quite believe that I finally finished writing a novel! The first draft, true, and it's far from finished and polished, but I've never finished any of my drafts before. I have a list of revisions I want to make and I'm saving it all for the thesis process. Unless, well, unless I just can't resist finishing it before then and choose another story to work on for it. I have two other potential ideas for my thesis, so if I can't keep from working on it, I will just refocus on one of the other two. Too bad we can't use fanfiction for our classes, because that's all I seem motivated to write at the moment. I literally have a DA novel planned out in my head up to a certain point, after that there is zero canon for what comes next involving one of the characters, and thus I can do pretty much whatever I want. *evil cackle*
  14. Ohhhh I should have added this to my Christmas list. I think I still could, but I already gave my mom a really workable list so I will just leave it be.
  15. Update: I have also started an account on Archive of Our Own and posted a couple of pieces there. https://archiveofourown.org/users/DeaInTheMachina