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  1. I'll just be over here, making more cookie soldiers
  2. Let it rain caffeine down upon us!!! Let us swim in the water of life and rejoice!!!
  3. Welp, secrets out now boys so open a vein for me! Actually, my blood might be mostly caffeine at this point, too, so....
  4. LMAO! XD
  5. Ooo I've heard of that stuff but never tried it. Once I've got a job again I'll have to order some to see how it works for me. It's funny that they have a base in Albany, NY because that's where I went to university for undergrad! Kind of miss the place, although mostly I miss the mountains and a good autumn.
  6. We've had a lot of upheavals and heavy changes in the last few months, some of them hard on the heart. I've been going through some more searching and changes with my kin-ness, discovering some new (or old) things and bringing them to the front. My phantom limbs have become more frequent and stronger, to the point where I have to watch myself sometimes because I feel like I'm about to close the door on a tail. Now, I've been trying to give a little more attention to the other two pups now that we've lost one because, well, there's more love to go around. One of the girls usually loves to get attention, especially from me, but about a week ago she started getting standoffish around me. The night it really occurred to me that her behavior had changed she got up for attention, went over to my mom and put her body between us like she was blocking me from mom even though I was across the room (this dog isn't the jealous type), and my mom jokingly said the dog was protecting her from me. I realized that was very likely to be the situation. She wasn't being aggressive, and still isn't, but she has still been acting a little oddly around me like she's a little nervous or uncertain. All I wanted to say to my mom was that Ella (the dog) was, in fact, probably doing just that and that she knows. I just laughed and didn't say anything but since she's continued to be a little weird around me I decided to test the waters a bit. I've noticed she is the most off when I'm really feeling my kin-self, especially when my phantom limbs are present. Our other dog, Freya, is too dopey on her seizure meds to notice or care. So I've come to the conclusion: the dog definitely knows. This is the first time I've really had the experience of an animal reacting to my spiritual presence (fairly certain my cats just don't gaf). Does anyone else have any animal reactions they'd like to share?
  7. Thanks, Dem. I had a moment of sadness last night. There's this sound I make occasionally, mostly to mess with the dogs, and it would always get Atty howling. I made it jokingly last night when I was saying goodnight to my mom and it made me think of him and how he used to whine and everything. Dante is idk. I still haven't taken him to the vet because I can't afford to yet. He is definitely very thin and I'm not sure what is going on with him. As soon as I have a job I'll be taking him to the vet. Fingers crossed I get one soon.
  8. Hm, looks like it's time to get my cauldron out and brew our coffee that way. Put a little extra mojo in it
  9. I can make more coffee! Stronger coffee!
  10. Lots to think about lately....

  11. OMG! Seriously my favorite quote to use in reference to coffee! <3
  12. Mmm it's always time for coffee! I'll go brew a pot ^_^
  13. My parents and grandmother especially see right through the sucking up. I've had guys suck up to my parents and even my grandma but it didn't work. There are maybe two people I've dated in the past that my parents have outright said I was stupid for breaking up with because we were a good match and he was actually going to be going places in his life and would be able to take care of me properly. (He was studying to be a doctor, specifically working on Alzheimer's and cancer patients.) I do wish he and I had at least managed to keep in touch because he was a good friend, but I was too turbulent at the time with all of the emotional drama I had going on, my deep depression, and I was going through a painful awakening. You're quite right about awakenings being a bad time to try dating, Sim. I still recommend listening to their advice and taking it with some salt, and, as I said, every parent and parent-child relationship is different. I guess I'm lucky that I have a good relationship with mine.
  14. Puh-lease XD
  15. Every person is different, every parent is different, and ever parent-child relationship is different. I may not feel comfortable talking with my parents about certain things, specifically kin things, but they're usually pretty spot on with their advice. Of course, I come from a line of women who usually have at least a touch of the sight and intuition that is almost always accurate. It's unfortunate that your dad gave you bad advice, perhaps at the time he just didn't like seeing you happy when he was unhappy. It's a horrible thing, to intentionally try to sabotage someone's happiness. All advice, I think, should be taken with some salt.