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  1. Yea online dating seems to be a mixed bag from what I've heard. One of my brothers met his wife online and they've been married for a few years now, but then there are always those horror stories you here like um....no I think I'll keep trying the old-fashioned way, thanks. But you never know what input you might be able to give, Draken! I've recently had some useful advice reiterated to me courtesy of the universe.
  2. Would anyone be opposed to or in support of a kin dating advice thread? We all seem to have our own experiences with this and could possibly provide some input for those who are currently in or thinking of pursuing a relationship. It doesn't need a special spot, the Drawing Room will probably be the best location for it, and it would be a good place for those who have questions just as much as it would be for those who have advice.
  3. That sounds like quite the experience and I do wish I had some insight for you. Perhaps he did arrive to help your baby or there could have been something that triggered this apparition to appear. It's always hard to tell when we can't get more information, but based on your description it does sound like a spirit rather than a living person and a trick of the mind. I wish I could be of more help :/
  4. I've had a few kin friends in real life, and it was fine, the issue ended up being that university ended and I wasn't going to be able to stay in town anymore. Ultimately we lost touched as things like AIM and YIM lost popularity. That and I stepped off of FB for a while. It can be hard to meet kin in real life unless you meet online first, and it's always hard to judge whether you can believe someone you spoke with online. Thankfully the handful of experiences I've had with that haven't been bad. Once, though there was an issue. It wasn't the person I was meeting up with though, it was that individual's friends that I was being introduced to, who were also kin. They gave me very bad vibes and one of my guides who had decided to be very present for that venture told me, in no uncertain terms, to get out of that situation as quickly as possible. I didn't have the heart to tell my new friend that those people were bad.
  5. Maybe it's just the type of people I tend to attract in general then, because it's been like that with non-kin (the one-up thing). And I always seem to be the giver, usually at my own expense financially, emotionally, spiritually...etc. If this current attempt doesn't work out, I think I may just say eff it and no more.
  6. Ah, alright. Well, I know that it can be argued that we are all fictionkin, however I've had some...not so great experiences with actual fictionkin. My concern is what we would be opening ourselves up to with an entire room dedicated to that. I've met my fair share of Draculas, werewolf princes, and even Gokus. And there have definitely been a few RPers that have attempted to traipse through our halls before. So, while I hate being the debbie-downer here, it's going to have to be a no from me. I don't have an issue with a thread about it and discussing the topic, I'm just not in love with the idea of an entire room. However, if Timeisindustry would like to create a blog on here and write about it, that would be a different matter since blogs are done on whatever subject the owner of it wishes and it isn't something that can be viewed by non-members. (And I'm not saying I'm not alright with there being fictionkin here, it's just that...personal experience makes me feel a room is a bad idea.)
  7. I've actually found dating other kin to be...frustrating and more difficult than when the topic never comes up. It always seems to be "I'm the special one" or "I'm better than you". And, depending on what kin types you're dealing with, there's always the "well I'm older and more powerful than you". It has almost always turned into a one-up competition.
  8. I have been through the passing of several of our dogs over the years, one was specifically mine but the one I mourn the most passed five years ago in her sleep. I still miss Loki and I know that she comes and checks in on me sometimes. She and I were very attached to each other. They are never just animals, they are family. My cats are my surrogate children and I know that I will be heartbroken when they pass.
  9. lol I've dated a vampire before. It was...well it was novel and a little exciting at first, but he started showing his true colors. Also he was a couple of years younger than me and you'd be surprised just how wide the mental/emotional gap can be between men and women when they're only a few years apart in age. One of the first do's, in any relationship: establish your personal space. I know I am somewhat OCD and possessive/territorial, so when the time comes to move in together I usually have to be very firm about what is and is not ok to mess with. One of my ex-fiances kept leaving his stuff on my altar even though I kept telling him not to. "But it's there and convenient to put my stuff on when I get home!" A) that's what the desk is right there for and b) you don't mess with someone's sacred space! I ultimately had to move it to the spare bedroom before I strangled him.
  10. *hugs tight* Take you time <3
  11. It's been long enough since my last post that I don't think it'll count as double-posting so.... I did get DAO finally and it's been a lot of fun but I still need to finish it. DLCs are awesome! I know I put this somewhere else but I did beat Witcher 3, DLCs included, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to restart the game on a harder difficulty. It's not nightmare-level, just hard (I believe the game dubs it "death march"), but I must have slipped up because it's not that difficult so far. I actually chose a new game+, which I've not had the opportunity to do before and I wanted to see what would happen. Imagine: I'm starting out level 56, everything is scaled to match me but the kicker is that I have everything from my inventory that wasn't quest-related or in storage in my previous game. So, basically, I have grandmaster-crafted armor and two of the best swords in the entire game, plus all of my oils and bombs are already maxed out. I fought a monster that was almost 10 levels above me and defeated it easily. SO. Part of me wants to go back to my other file, put all of the awesome equipment in my inventory, and restart again on "blood and broken bones" (aka nightmare), just to see what happens. Tempting, very tempting. But I've been working on Skyrim and started up my Inquisition files again. Still need to beat the latter on nightmare, I just really wanted to experiment with being a mage and maybe do some of the trials. Witcher 3 is definitely worth a replay though. I think I may make some different choices in this go.
  12. This is so true, Sim! I sometimes vaguely recall posts on topics that come in conversation and I'm like hmm I feel like someone started a thread about that already, but where was it... It usually leads to me hunting around the site and entertaining myself for a few hours with old topics and the occasional picnic reminiscence
  13. Thank you!
  14. I agree with Mog, I'm not sure we have too many fictionkin here but we are open to discussing it. I believe there have been a few mentions in introductory posts about it. The admins may have an idea on where to put a topic on this subject or may create a new room, but it is at their discretion. As a side note that I forgot to put in originally, it's not just the Therian room that's inactive, it's the entire forum. Life keeps us all busy but if there are things you'd like to discuss in a particular area, just start a thread and we will be happy to chime in when life gives us the chance.
  15. I have had a great many animals over my life, not all of them "mine" but all of them loved. Each one has had an individual personality rife with little quirks and attitudes that occasionally needed adjusting like a misbehaving toddler. Currently, I have two cats and they are....well, they certainly make my life interesting. Half of the time when I get on my computer one or both will decide to use my desk as a road and, while they've learned not to sit on the keyboard, they will stop and sit in front of me. This leads to a lot of me having to peer over or around whomever it is while trying to urge him to move (they're both boys). The little one is certainly the more vocal and I can always tell when he's the one meowing due to the pitch and certain sounds only he makes. What can I say, he has his own voice. I was reminded sharply of that today when I had to put the two of them in the car while our house was shown to potential buyers. He hates the carrier, he hates going in the car, and he would prefer to be left to his own devices in his (our) room. And he's not afraid to let the world know he's unhappy. I've heard him "talk" before, and the other one, too, sometimes it sounds like they're saying "mom" or "mommy". But today, the little one outdid himself. After I got in the car with cat #2, he was still listing his grievances to the universe and suddenly he let out with "no/not go". I swear, not lying, not making it up. It was very clear. I was a combination of surprised, amused, and heartbroken, so I told him we weren't going anywhere, we just had to sit in the car for a little bit. He did quiet down after that and didn't make anymore noise until I got him back inside. I'm still sitting here like (At least he hasn't picked up my more colorful vocabulary ) Ever heard one of your pets speak human? Do they have any interesting quirks or habits? Share your pet-nanigans, I'd love to hear about them! ^__^