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  1. I still don't really like how thin he's gotten, but for now I will just wait and see. Once I've got a job again I'll be sure to get him to the vet.
  2. Ugh, yea, the budget thing. That's part of why I haven't taken one of my babies to the vet yet. Until I secure a job, I just don't have the funds to take him and pay all of my bills. I'd really like to take him, if only to be told he's fine just maybe has some allergies. My mom came in the room the other night and he started sneezing and coughing some, told my mom he wasn't doing it until she came in. So we think part of his problem is that he's allergic to dogs (which wouldn't surprise me since he didn't start doing the sneezing/congestion thing until we moved back in with my parents).
  3. *hugs Mog*
  4. Excellent! XD
  5. Yea, she will. We all will. Perhaps another kitty will enter your life.
  6. *hugs* Thanks, Sim. My mom is definitely taking it the hardest. It was weird going out into the living room today and not seeing him on the couch.
  7. I've had my energy change direction on me before, and I can make it change direction on my own, so I know about what you're describing. I can't say my main aspect is dormant now, just refocused. It was the renewed interest and subsequent research in things relating to the other that caused the shift. The retrograde is just interfering with my ability to sync with it like I normally would. Honestly, the hindrances act almost like a funnel that's also a bit of a maze and you have to find the best way to filter through and narrow things down. If I were to spend a little more time on that I might be having more luck, but I'm too mentally drained right this moment.
  8. Mostly what I got out of that is that you've had to do some more in-depth self-exploration. Would that be correct? I haven't tried to use any of my decks during this time but with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse energy and Friday 13th, I decided to do a couple of spells. Oddly enough, I felt the energy from them pretty clearly, I just have to wait for them to start working. Today has been a bust with the loss of one of our dogs, so I'm just trying to work through that, but the retrograde activity has definitely been interesting. Some part of me that went inactive has become the dominant thing again and I've really been trying hard to work with that energy. It's just been a struggle since it feels like there's a bit of a disconnect. Or rather, I think it would be better to say that it feels like the energy around me, the energy that isn't mine, is hindering me.
  9. It would seem that the last month-ish and the next month-ish involve a whole lot of planets going retrograde. I'm curious to know how everyone else has been coping with all of this mixed up energy. I've developed a renewed interest in some topics due to school-related things, and that has called a part of myself back out, unfortunately it's been a struggle to do anything about it. Any tips, tricks, etc for dealing with it?
  10. I really wish I had some thoughts on this for you. The only thing I can think of is a dream my mom told me about years ago in which she lived as part of a clan in a steppes type of land. She mentioned there were definite signs of a cataclysm and a previous way of life, such as the remains of an observatory or something like that. So it's not outside the realm of possibility to dream about potential future lives, whether on this planet or another one very similar.
  11. Chocolate, tea, coffee, pretty much anything with caffeine in it can help with migraines. Most migraine medications (like Excedrin) are actually just acetaminophen and caffeine.
  12. Earlier today my mom woke me up to ask if I wanted to go with them to the vet. One of our dogs, Atticus, has been suffering from bone cancer for the last couple of months and today they decided it was time to say goodbye. Within an hour of getting up this morning, I said farewell and watched his suffering come to an end. He's somewhere on the other side, across the Rainbow Bridge, playing with the others who've blessed our lives. I'm going to miss you, Atty, but I'm glad you're not hurting anymore.
  13. How about I made a whole batch just for you, oh Glorious Cookie Inspector :P There's another batch for everyone else and I'm still taking flavor requests!
  14. The short answer for me is that I agree with Simara and Mog. You can't push someone to wake up or talk about it. My mom is...something, I'm not sure what exactly but I suspect a possible hybrid, and getting her to open up spiritually to the metaphysical has been an on-going thing for years. We've never broached the kin subject because I know she's not ready and because I don't really want to talk about it myself. I think she can see that I am something more but she's clouded by her upbringing and beliefs. It's hard for her to accept some things and I don't want to push her. People have to awaken and accept their truth on their own, you can only advise if they ask for you to help. I've certainly had people who tried to tell me what I am and make me feel like I needed to rely on them for discovering myself and figuring everything out. It's a bad situation to be in, very toxic and abusive. If your co-worker brings it up, then by all means talk about it, but until then just...see how things go. Like Simara said, some kin do no want to be awake, they would rather sleep. It can be painful to be awake for some of us.