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My name is Nathan, but I prefer to go by Navorus, Navorik, Dalunir, Rathenmedus or Nathaniel, in order of preference.

I love to draw, play videogames and Magic The Gathering. Lately I've begun a very spiritual path that has segregated me from most of my previous influences, such as my family who could not adapt to who I was becoming and old friends I thought were close but began to distance themselves from me, one by one, until I now only have a close-knit web of people I trust.

I grew up in a restrictive Christian household, but I felt the call of mysticism since I was born. They disliked it heavily and both family and church have tried to cull it out of me, but I was meant for it. I spent many years being a bitter Pagan before I became reconnected to the divine, snapping me out of a horrible life style when I heard their voice. 

I believe in Christ because I have felt him in my life and he works through me, but I have also heard and learn from Athena, when I am close to the waters I feel my connection to Poseidon and I am learning to feel and live in the heartbeat of Gaia, with beings like Ganesha helping me to break the restrictions I have in my heart.

These are as equally real to me as anything I've experienced and with my connections to the Earth, and Gaia as a result, growing, I've come to terms with the idea that there is no true name for what I am. No simple label and in truth, I hate labels very much.

All people want to do is this day and age is ask for one shred of detail and they think that they can categorize you, that they know who you are from a single interaction and no further. No, not me. I cannot provide such information, for I do not even have it myself. I am simply me, living in a relationship with the immense living and breathing entity that is the Theos, my word for the whole of the Divine, that has shown me many faces and continues to influence my life in everything I do.

Aside from my spiritual life, I hope to make a career one day of writing books and poems. I love to cook and have fancied the idea of making a recipe book at some point. But not just cook mind you, I practice Frankenstein-isms in the kitchen >;D , demented concoctions of ingredients, flavors and other things that not necessarily should be mixed. Some of them come with amazing results...others, well, I enjoy them usually, but I can't say the same for my guinea pigs.

I'm always open to making new friends, preferably not enemies if at all avoidable, unless its in philosophical debates, then have at me. I tend to get very protective for those I call my family and friends, sometimes to an extreme. Blood is everything to me and it's worth it to me to protect.

I'm 6 feet tall, my favorite food is just about anything that tastes good, my musical tastes bleed between metal, rock, jazz, electronic and folk, in the Chinese Zodiac, I'm a monkey, Cancer for the Astrological Zodiac which makes my birth element Water, ruby for my birth stone, larkspur my flower and my birth tree is Holly.

I am still new to the concept of Otherkin and that this is apparently a relatively new phenomenon. It makes me happy that there are those like me, because ever since I was young I was aware that I was not completely human. In my spirit, I experience and live through a variety of things. I am unsure if that makes me a polymorph or not, but I have felt and worked with parts of me that show the effect of Dryads, Tigers, Spiders, in my mind's eye I see myself moving between these forms and I seem to integrate others, leading me to believe I am some kind of shifter, but the largest portion of me, shown by my higher self, is Draconic energy, connected heavily to my Root chakra; the essence of earthly fire in spirit.

If there's anything else you want to know about me, and I deem you have the security clearance to know, message me about it.

Blessed be, namaste, au vedere che, au revoir and good-bye!