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  1. I tend to tell only those I get good enough vibes from. As for dating Otherkin, I can't relate because so few people understand me this way, but just last night a partner and I had a night of soul searching...with a happy ending. She has the drive of a rabbit, but she's come to an interesting revelation that she was once Mer-kin and we're comfortable enough we might put a ring on it. She hasnt said no to my proposal either <3 {Swwwoooon}
  2. I've been leary of fictionkin from personal experience, but it's beyond me to judge if they should be here or not. As long as we all get along and are constructive about it, then I'm for it.
  3. Very cool. To amend what I've previously said, I've learned I have many names because my consciousness is divided into several seperate other beings. Yaakovana is my Celestial side who is actually a walk-in, not my original soul. Xana or Xanarathos, is my original soul. The long of the short is he's is believed to be a child of Loki and Bastet. He once was a container for all my negative energy until he was forced into the negative realms for his existence. Yaakovana was sent to recover him from a wish granted Yutril. Yutril is a personification of my bodies intelligence. That includes genetic memory and my subconscious. He's, effectively, not a soul, but a construct that is conscious of his own existence. They were once called Nameless, and he was until he was actually named, ironically, by himself. He is a product of psychological trauma. Tiger lives beside Yutril, but her soul is simply instinct and animal intents that fosters a deep connection to the Fae world. She is something in my genetics. Either a family member once became a felinthrope, was a felinthrope or some process exposed me to becoming one. It could also be a psychological remnant from when I was homeless and latched onto the other personalities for cohesion. Then you have Rathmos, who is a state of mind when all of us and our parts work towards the same accord with no objections. Rathmos is almost fully androgynous and usually only appears in meditation or our spellwork. Hope that was interesting and made sense.
  4. Then you know, who have enough knowledge to know that absolutely everything that grows has some form of regenerating genetic structure, aka DNA. Rocks even have them, its just more enviromentally created rather than grown. We can prove we share the same DNA with bananas and all sorts of things. DNA works, to put simply, like different blocks of parts that all can be interchanged, whether by evolution or lab tests, that are then scanned by a fax machine so I.T. can get to work on making it. Just like spare parts, junk DNA may not be used, but is broken down by the body to make them into different segments. I just recently came to the conclusion that my "Tigerness" and she who lives beside me, is part of the soul as a development of both survival and habitutation (licking my wound, biting my nails, avoiding dog-like people, etc), not from one of my previous lives or connected to my original soul. As a side by side comparison, my father strikes as the more cat-like. But it could be my mother too. Which if I'm correct, some time in my ancestery, one of us may have interbred with humans or was passed a felinthropic disease. What can do that? Rabbies. I can solve how animal humans are a complete and total possibility.
  5. As long as the source is trustworthy and editing is minimalistic at best, just to fix grammar errors and such, than I suppose that could also work. As a side note, Reddit seems to be an interesting place. Not exactly what I'm thinking of, but they have an Otherkin board on there I'm looking through.
  6. Agreed. So, we'd need a blog platform that allows for multiple people to post, but not just anyone. It'd have to be privileged people who can make the posts. I'll do some digging and see which blogs could support that...based on it's reputation and my own experiences, we should probably avoid Tumblr unless its our best option.
  7. It's not a bad idea by any measure. Question is where you want to put this blog.
  8. Blogging, Youtube, etc. is going to run into all the same problems that any platform does. Much like social activism, voices need to be heard on things. Freedom of Speech, unfortunately, doesn't mean that we have freedom from what discrimination comes our way. Tribes dealt with it, different races deal with it all the time and the LGBTQ arguably get more still right now than we do. We have to live with it and be graceful under fire. Issues like this one is what I hope to address at some point. People like us don't have many resources and in the near future I hope to publish a book or two on the subject, using logic and science as best as I can to back us up, which is perfectly possible when using the right terminology. Granted it relies in the realms mostly of psychology and philosophy, but I'm confident I can tackle it. As for body modifications, with technology on the rise, there's many things that can potentially be available to us in the near future. Properly funded, there's many things I would like to do for myself to make myself more comfortable. People see the outside, but a few people are comfortable knowing who and what I truly am...might be sad to say that those same people do specific activities with me that, how we say, help open their minds about it, but regardless they affiliate me afterward and respect my existence. I am sure many can be like them someday.
  9. I wouldn't mind playing with others, s'long as things are equal in the game. I've played games with people before, like in MMOs, but I try to find ones that divide things up, because otherwise I tend to hog things ^-^; not trying to be a pain about that, I'm just too used to solo play and growth. I've been kicked from groups that typically have a "Need or Greed" system. As for the topic, I've heard of Guns of Icarus, but never looked too deep into it, but I am looking for something new to play. I'll give my gamertag to anyone who PMs :)
  10. Been trying to expand my musical knowledge of late actually. I never really appreciated the classics, but as I'm getting older, it seems like my taste in music is becoming a lot less rigid. Among them, I've been enjoying Fleetwood Mac. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Tm0nopK1BQM" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  11. Today: Currently at work. Afterwards, either play MTG, Battleborn or some other, probably, single player game. 10 Years Ago: On a Friday night? I think I was still playing D&D with my cousins at that time. That or my bff. If not, I was probably on Gaia Online or Xat, being a lurker on 4chan or watching anime. 20 Years Ago: Might've had a sleep over with a cousin at our grandmother's house. We usually played Yu-Gi-Oh or whatever video games were available at the time. 30 Years Ago: Blurry at best. Long before conception. Have no idea if I was somebody else, doing something important or if I was floating around in the Aether.
  12. Nope. Nu-huh.
  13. Right about the sleep study. Not the riddle xD should've answered on that.
  14. There actually are countries to incentivize nap breaks. Science has said before that a nap between 15-20 minutes can help productivity and refresh the mind. They've also been proven to help fight insomnia, dementia and reduce stress. So go you, lol Also, on the topic of Bloodborne, if you want to level up easily, you can do one of two things. The first is running, ignoring everything you see, getting past the mobs and up the stairs to the right to the Cleric beast. Encountering it gives you the first Insight needed to start leveling. The less pain ful way is dropping to the left overhang after the first mob, before the brick hole at the doors. Run past the dogs and into the cathedral. Carefully drop down the two floors and there are rats. They're easy enough to kill. At the end of row of boats, a corpse holds a Madmans Knowledge that will give you Insight as well. May the good blood guide your way!