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  1. Thwart lie detection methods* Oh yeah, theft of memory! Believe it!
  2. Not at all :) I'll break it piece by piece. 1. I hold you close. Human memory is beautiful, but also terrible. Memory holds our good memories and our own bad ones. Most aren't aware just how much our motor-functions are dependant on memory, mostly muscle-memory ingrained by repetition, but is retained by subconscious memory. Forgetting key things is the line between a reasonably healthy person and someone who is permanently disabled, hence with diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. 2. I show you the way. Most are only tentatively aware how much memory affects one's personality. People who have experienced trauma however, are much more aware of this path, because with trauma, one's whole mind and personality are affected. This is good and bad. A person with a lot of good memories and good events in their lives may be more subject to a more peaceful or relatively non-violent life. People with excessive trauma and emotional difficulties, are drawn to darker paths. That's the generalization of it, not the rule. 3. Some call me a liar, but you know the truth. I can't be made to testify, but everyone calls me into question. These two statements were purposefully built in to reinforce the nature of memory. Depending on one's own capacity for their memories, as well as the receptiveness and memory of their peers, one may find themselves being reliable or unreliable. It's a very slippery slope. People often taken advantage of a lack of memory for specific details that they believe pertinent when others don't and decide that you do not remember anything, when the opposite is true. In most court systems, an eyewitness account is not reliable without evidence and sometimes multiple eyewitness accounts become too conflicting and can be entirely ruled out. 5.If I am not your friend, I can only be your enemy. What am I? Human memory is faulty. It's prone to damage and disease. Trauma can have a lasting impact, even altering one's own memory to suit their condition and their experiences. There's also well known phenomenon, when people lie consistently enough about a specific detail, they can convince themselves it is the truth and can thwart theft detecting methods. Then you have people like us. People with internal mental issues. Issues that tell us that we are something else, that we have memories of events and lives that we shouldn't. On paper it's fantasy and disease. To the people who experience this, it's something more and any combination of these things can either make a person indestructible in their resolve or can make them distrust themselves so much, they can't even trust their memories. Case and point, I have many of these issues and believe in my past lives and my Kin-self being revealed, but I distrust my short-term memory so much from experience, I'll do a task I've already done simply to make sure it's down. Locking my car three to four times to be sure I locked it or if a person double checks my work, I'll know I've already done it, but I'll still go back once, maybe twice to be sure I in fact did it. Hope that clarifies :) Swing and a miss xD
  3. Very well. Hmn... I can be deep and I can be shallow. A poison to the youthful, a panacea for the old. I am as arrogant, as you are intelligent. What am I?
  4. Lol, nope I see that quite clearly xD Alright, you guys are throwing darts, which has been funny, but I think it's time I just give the answer xD It is..........Memory.
  5. Nope.
  6. Are they? I'll have to look into that some time. I've never really seen a difference from what I can remember in my lucid states, but anything is possible I suppose. Alas, no lol I'd recommend re-reading it if you haven't and trying again.
  7. She'll get it... ...eventually lol xD I'm gonna give you a hint and say it's right next door.
  8. I'm glad to see that my riddle is quite puzzling xD perhaps a little too much so, but that's the best kind. Alas. Tis not the correct answer.
  9. You're getting hotter! xD
  10. I'll be fair and say that it is related to the mind. So once again, close, but no cigar!
  11. So, an interesting event occurred last night, where I got to experience my true self in the dream world. Normally, I don't dream. Very rarely do I experience the sensation of consciously dreaming, even rarer for me to go lucid and take control, but last night, these two things happened. I don't recall what exactly transpired before hand. I remember getting in a fight with other people, being followed, something about being hunted. Towards the end of the dream, I had been locked into an almost perfectly square and empty room. At the far side of the room, sections of the wall moved towards me, reacting how I moved. Protruding from the sections of wall that moved towards me were two-inch rail segments that held razors that blurring back and forth from extreme movement. It was a death trap room and I did my best to avoid it for as long as I could, but eventually found myself between two sections of wall. I tried to squeeze in the empty space between them, but the empty space was quickly filled in response to my effort and I found my body pressed against the wall. I felt the razors cutting into my flesh, making an imperfect grid on my body as I was being pressed against the wall to my back, which opened its own sections with these blades as well. I was going to die this way, slowly being cut and crushed to death. I could feel my body compressing and when I was close to feeling the sensation of being popped, I transformed. I can't describe it any better, as it happened very quickly, almost in a snap, going from my human image to that of my inner-self. I became truly aware of what was going on now. Up until this point I was still in an observational mode, but when I shifted into my form, I became lucid in the dream state. Though I was still pinned to the wall, I was aware that the walls couldn't crush me, straining to do so and the blades weren't cutting me anymore, only having been a minor annoyance at this point. I remained pinned to the wall, hoping that I would've been let out eventually, before awakening. As someone with next to no experience with being in the lucid state, this was wondrous for me and I carry it in the waking world. It was an amazing sensation to be aware of and wanted to share this with others. Also, I wanted to ask if anyone knew how to consistently get into this lucid dreaming state and wanted to ask if anyone wanted to share their own experiences. Thanks for reading and commenting! :)
  12. One of you...is getting close xD
  13. I was half asleep doing that Dx I'm an idiot. I am sorry!
  14. Nope on both accounts, but you're close!
  15. That sounds reasonable. Sorry I've been away. Diablo 3 has been taking over my life xD