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  1. I take it this is from a psychological or spiritual point of view? From a metaphysical point of view during past life regression meditations I do not breathe fire. I am more of a hybrid if I had to take a look at my UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) Therefore I have seen myself during said meditations swimming, and dabbling with water. Also, manipulating the winds (with my wings) whenever I was in mid-flight and being followed.
  2. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil – Used for restlessness, and calming. Geranium Essential Oil – Helps release negative memories. Uplifting yet relaxing. Lavender Essential Oil - Eases stress, one of the most studied plants for creating relaxation. Marjoram Essential Oil - Herb of Happiness. Supports a healthy nervous system*. Vetiver Essential Oil – Very grounding. Bergamot Essential Oil – Calming and uplifting. Jasmine Essential Oil - Uplifting and relaxing. Tangerine Essential Oil - Calming, eases trauma and drama of past especially childhood. Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis) is elevating to the mind and body and brings joy and peace. Melissa or Lemon Balm Essential Oil – Releases negative emotions of the heart. Calming and settling. Neroli Absolute – Very relaxing helps us to stay present. Uplifting. These are all essential oils. It helps relieve anxiety, stress, and some can rid of negative emotions and help to ground energies. I think most listed here can help anyone ease things and help one ground themselves. I personally use Orange; Citrus Essential Oils.
  3. Energy that does not serve you? As in stagnant energies? Well, for me I typically ground myself using the simple visualization techniques to do so, as well as, using stones. I have black tourmaline. Also I tend to use citrus essential oils. As for recuperating I can have troubles doing this due to my nature of being a psi-vampire. My chakras are already kinda screwy, and so I tend to take from the elements that correspond to me both in body and spirit: Water. ((I'm a Scorpio. I have a connection to Poseidon. And if my past memories are right as I do believe in the concepts of past lives/reincarnation)) I also work with the stone Blue Kyanite in this regard because it helps your chakras. And for me most energy works feel draining to me due to my nature again. So, I have a bit of downtime by simply resting and trying to take it easy. I do love whenever it storms because I can draw in energies from there as well.
  4. Tired, But Awake