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  1. Chocolate or tea helps with headaches, but neither have enough of the active ingredient to stop a migraine ^^;
  2. Been hooked on this as of late https://youtu.be/ebILIKHi9wo
  3. I would love to but I only have the xbox one x and switch ^^; though if anyone wants my contact info for those poke me. I'm still around just quiet because I'm swamped with all the pain in the ass courses since things are coming to a close. (PC also ofc but mines kinda old and not optimized for gaming)
  4. I would but I will be getting it on xbox if I do decide to invest in that game ^^;
  5. Question! Since I'm going to bed at midnight apparently, can i bring friends? -smiles innocently- Drake
  6. He wont repeal obamacare for awhile he will stop its growth so it slows the national debt increase but he cant drop it right away. When obamacare was created it caused a huge amount of damage to the insurance companies that previously were supporting all those people who switched. If obamacare goes there's nothing for those people as the companies cant take them back because they lost to much money to insure them. So the national debt will continue to grow for awhile yet. We have to do something about the illegals though. They are putting a massive strain on the economy, they funnel money out of the US economy, they use our infrastructure but have not paid for its use (this includes police and fire department and medical care), and they are a security risk. The protests are okay a bit late but they can say what they want. The funny thing is when they started rioting they damaged a Bank of America building... Bank of America supported Hillery XD made me smile. I have always been a bit of an isolationist so if the UN thinks it doesn't need us then that's fine i guess
  7. Sorry im a hunter for life XD Wish i would have bought it late because then my opinion of the game would be much better im sure :/
  8. @Jalyndre Hey never said your idea is bad. My views are different that is all ^^ I do hope that you can get one of those houses. I kinda feel like typing up all my environmental views now XD Drake
  9. If the party has alcohol I'm already a little ahead of everyone else... -nudges an empty bottle with his claw- @Rathenmedus Yeah the protagonist seemed like a douche but i feel like the story would probably show that as a coping mechanism for something or perhaps something would happen throughout the game that brought him back down to earth. Though i did like the headphones idea XD it would make sense in the game then as to why when a boss fight happens that you get an epic soundtrack XD I play a little neverwinter only have a lv 70 Dragonborn paly though. Havent gotten the stronghold to lv 12 to get the endgame gear so im still stuck at tier 2 I loved destiny even though they released it unfinished i gave up after the 2nd expansion and almost $250 into it. Great game potential and from what i understand is now its a full fledged game, but when a game company treats its fan-base like that i wont buy their products which is a shame. Besides the sliding thing (looks so silly) it has some of the best gun-play of any FPS, Ubisoft is about to cross that threshold as well they promise great games and they deliver the features they promise but so unpolished it feels like they never even tested it...watchdogs << i had that reserved for almost 2 years then it comes out... and your car cant jump a curb without glitching out and godforbid you hit another vehicle your car will get stuck inside of it... complete lack of loyalty to their fans Ghost Recon: Wildlands will be their last chance to redeem themselves for me. (The Crew was also garbage) Nothing wrong with your opinion its your opinion you can do with it what you want XD The problem arises when people either take offense to the opinion (which is dumb in most cases) or when the person giving the opinion markets it as fact. @Demovora Cain @DrakensonofDrakonis Thank you for your concern ^^ I was a little worried but i knew he would be fine, i was more worried about how it would affect him but seems mostly positive because hes getting the help he needs. He just gets on xbox and bitches the whole time about his appointments XD pretty entertaining my new greeting for him is "you get stabbed today?" (needles x.x) Drake
  10. @DrakensonofDrakonis Well said i was going to say something along the same lines XD I would like to add that Obama completely neglected the countries infrastructure, blackouts, roads with potholes big enough to park my car in, ageing waterlines, bridges that cant pass inspection and cant be repaired due to lack of funding. (yea people have died because of bridges collapsing here) I get that its not glorious but its a part of what keeps a country running and its citizens safe.
  11. I have... PS 1 PS 2 PSP Genesis Nintendo Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 Wii u GB Color 3ds xbox (burned in the fire) Xbox 360 Xbox one Commodore 64 (somewhere) Panasonic 3DO Computer ofc :P I mostly play xbox but i have the wii for games like rune factory, monster hunter, SSB, mario kart, and such. Nintendo always has gems even if they don't pump out games like the other consoles and i will be getting the switch. I moved from PS to Xbox when i started seeing PS no longer taking risks and innovating. PS has started trying again however and i have to give kudos to them for 4k on consoles and VR. ^^ I'm excited for Project Scorpio, and I'm interested to see how the console wars plays out in the near future because developing for PS will be much more expensive now then just putting games on Xbox and PC.
  12. @Mog True but i was only joking as the drones use a combination GPS and a downward facing camera to locate a landing site. It would confuse the drone if that target happened to be airborne XD
  13. true enough, i would just join the enclave and get myself some Tesla advanced power armor as i have an obsession with energy weapons. I still like the T-60 model though and they did have a tesla version of the armor in Fallout 4 so i wouldn't mind having that. hell mount tesla compactors on raider powerarmor and i would take it XD Favorite weapon would be a gauss rifle and a laser rifle (i like plasma rifles too but lasers seem to work best)
  14. @Rhannan Cid had Highwind XD he may be silly but he knows how to travel. i just leveled the whole party enough to do the split party missions then when i had access to high lv mobs i would just take them out with one of my max lv chars and just one shot the mobs with magic till they all caught up... it was slowish but was way faster then trying to lv them all up on mobs of their lv.
  15. Of the new pokemon i liked Salazzle and Kommo-o. Fav pokimon would be Salamance and Charizard... despite their awful stats XD Favorite Characters will be rough... Favorite hero: The Undead... He never speaks, has lost everything his family his home and even his humanity and is ready to die plenty of times when i make a slip up XD (Dark Souls) Favorite antihero: Big Boss (the one in phantom pain... i cant explain it without spoilers) Favorite non human character: Ventuswill because she is probably the character i laughed at most during the course of a game and yet felt the worse for as the story progressed, i might have gotten some dust in my eye at certain points of the story. *sniffs* << doesn't hurt that she is a dragon either :P and I'm still mad she wasn't a marriageable character in the game XD PLAY RUNE FACTORY 4! YOU WILL UNDERSTAND!... -pouts- Favorite folower/side character: Grunt... without a doubt... because of this-> (ME) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDmSY_58b00 Favorite follower for combat ability? Quiet... it was like i didn't even need to be there XD (MGS: phantom pain) Favorite Summon: Bahamut before FF15. 15s bahamut was the only complaint i really had about the game other then it being relatively short. 14s was probably the best looking Favorite Vehicle: The Highwind (FFVII) Favorite in game army: Imperial Guard. The galaxy is a dangerous place in Warhammer 40k orks, demons, dark magic, bugs that threaten to devour all life and most of the time the only ones there to stop them is the Imperial guard. They also have the Baneblade << I think I will stop it there XD Drake