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  1. Hope you are well friend. I have not been nearly as active as I would've liked, but I hope things are smooth for you. Blessed be.

  2. Congratulations! I know what it's like to finish completion of a major novel project, it seems so odd when you finally get there. I wish you the best of success with its release! -Snowy
  3. Tea

    I haven't gotten to try pine needle tea, but it is something I hope to do someday. I'm a major tea fan, and have found it can be a great way to explore the world and its many cultures. I'm sorry to hear that you do not have a great selection in your country. I often have to special order my brand as well, as it is more native to England than America. First World Tea Problems, I suppose. :P -Snowy
  4. Tea

    I've never had Catnip tea. It sounds interesting, I'll have to keep an eye out for it. As for African Tea Mix, I'm pretty sure that's Rooibos, Or Bush Tea, It may help you find it in stores. -Snowy
  5. I am a big fan of modification and the concept of morphological freedom. That is, that everyone has the right to customize themselves as they wish. As such, I am all for seizing on what methods I have available to get closer to my my truest self. As for me, I have a number of Tattoos currently, and am working on sleeving each arm, as well as tattooing my Chest and Back working into an extensive mural that showcases both my true life and this existence of shadow. In addition, I'm seriously considering getting implant receivers for whiskers at the outer corner of of either eyebrow, but I want to make sure I can get the look I want before I commit. I see no value in leaving the form I'm contained in stock. My attitude is, if they didn't want me to decorate the walls and modify it as I wish, then they shouldn't have stuck me here in the first place. :P -Snowy
  6. It was very close to being overwhelming.
  7. Most of my memories from my true life surround my home forest, however there is one that has always stood out. My Lady and I would travel, from place to place, but one of the only memories I have of those travels is The City Of White. It's a most usual feature in a field of memories dominated by the natural, and so it has always stuck out, especially as mystery. It seemed to be carved out of the top part of a mountain. Not just into it, think, the whole top of a mountain being carved into the shape needed. A large temple in stair step pyramidal form being the central piece of the city. The rest of the city spread out, on these levels around the temple like structure. It was topped by a small rectangular room. What was unusual was how monotonous the color scheme was. Everything in this city was White, the same shade of white, or clear. People wore white clothes, and everything seemed to shine. The roads were white brick, posts were clear like crystal. It was surreal. I remember sitting on the steps and looking up at Her as we moved down away from the top of the structure. I've never encountered anyone that could tell me much about it, so I thought I would post it here. I'd love to hear what you guys think. Thank you! -Snowy
  8. Good morning everyone! 

  9. I've been a sucker for Disney my entire life, I admit, but Zootiopia looks like something special to me. I love the idea of a diverse community of different animal types all working together to form one society. It's a most intriguing idea, and it seems, would carry a bit more freedom, potentially, for those of us that are Kin. Fun things to dream about. There's also the potential I may be biased towards the main character, just a bit :P Anyhow... Here is the trailer
  10. Tea

    I start my day, near everyday, with Mint Green Tea from Twinnings. It's one of my favorite things.

  11. Some music for the masses. :) 

  12. I'm in the chat room, and having a great conversation. :) 

    1. Claudius Cass

      Claudius Cass

      Its ballin' in the party van.

  13. I am not the greatest fans of humans as whole. Misanthropy has always made a lot of sense to me. As a whole, the species seems to be on the wrong track. Divided, hateful, indifferent, apathetic, and focusing on fictions to the exclusion of reality. (money is more important to many then caring for each other, the earth, etc.) However, where my misanthropy stalls is with individuals. While, as a whole, humanity is on the wrong track; it's a very different story with certain individuals among them. For all the darkness the greater gestalt of the species seems to engender on this good earth, there are still many individual humans that seems to care deeply and be fighting against this general darkness. It's a complicated place to be ethically, because the diffuse points of light within the greater human darkness show their potential, all the while clearly demonstrating how far they have to go and the seeming impossibility of such a feat. This is just one Hare's opinion, ultimately, their future will be decided by their continued actions, and the patience of the Gods. -Snowy
  14. I'm not quite sure where I fit on the spectrum. I normally call myself Otherkin instead of Therian because my origins are supernatural even though I am a hare.