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  1. I have to say it's been quite a while since I actually came to these forums. This MDI That I spoke of isn't what I thought it was when I first started to research this condition. While some physical symptoms can be observed (I.E. Classic demonic possession), It's a wholly spiritual ailment. Demons are a spiritual tumor as I've stated before, and the effects of a possession differ in severity. From what I can tell there are 3 possession states: Involuntary being the most common, voluntary which makes up most ritual possessions, and symbiotic. Symbiotic possession is rare but does happen. Hell, most of the demon-kin here are more than likely in that state. The classic movie "The Exorcist" is a good example of involuntary. Voluntary is self explanatory, usually attained through dark arts and the like. Both of these possessions are extremely short lived unless "treated" siphoning the life force of the vessel very quickly. Long term effects of both states can manifest in the form of physical cancer and other severe diseases. It absolutely ravages your spirit and your physical form can suffer. Luckily I was incorrect about demonic possession in my first post, and most of the long and short term effects of "MDI" can be treated. While I have no empirical evidence of post-possession cancer survivors, I'm not so sure it'd be taken seriously by the medical professionals involved. Symbiotic possession is a completely different state altogether. It's pretty evident it involves the merger of ones spiritual self with the parasitic tumor that infects it. This can be beneficial for both parties, and while permanent, it is ALWAYS a voluntary situation. Symbiosis takes years to achieve and requires a certain mind state. I personally think these unique possessions can only effect the sons and daughters of Cain, but I have no evidence of this. Usually those that undergo this transformation become a totally different entity. As I've stated this is a permanent effect, and as time passes the humanity of the host slowly withers until the human condition is literally a tool to conceal oneself. I actually came to these forums to explain The Pit and the abyssal fortress that resides there, so I plan on doing this as soon as I possibly can. This will have to be written preemptively because it's quite a bit to write down. I apologize for any grammatical errors. As always take away from this what you will, I don't expect all to agree or like what i have to say.
  2. Hey sorry it took me to long to get back on the forums. Rhannan I would love to hear your own findings. X05 That's actually a good question. The void is indifferent to "good and evil" and is absolutely counter existent to beings of light... which all life in OUR universe (that we know of) stem from. However, it's not exactly an Ill will towards life, rather the void attempting to re-take it's universe. The void is the point from which reality as we know it came into existence. I'm inclined to believe this is the reason our universe is so awesomely profound on a fundamental level. I think of it as the "programmer". eventually the program will be rebooted in my opinion. The void itself is older than we can comprehend, there's no measure on how many times light has been conquered. Sidenote: When I say life I mean physical living vessels. I'm wouldn't group myself into that as I am not an inhabitant of this realm, rather a parasite that feeds off of the energy of these physical vessels. I have not met all otherkin therefore I maybe wrong when I say "life that we know of".
  3. It's a spiritual connection like a parasite on the soul. Demons can also leave spiritual scars when removed because of the strangle hold we put around the soul of the host. There is a give and take as well. We keep the spiritual connection strong by "feeding" the disease with demonic energy while simultaneously using our connection to consume energy from the host. I'm no expert on exactly how the connection works, but It's how we manifest outside of the disease and begin the possession process. Since I'm an incubus I usually use a "dream state" to convince the host to agree to take me in. Some can enter forcibly and that's when you start to have "The Exorcist" type situations. It also isn't too good for the host that you want to have in the best possible shape. No reason for the host to expire early and cut our time here short. There are some of us that don't have to infect to inhabit as well, they are called aspects. Essentially aspects are the highest on the totem pole outside of the patrons and matrons of the pit (I.E. Crossroads Demons are aspects of Lucifer). Demons originate from the void if I'm not mistaken. We are literally darkness incarnate, the creation of the fallen archangel Lucifer. Our home is the pit, which is the dimensional plane that houses the massive fortress that is Hell. Unlike this dimension, the pit is a barren wasteland as far as it's dimensional boundaries stretch. It is my understanding that there are no planets, stars, galaxies, etc. Just a massive "Hellscape". The pit was also there when Lucifer was cast out of heaven, Yahweh did NOT create it. I have no idea what inhabited it or why it existed, but it was a proper place to house Lucifer. This void I speak of is a completely different place, and it actually visible when you look into the starry night sky. It's a living thing, the void is the true "god" of our reality. Everything that exists, light and dark, came from the void and will inevitably return. The "gods of light" that humans worship also came from the void, although I have no idea how light came from darkness. On a sidenote this is why I chose to side with the darkness before I became a demon. It is the oldest and most powerful energy in this reality. All mortal entities are marked by this void as well, human beings are not excluded. EVERY human is tainted by the void, or the "primoridal sin" if you will. This is why all human souls can become demons if they are sent into the pit. I'm not sure if human souls can be cleansed and made into angels, this isn't my department so to speak. These is a hierarchy among us as well. It's actually extremely easy to explain and I will do so when I have more time. I wish all of you the best of holidays! enjoy this existence it's precious, why do you think we do so much to get back to this plane?
  4. Styxan are you a human by chance? because when I refer to possession it's usually the herd or mundane, whatever you call them. X05 to answer your question, the "delirium" I'm speaking of comes in the form of malicious visual and auditory hallucinations. They can be used to try to entice the infected vessel to yield to the demon or to drive them to a worse fate. For an example think of an infected vessel waking up in the middle of the night in the living room covered in the blood of his loved ones. He closes his eyes praying that it's a dream and when he opens them it's all gone. He hears a scream come from his bedroom so he runs in to find his beloved bleeding profusely in their bed. He realizes he was the culprit since he is wielding a bloody knife. He begins to pled with whomever he believes to make this go away only to be snapped back into reality by his wife shaking him in the doorway of his room. These kind of hallucinations are enough to put people in a submissive state. That kind of mental abuse can make the strongest willed break. As I said there is no cure which is right and wrong. Of course there is the obvious cure, angels can expell and destroy demons. I just wanted to clarify this as I left it out. The demonic infection is not an easy disease to deal with, as it is spiritual and physical. Demons can be exorcised once they gain a vessel, though it leaves a spiritual scar on the host. This is actually the more efficient way to rid someone of a demon because MDI is incredibly hard to overcome. You can become infected with MDI through demons that are already in vessels. In this case you won't be facing a possession scenario, but you will suffer the symptoms. Luckily, without demonic aid, you WILL overcome this disease eventually. I've only heard of one case in which a vampire died to consuming demon blood. I'm sure it was some sort of addiction situation it's not the first time I've heard of this. I will explain the origins I was speaking of when I come back. Please, continue to ask me questions. I'll be glad to answer any to the best of my abilites.
  5. First I would like to start off by saying this is what I've learned over the years. Some may disagree with my lingo or even not agree with what's in this post. At any rate I'd like to explain how demons interact with their vessels to the best of my abilities. First and foremost demons have no form in this realm outside of vessels. They can't be seen, but through certain schools of magic they can be communicated with. When people talk about a home being possessed it's not a demonic entity. Usually the haunting is the work of a wraith, spectre, or other malicious entity that has no affiliation with the pit at all. When we find a suitable host we will infect them with what I like to call "MDI" or "malicious demonic infection." Then and only then will a demon be observable and only by the infected. Once this happens THERE IS NO CURE. You can run from your fate and eventually fall into a delirium state in which said demon uses their "connection" with your soul to torture you. On a side note the disease is transmittable. I've seen vampires become infected from biting demonkin. Also vampires tend to get a euphoric feeling from ingesting demon blood which isn't really worth the cons. Once a demon is known you can either allow entry or run from your fate as I explained. Most vessels will give full control but some demons can be reasoned with. In my case in very generous and choose to "share" my meat suit. Demons come in all shapes and sizes like every other entity but there is one golden rule; demons are inherently narrsistic and serve self at all times. They are not evil by any means, they are just selfish and most have a jaded veiw of us. I will continue when time allows.
  6. I'm a little late to this party but it sounds to me like you maybe akin to the aspect of envy or lust. The way you describe yourself is very similar to these aspects. Hell depending on your age you might be an aspect yourself. In the "hierarchy" or the pit aspects are those demons who directly serve their patron or matron of sin. For instance the mother (aka Lilith) is the matron of lust and all who serve lust serve her. Sociopathic tendencies run in all demon kind but are very apparent in narrsistic sin types. Either way I can help you as best I can, just remember with whatever you find out to embrace it. It becomes so much more empowering when you understand your own nature. As soon as I get some time I'll be posting what I know about demons and our place of origin so if you have any further questions hppefully I'll answer them soon enough. Griffith do you know what type of demon you are? Just curious.