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  1. Nu! I want cookie
  2. You wish ;)
  3. One of my favourites now is Zenyatta from Overwatch. He has a couple nice voice lines and I love the overall theme and his abilities can be so so evil XD Also, Bard from LoL. His lore whatever little lore he has left is awesome, he looks great and his kit is also cool! ^^
  4. *takes the rest with a cookie-muffled happy meow*
  5. Then why not be like "More content yay!"
  6. *purrs louder* Khajiit loves to play with Skyrim! The air is so clear, one can see forever!
  7. *Jumps onto the comfy dragon and curls up on top of his head, purring*
  8. *walks in with a tail curled down* Well Pepsi Cat's university application is rejected, you know... I'm trying to work and study to get in next year and save some money while I'm at it...
  9. It's a videogame.
  10. Who knows the game Sacrifice? :3
  11. *no answer, just big cute kitten eyes and a meow*
  12. I moved in to the dungeon ^^
  13. The whiskers are mine! ... And you don't seem to need those scales, you shredded them
  14. Meow, just forge! I got you the ingredients!
  15. *pulls electrum, mythril, angel feathers, devil horns, a bunch of dragon scales he stole from Mog, one of his whiskers, Stalhrim ice together, and meows for attention*