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  1. Present Day: Hosting game night at my place, with probably Homecooked dinner. 10 years ago: Attending game night at my brother's place, still probably making dinner. 20 years ago: Working in the shop with my grandfather, or walking the wild woods on our mountain. 30 years ago: Being shortly pre-conception.
  2. For Rhannan's. ;) Nothing, tra-la-la.
  3. Oops, I meant, in counterpoint to Draken.
  4. @Rhannan In counterpoint to Tovah; "Nothing"?
  5. Tovah, are you a Lie?
  6. *Stomping the iron-scale off my boots and wiping free the forge grime and sweat on the hood of the ever-present grey Cloak.* Cocoa, really? It's still too hot here, and dry to boot. But, I do come bearing dandelion wine, which tastes distinctly of waking up early to mow the lawn before it gets too hot. *Drapes the cloak over the back of a chair before setting two bottles of Dandelion Wine on the table to drip condensation, and taking a seat on the hearth.*
  7. Take care of yourself first, then square away your house, then your corner of the sky.
  8. Simara! Are you in their locality? I don't expect them to ever visit us in the states, for obvious reasons, but might one day love to come see a concert in the UK.
  9. Some of you may find this to be of interest.
  10. Both good-bye, and welcome back, Simara.
  11. I'm usually home, in one way or another. It's interesting, but whenever I look at the active users page there are at least a dozen guests, often viewing topics and not just AI-ing around.
  12. I'm so sorry, Yaakov, until I received your PM, I didn't realise you were so anxiously awaiting a reply. What seems clear to me, above all, is that this "Kalisth" is an incredibly suspicious individual, if indeed it is only one individual. One can never trust the motives of anyone or anything who is cagey about their motives. The attitude of "Get this done, straight to the task, don't question me, if you're not with me you're against me" is one I would expect from a self-made cult leader. That isolationist perspective is obviously not spiritually healthy or perspicacious. It's a very common tactic for even mortal scammers- it's why the IRS scam works so well. The mind is hardwired to respond positively to figures of authority, and old things know this very well. That said, I don't think that "Kalisth" is as old as it would like you to believe. Bullying tactics amongst the truly ancient aren't merely uncommon- they're entirely unheard of. The unsubtle don't last long enough to get that old. Many beings are gifted with the Hindsight- it's nearly as common as the Foresight. "Kalisth" doesn't have to have been present in your friend's first life, for example, to be aware that someone was there to impart the knowledge of blood magick. The knowing is easy, and your friend's memory will fill the details that this entity can't making it seem believable. The grain of truth supports the creature's deception. Likewise, I don't think that "Kalisth" is as powerful as it would like you to believe. What indicates this to me is the migraines you experience in the contact. Competent mental contact doesn't cause such strain, any more than talking normally would make your ears bleed. If you're in pain, this entity is doing it on purpose. The clearest motivation for this is to induce fear- if you experience such strain from mere conversation, how could you rebel? It would surely be impossible, so, best not try. "Kalisth" doesn't seem to have given you any reason to believe its claims or to respect its authority, except for information and veiled threats. You're very close to the situation, and the personal weight makes it easier to play on your expectations. This isn't to say that it definitely isn't old or powerful- only that the evidence it has given you seems thin. I don't doubt the intensity of your experience, mind you, nor do I mean to suggest that you're easily taken in. I only mean to point out that manipulating perception can be the most effective use of power, while having the least requirement of power in sheer energy. I'm also definitely not saying that the only really ancient things are all about love and enlightenment, and blah, blah, blah. That's not it at all- it's the perspective one has to consider. It isn't at all that the powers that be are all about peace and love in the universe, and wouldn't stoop to mean, bullying methods. The Old things take the long view. There's no need to make something happen fast when you know how exactly to use the least energy to make what you want happen when you need it to, as if by accident. No need for followers, because they can just wait. No urgent goals, no desperate measures for mankind, no concern for whether the veil falls. They were here before, and they'll be here after. It's not a matter of being uninterested or detached, just endlessly patient. Meanwhile, there are plenty of being which are old and powerful enough to possess the Hindsight, or know where to look to find information that would impress you, but far enough from whatit claims to be that it feels a necessity to convince you. Simply put, those who boast of great age and power seldom possess it. Those who do possess great age and power seldom boast of it. One does not tip one's hand except by action, and that's the one thing which, again, "Kalisth" has not taken. I hope I can allay any fears of retribution from "Kalisth" that you may have. I honestly don't believe it poses a threat beyond what you can handle if push comes to shove. Now, let us take a look at its demands, and what it has given you to work with, as far as you mentioned in the post. First, regardless of age, it can be the entity, it can be a damned complicated business translating anything an entity has to communicate with you. Feeling and emotions are the strongest, of course- it's easy, for examply, to get across "Here is a task, don't question me, this is MY thing and I want it", and so on. Those are so close to animal urges, that the unconscious mind responds to them on a primal level. Harder to understand are the concrete details. I would bet, for example, that the "Russia Trip" wasn't so simple as a communication as a verbalised "I want you and my other followers to go to Russia, specifically, and no, I won't tell you why." What you got instead was a vague sense of movement (indicating you were to travel) accompanied by a series of impressions of landscapes, or even smells, colours, and feelings. An Onion Dome, perhaps, the almost imperceptible scent of vodka, the gutteral feeling in your chest produced by a rolled "Rrr" noise, the warmth of gathering with others around a wood-fired stove. I'm just throwing out possibilities here, but am I right in thinking that you took what nonsensical desires it gave you, and worked out with a great deal of time and effort that it wanted you to go to Russia? That's something I definitely would suspect, as you already seem to, especially when I won't be straightforward with you about its motives, and becomes hostile when you question it. Now, I'm thinking along similar lines as above with the second segment of your post. Am I correct in understanding that your quest for "The Eye" is unrelated to its demanded Russia trip? And assuming that the impressions it gives you to decode are something of the manner I described above, am I correct in understanding that you are supposed to seek out a massive stone, reddish and in rough crystal form, with an approximately round shape? It might interest you to know that Ruby, which is a form of Corundum, is the same actual material as Sapphire- by itself, it isn't red. Other mineral traces within its structure make it red. It also isn't round in its rough form. Garnet, on the other hand, is red through and through, and forms naturally into a chunky, faceted spheroid. It is associated with the primordial Fire- the creation of order out of chaos. Throughout history, it has been said that a blood-red garnet will make the wearer invulnerable to harm- a large, luminous Garnet is claimed by the Talmud to have been the only light source on Noah's Ark. The examples go on and on, but the point is, Garnet is a Warrior's stone, and from your impressions of The Eye, it seems to fit the picture. This picture, in fact. It's currently being called the Kunz Garnet, and it was beneath the Isle of now-Manhattan long before Man walked on two legs. It was dug up in 1885 after a far longer sleep than was intended for it, and is currently being held in the American Museum of Natural History. I'm not saying for certain that it's the same "Eye" you seek, but I am saying that it's exactly what I would surmise your "Eye" to be, and it is unique. As for my position or role in all that, those are thing I think I'll leave out for the time being. I think I'll leave it there for now, and give you a little time to process all this. My apologies, again, for having kept you waiting so long. I hope this little bit is helpful.
  13. Ah, so that, too, has not had a chance to change- I certainly know that feeling. After a long period of non-practice, reaching for the magick is like drawing water from an unprimed pump. But it always comes, in the end.