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  1. Congrats!!!
  2. I am late in as usual, curls up I'm his spot next to the fire and reads the notes on the conversation so far. I am sorry to hear most people are having a hard time with work. I am doing well in this regard (you've all likely noticed my absence) but it takes up a lot of my time. Also getting married, so more time. But mostly working and playing games like I usually do :)
  3. It's no problem, yes cats do like to push things from.high places. My cat has caught onto this recently
  4. Munching on cooks from the ancient cooks preserver, I know right
  5. Lol, made me smile, those where good times
  6. Woah, a picnic thread got necro'd
  7. Happy winter festivals to all (not winter here, quite the opposite, I'm jelous) Sorry it's late, life is buts sometimes
  8. I like pocket watches, they last longer on me. Tho my phone suffices. People definitely have electromagnetic fields some stronger then others, there has been a few studies on it. But yes, poker watch super stylish and can be kept way from your strong EM points
  9. Sounds like your are having fun. I'm overjoyed you are finally able to through yourself into something you love
  10. It is still coming for the switch I believe dem
  11. Ummmm... Cookie soldiers form up, there is a threat on all Dragon kind, one that could bring about its extinction
  12. Caffeine!!!!
  13. Oops that's meant to be a secret....
  14. Get that blood out of my caffeine stream
  15. Stretches, oops coffee didn't work I have been asleep