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  1. Could have been a loved one in a previous life of Luna's come to help?
  2. That is excelent new. Good luck.
  3. Ugh sounds terrible. You guys are the only ones I've told and it will stay that way. I'm a Dragon and I horde secrets. Well sort of :p just one of my own, and anyone else who wants to entrust them to me
  4. Ahhh picnics, such good times
  5. Knowingly and silently takes Simara and curles up into a nice secure, comfortable ball around her. (stay as long as you need no one will bother you here)
  6. Wakes up from deep slumber, Wow I am so late, welcome to the castle I am Mog the Resident Shadow Dragon, pleased to meet you
  7. I'm not sure how many media/fictionkin we have here. But I'm sure we would be happy discuss with you
  8. I'll get around to blood and wine one of these days :p
  9. I like that one Dem seems to make enough sense to me. Also, lol you said Milton Keynes ;p
  10. If you do it right you can save everyone I believe, I'm pretty sure I did
  11. Awwww yeah, been sucked in, got to many games on the go atm, assassins creed origins is a freaking massive game
  12. Is it Heart?
  13. Ultra sun and moon tomorrow!!!!! Woop can't wait
  14. Space