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  1. Romantically, I'm heteroflexible. Sexually, I'm pansexual. And to be honest, until I saw it mentioned here, I never consciously realized how segregatory it is to label everyone by their preferences. But it's an excellent point. Tbh, labels like LGBT and even those of specific religions essentially turn people into living targets for the prejudiced majority. It's essentially a mindset of "different? you're different? well, different is bad, so /you/ must be bad and we don't want bad things so we're going to kill you." Sometimes that last part is figurative, but uh... sometimes it isn't. And that's a big part of the even bigger problem. ~Melari
  2. I've had the unusual (mis)fortune to remember my own death from my life as a Keeper. It wasn't a pleasant death. -_- ~Melari
  3. I believe I was a servant of Bast or something similar around the time of the war between Ancient Greece (or was it Rome? I can't remember. I'm no good at history lol) and Egypt. I remember haviing cursed the Great Pyramids while there was a battle going on, but that's all I CAN remember from that incarnation, I'm sorry to say. Well, THAT, and that I slew an enormous serpent made of sand (I have a friend who is also kin who told me than the serpent may have been a tulpa) as a sacrifice to power the curse. ~Melari
  4. *raises hand* Uhh... Just a quick list, but...: MMOs: Minecraft, Maplestory, Mabinogi (I haven't played this one in a while, but I COULD go back on if I regain enough interest) PS2: Tales of the Abyss, Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII PS3: Katamari Forever (I THINK that's the name), Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wii U: Pikmin 3 Nintendo 3DS: Kid Icarus Uprising Misc: Whatever Pokemon game is current, and/or whatever I feel like playing at the time! ~Melari
  5. I fifth it regardless of my own familial status (or lack thereof) as well. ~Melari
  6. Hole (Thank Yogscast for that one, everybody!) ~Melari
  7. Chains (Because Rhannan's response was more entertaining... And I JUST couldn't resist. :3c) ~Melari
  8. Toys (Because, you know, those little green army men figurines! Though I guess you could also call human armies the toys of the respective governments that control them lol!) ~Melari
  9. That's actually what I mean by "acting up"; I mean they've decided to make themselves more noticeable lol. Also, interesting! .3. ~Melari
  10. Ah. Well, no. THAT, I don't think I've had. I mean, the first time I wake up in the morning for the last couple of weeks to now, I've been going back to sleep even if I slept what for me should be a normal amount, but I don't think that counts. Also, not sure if this is of any relevance, but my wings and tail started acting up when I read the post you just posted, Mog. I have no idea why though... O_o They're still goin' at it. ~Melari EDIT: And of course, every other phantom part is starting to follow suit... XD
  11. If you mean "not getting tired easily/not getting tired until the early morning (around the time a lot of people would generally be waking up)" by "having trouble sleeping" then generally speaking, yes. Lately, I haven't been feeling sleepy--generally speaking--until any time between 5 and 10 o' clock in the morning. ._. Needless to say, it's a pain in the a-.. derriere since my mom has been complaining about how I "sleep my days away" all Summer (Spoiler: I generally wake up between 2-4 p.m). I've been falling asleep relatively quickly, but it's generally been taking forever for me to get tired enough to want to go to sleep. But I wonder if it's not just me and you guys are having a similar problem... Then I wonder if there's actually something behind it. Meh. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but who knows? ~Melari EDIT: I've had problems going to bed early for years, but it seems to have gotten quite a bit worse over the Summer, as I just mentioned.
  12. Alright, alright! Fair enough. XD ~Melari
  13. XD But yeah, we need an alternate form of communication for when the IP chat is unavailable. Like now! 8D I still vote for Skype. :V ~Melari
  14. You're no more than a few years older than I am! XD ~Melari
  15. Lol. Well, I would ask for your number so we could text, but every once in a blue moon, my mom gets nosy and asks to see what I'm doing on my phone or on the computer. It's not at all common, but it's happened. And the first and only time I tried explaining the whole I'm-not-a-human-but-something-called-a-Keeper thing to her, she pretty much thought I sounded crazy. So yeah... Getting caught texting someone about Kin-related stuff would NOT bode well. ._. Additionally, thank you Mister or Miss Administrator. It is much appreciated! =) ~Melari