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  1. Not exactly a quote but one of my personal favorites "I'll chain you to the truth, for the truth shall set you free, I'll turn the screws of vengeance and bury you with honesty"
  2. How does that qualify as a problem?
  3. Listening to 512 by Lamb of God off their new album. It will never top Ashes of the Wake but it's not bad.
  4. That reminds me! I forgot to post a discussion about NASA's newest findings. Not just the new planet they found but also a new propulsion system that uses bouncing microwaves with ZERO fuel consumption.
  5. Malik, I said close to the idea of a utopia, I never said you were advocating anything or even implying it. As far as the natural flux of the universe, I'd say humans have a tendency to go up stream. Against the flow, against nature. That's Actually a big defining point. If humans were as sensitive and awake to "universal energy" as you claim, personally I think we wouldn't have a lot of the things we have today. HOWEVER I don't believe that humans. True genuine humans will stay on earth. I think as time presses on, we will make huge leaps allowing us to move on. Whether it be from lack of resources or simply just...curiosity.
  6. Universalism is a lighthearted and very sneaky way of saying imperialism. Don't get me wrong, thank you for the response. What you are talking about, in terms of "Humankind being one organism" is very close to the ideology of a Utopia. Now, Malik, i am almost 100% sure you know what a utopia is and how much it doesn't work by a long shot. Do i think your wrong? Nope. Not even. especially when you say that the "Pieces are divided, weakening humanity as a whole". Abso-freaken-lutley. The spectrum is monstrous to think of what humanity could accomplish with everyone playing a part in it! Especially the exploration off our own planet. However, that is dangerously close to becoming a dictatorship. Why? Because no matter how many people may join hands there will always be a pariah.
  7. What would you consider complete and fulfilled Malik? Just out of curiosity?
  8. I'll give my own, why the hell not. Personally I'd have to say Underestimated would be my ultimate definition. I know there is general idea that humans have had a substantial impact on the environment which I know a lot of you have labeled that priority number 1. I also think that most humans actually don't want to be here. Especially with the past decade of phenomenal development of deep space technology. How ever that's a whole other topic all together. But I do believe it plays a role in the future of humanity. Has anyone considered that humans are like any other sentient race that just wants to be left alone and also is trying to achieve absolute freedom? That's just my take though.
  9. Amazing how much we take patience for granted.
  10. The fact that it exists on other sites is what answers my question. However this isn't about "bashing". Simply perspective and opinion. Lol I feel like we are going in a loop here.
  11. From my weekend stress shoot. I guess being the man children we are, the course involved running through a huge unused pipe. It was only mostly rainy too XD Which is a good thing to keep the suppressors cool.
  12. World War Z wasn't too bad. I mean to me it didn't really have the same hopelessness that 28 days and weeks had but it was pretty good none of the less. I guess i likes the 28's more because they are independent films.
  13. Well i guess that answers my question about the general consensus on other sites. It also answers my question about the same topic on other sites Thanks!
  14. The purpose of it isn't to bash at all. it was a simple question and you had a great answer!
  15. Humans. While these forums hold topics on anything but. I wan't to know the general opinion, consensus, or rant. Really give some thought about your opinion whether it be good or bad. What is your first thought or definition when someone says "Human"?