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  1. Well, I do dream shift already, though, I have been trying to induce it more often. Meditating, I suppose I may need to find time to do this, though in the past while trying it, I have either fallen asleep or just went into a peaceful state of 'silence' and being with 'what is' with no movement what so ever. Which I guess clearing thought can be beneficial too for other reasons. I remember, once when I had more success with astral projecting, I would wake up in the early hours of morning, then while I was still tired but awake, I'd go back to sleep and it was easier to trigger an astral projection that way, in the past, but now days my home situation is harder to allow that life style. Sometimes sleeping aids have helped, I also sleep with crystals, and drink a mugwort tea. The extra input is very helpful for inducing dream shifting thank you, I hope there can be more input on this subject as I find it very fascinating! ^w^
  2. I wasn't sure where to post this subject. So, this is about dream shifting as the title implies, many otherkin and therian have dreams in which they are able to shift their form to their 'kin form' or 'phenotype'. This is a very freeing experience, and sometimes it feels it can happen in an astral projection or lucid dream. So my question, regarding this subject, is how do you induce these dream shifts? Do you recommend any techniques to induce dream shifting?
  3. When I look up at the stars, it makes me want to go 'home'. And I don't mean 'home' as in Earth, but something 'else where'. The stars, the universes, they always felt more like home, like I belong exploring through space and time. I always feel home sick, seeing them. Also, I think about all the beings that could be looking down at our star from miles and miles away, and I wonder if I know any of those beings. Also I wonder about the multiverse, and the infinity of existence.
  4. Well, I can understand the trans-gender bit, and wanting to change for those reasons. However, as an otherkin, I feel valid enough in knowing it as a spiritual connection to my kin-sides, and I do not feel the urge to change my body to appear like my more animalistic sides. While, I do believe I have my very strong feelings to the animal sides, but I have more human like forms as well, and I generally prefer them. I feel my inner being is more used to being incarnated in human-like forms, and having lived a human life for so long, I've adapted and became fond of it. Maybe that's the reason I don't feel like I want that change. Doesn't make me less of an otherkin though, I don't think, in being able to gasp the human aspect of my being, while at the same time, being okay with the more animal side of my being.
  5. Good post, but how exactly do you think one can quicken their vibration, spiritually? I wonder if it has to do with states of mind. In my speculation, I think some kin might feel pain while phantom shifting as a result of resistance, causing a 'friction' within their energy. Just my guess.
  6. You are right, I'm not sure if I have any advice, however, the first half of what you mentioned makes me think, 'maybe a type of starseed' from a higher, or different dimension. Almost reminds me of the book series Animorphs. (I used to like that series when I was younger.) However, on a more practical note, I have a belief that all souls have a multidimensional nature to them, so it is entirely possible, in my opinion, that you could be experiencing several connections from the soul's incarnations. I think it's okay to consider one's self a combination of all their incarnations and experiences, without the need to lock onto and home in on, but one form/incarnation. Doesn't make one less kin, in my opinion, just more integrated spiritually, perhaps.