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  1. *swoops in for the win* Sorry Rhannan you held it for over a year, but all good things must come to an end.
  2. I love stories like this, it's so common for people to find connections between their past, present and future through thoughts and dreams. I would of said it's not evidence of anything, but honestly it's evidence that this sense that others are with us is central to the human experience. Take that for what you will.
  3. Yeah, it's a new cardgame by the original creator of Magic. It's very modern, playing faster than other games but being free for 'turn three wins' and eschewing deck building in favor of unique decks. Our entire group has switched over from Magic to Keyforge but the problem is that Magic is such a juggernaut it's tough for a new game, even with Richard Garfield's name on it, to actually get into the market he created :P D&D is really seeing a resurgence these days as well, but it can difficult enough getting everyone over for regular games, much less something with that kind of commitment!
  4. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad to see you mention paganism as i feel a little bad about having such a strong bias towards a deistic high-god when most of human religion has been just the opposite. Paganism has come back to make some great inroads into the culture and deserves the attention. I also agree on the issue around mainstream religion being dogmatic, it's why I have trouble actually going to church despite my interest. As for truth/belief, this is where my actual psychedelic experience is less interesting than the belief shift after. A few years ago I would never have 'accepted' the statement that we all have our own belief. My argument would have been that things that function are agreeable by people, only things that have no functional impact can be 'personal belief'. The usual example is that no one has their own personal belief in technology. It either works or it doesn't and only something airy and impractical (such as religion) can be personal. Honestly I still feel it's necessary to state this opinion, there is such a thing as 'physical truth' that can preform functions which are universally agreeable, yet at the same time I no longer feel like it's a point worth making. When you say reality requires a frame of reference and people can't understand 'what it is to be you' it strikes me as being closer to the argument about art than technology. Technically art museums are just full of paint and canvas, yet they contain history, culture, emotion and other qualities which are both real and unprovable. It sounds so strange to me to say that reality is more like art than science, but in many ways that starts to feel accurate.
  5. Once a month I have all my friends come down into the city to play games at me and my girlfriend's place. We're all videogamers to varying degrees, but we use to meet up to play Magic: the Gathering. Though a few of them are still really into it, we don't play much Magic anymore. These days it's a wide variety of boardgames, with a game like Magic getting a single round of 'commander' just as we'd play at least one round of anything else. The reason for the switch has been the realizing at just how much there is now in the sort of 'renaissance' the boardgame industry has experienced. There's such a variety of games, with all sorts of new stuff combined with a rediscovery of classics. Even Magic is experiencing it's highest popularity yet with a new online version called Arena. Anyone else playing boardgames with friends? Any other magic or yu-gi-oh players? Anyone tried Keyforge? (he asks hopefully)
  6. I've always loved mythology and magic, I feel these are the most tangible parts of our abstract ideas. Growing up strictly atheistic, I had always been interested in finding evidence for supernatural occurrences and had a phase in my late teens and early twenties where I got into magic because I thought it might hold the answers. I tried had all the usual magical trappings, but the ones I thought had the best evidence were divination (you could predict events as an experiment) and mirror gazing (I really could see something in a mirror that had no reflection). Over time I would read about the brains ability to misinterpret visual information in the dark or on a reflective surface, I would similarly be convinced against divination through statistics and bias (we remember the hits and forget the misses). I would subsequently meet people who held spiritual or new age beliefs similar to the ones I use to have, only to now be trying to get them away from it. Recently, due to a classic case of psychedelic mind-expansion, I've had a renewed interest in magical practice. Approaching it from the perspective of proving it doesn't seem as helpful; Besides things can be good for reasons other than we realize and true for reasons other than we understand. So there a specific interested in finding out if there's anything people do that they find helpful.
  7. I know that specific answers from person to person, I'd be interested in any stories about how people feel their 'other side' either helps or hinders their connection with supernatural forces. Given that all Otherkin are technically supernatural, do you see magic as being a more normal or important part of the world then people would give it credit for? I'm going to add my story below.
  8. My Story: I was raised an atheist, though it would be fair to call my household anti-theist. It wasn't just that we didn't believe in God, or that we knew God didn't exist, but that we were better for our true belief then they were for their lies. Even back then I've always had more respect for religion then either my brother or my dad, for example both of my best friends were Christian even though I would argue with them that they'd be better without it. As my experiences became more varied I lost the edge, gaining respect for beliefs in general, going to church regularly with one of those friends over a decade later. I still didn't believe in God, you could say I believed in belief in God. I wanted tangible evidence that never seemed to come...people tell you to have faith, to feel it, but that's not evidence. In all honesty this is why I first started watching Otherkin forums all those years ago, just to see and experience the culture of belief even if I was convinced you were all absolutely wrong. It sounds cliche, but I had an interesting experience with psychedelic mushrooms shortly after. Sufficed to say literal truth, especial when dealing with ideas, matters to me less afterwards. This has been helpful for dealing with God, but also for things like other worlds and reincarnation. I want to say it's true, but not...literally true? words fail for something that is true and describes something, yet can't be understood except through representative language. That is to say we say we use beliefs to express things we know to be true but don't have the words to describe. So while I'm not an Otherkin, I believe we refer to many of the same things but with different names.
  9. Given the variety of incredible claims about angels, demons and even gods reincarnated among us; I'm curious how being in the Otherkin community might change someones concept of God. I know that, like all questions of belief, it varies person to person as Otherkin don't have a monoculture. So I'm just interested in anyone's opinion on the relationship between the worlds and beings that the Otherkin believe in and the more widely understood notion of religious gods and/or the Abrahamic God in particular. Feel free to just leave an opinion or story below, I'll include my own but you don't necessarily have to read or comment on it.
  10. Happy Birthday to me!

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