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  1. Thankyou Rhannan, the problem came up within the last couple of days but it's all fixed now administrator2
  2. Welcome to the new look Castle Otherkin Well first I will apologise for the downtime and the lack of warning for the site being offline. The forum software update didn't quite do what it said it would, so there were some glitches and as you can see a loss of images and forum skins We had something of a surprise when we logged on too. We are working on it and you should see things changing over the next few days. As always if you have any problems please let either myself or Administrator1 know and we will do all we can to sort it out. Administrator2
  3. Hello Spiritmoon there are certain settings in the forum software that limit how much you can post in your signature but it shouldn't be stopping you having one. When you go to edit your signature can you please tell me what it says across the top of the edit box? Thankyou Administrator2
  4. Thank you Jalyndre Once I get the new forum software implemented (If they ever stop making new updates for it, for long enough to make it worth doing) that will probably help, there are a number of browser add-ons that are being updating at the moment and some of them are conflicting, so I am waiting for things settle down before proceeding with anything. Admin2
  5. Hello Jalyndre I have been looking into this. Do you have some new security software that is blocking all cookies? The forum does use cookies but even when your browser is not accepting cookies it defaults to give you all the new content it can find from the last 2 weeks Firefox works even when not accepting cookies but if my content security setting in Internet explorer is too high it won't even let me sign in so if you go to the menu bar and click.. (if you can't see a menu bar right click on the top of the window frame and tick menu bar) Tools Internet options Content then lower the "internet zone" settings bar to medium high Hopefully this will work for you. If this doesn't work please can you tell me what browser and security software you are using. Thanks Admin2
  6. An update on the upgrade situation I have had some issues downloading the new software and making sure the the file tranfers protocols all work, so I have not touched the forum as yet. I will make sure everything is backed up before I do any work and will inform everyone of the time when the work will begin. There will definitely be changes to the forum graphics but we will work on those changes once we know how much of an impact the upgrade has. Thankyou for your time Admin2
  7. The current forum and chat softwares are relatively old and I am aware of a number of unspecified updates since the forum was installed. I am not certain what those updates are at this point but the admins will spend some time familiarising ourselves with them and see what is available in the new architecture. I would imagine chat down time settings will be involved, but I cannot comment on chat history. If anyone has anything against a longer kickout time or being able to view the chat history then please say so here, because changes like this involve everyone that wishes to use the chatroom. Thankyou Admin2
  8. Sometime in the coming week I will be updating the forum software. This may lead to some downtime and changes to the graphical look of the forums etc. I am aiming to make these changes mid Monday afternoon UK time (26th jan) when I think the forum is likely to be at it's quietest. If you are posting on Monday please make sure you highlight and copy your work before hitting the post button, so they don't get lost. Thank you for your time. Admin2
  9. You are most welcome.
  10. We have had several requests for a castle chatroom that is more private and only open to members so after speaking to the owners who have agreed to pay for the intergrated version, we have just installed one. The link to it is found under the banner in each forum section and you will see a small notification in the top corner of the your window to tell you when there are people already in the room. Since it is integrated with the forum software it will only be open to members and having installed this version we will, in the next few days, remove the link to the Chatzy room. Thankyou for your attention and I hope you all enjoy the chatroom Admin2
  11. I have been told that CastleOtherkin will be taking a short walk and our entire server will be moving to better facilities on Sunday September 21st morning between 1:00 am and 07:00 am Central Daylight Time. Everything has been double backed up and made safe for the physical move. I presume Castle Otherkin will be completely inaccessible but please don't try and post anything anyway between those times as there is a good chance it will be lost. For those in the UK 1am to 7am Central Daylight Time corresponds to 7 am to 1pm Greenwich Mean Time. Thankyou for your time Administrator2
  12. Just a note to let you all know that there is a scheduled server interruption on Friday 4th of April 2014. Some time during Friday Castle Otherkin will dissapear into the mists and reappear a short time later. Please do not worry. It is supposed to happen and will not affect anything on a long term basis. If you try to access the castle during this period and its not available please dont panic, it will be back shortly. A small piece of advice, if you are writing any posts on Friday please highlight and copy them or save them locally on your computer before clicking the post button, just in case the Castle disappears while you are posting. We don't want you to lose your post. Thanks, Administrator2
  13. One of the basic rules of internet privacy is not to tell people on line personal details, but equally you should not tell anyone you know offline, your internet i.d's unless you are sure you can trust them with the information, especially if it is information you consider to be of a sensitive nature like your forum names etc. Not only is it reasonably easy to hack into accounts if you know a person relatively well, but also, as you have already discovered unscrupulous people can rarely resist using what they know against you. That is the whole point to having an online name that is different to your offline name. It keeps the two worlds seperate unless you combine them.
  14. Hi Rhannan, Those google bot visits are one of the best ways for us to get new members. It is also the reason why we say please be careful what you post (no real names addresses etc) Many forums insist that you are a member in order to read posts but it's an attitude that is a little too unfriendly for us which is why we have never done that. The only time we ever block anyone is if we get a malicious poster.
  15. HI If this happens again, its worth having a look at the bottom section of the reply box. There is a a button there that can sometimes retrieve automatically saved text (It says View Auto Saved Content (time inserted here)) Just please check it because it may not be the last draft of the post you were writing. It even works after a period offline but I am not sure how long it saves for, so be warned and don't rely on it to still have your post from three weeks ago Hope that helps Admin2