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  1. Finally an explanation of why dragons blood is such a sought after magical essence....its pure caffeine LOL
  2. coffee time
  3. One thing I think needs to be considered carefully about a blog is that being Otherkin is not a religion and as such does not technically fall into the realms of "you can believe what you like it doesnt bother me" You will be aiming to talk to people who do not have any concept of how this works and the nearest comparison they have is mental illness, I truly believe that most people are not bothered one way or another until directly confronted with it, and then tolerances and points of view vary tremendously. I think I am stating the obvious because you are all talking about not having real names associated with it...but does that also take away from the blogs credibility? Zygo
  4. I must admit that since setting myself on fire is about the closest I could get to being more like what I have inside I don't much fancy bringing the inside out LOL.... not a good scenario, I think the online forum commmunity has been submarined by certain people that seemed to delight in "debunking" the thought of otherkin as a whole. Some still call it a myth even though they say they are one? I find myself wondering how anyone can go to such a place for research and not come out of it with a negative feeling about what they feel I am not sure how anyone can believe themselves to be something and still call it a myth. As for other people knowing about otherkin, I think its a bit like witchcraft and ghosts in that unless they are confronted with it in a very obvious way they don't really think about it. Zygo
  5. There seems to be a lot of trend and fashion involved in what happens on the internet. Being otherkin seems to have been "cool" for a while but has become less fashionable and dwindled somewhat recently. Searches no longer bring up factual information but seem to point to the urban dictionary or wikipedia, some point to tv programmes or worse still to games instead of the original material. Add to that the generalised ridicule supplied by many forum goers or the insistence that they alone are the only real otherkin and its quite easy to understand why young ones who are trying to find themselves.... either give up and let it go or go onto places like tumblr where they don't necessarily have to interact with other people. Rather sad really. Zygo
  6. I don't know how many of you see things you can't easily explain but here is, I think, an interesting way of expanding on the phrase "I saw it out of the corner of my eye" The experiment uses a mirror to increase the effect hopefully leaving you with the feeling that your mirror doesn't quite work the way you always thought it did. Position yourself to the front of a mirror but make sure that you can't see any part of yourself or any other family members (including the cat) in it. Try and make it a place where you naturally stand to do other things like getting dressed or washing up. Usually looking down towards the floor seems helps a with this too. Now look into the space you have created with the mirror, and think about how much it looks like staring through a window into another room, its familiar of course but its not the room you see when you are standing in it. Really try to see it as a different room, don't just look, really see the differences like the strange viewing angle as you look into the room, consider that it can't be your room since you can't physically look at it from the angle you are viewing it without the mirror, so it must be a different room on the other side of the glass. You can have a specific mirror for this or use any household mirror since its not actually the mirror doing the work. Next time you are in that place again, without staring into the mirror, see if you notice anything unusual. Bare in mind, however, that you are attempting to manufacture a change in your own perception so if the mirror you use is a permanently placed there you might always see things differently when you are in that position again. The kinds of things I am thinking you might see, are movements, different coloured flashing or moving lights, ripples,mists or shadows and rarely, distinct images or objects. Zygo
  7. Hello Yaakov I think it's possible you have conflicting information relating to two or more different beings. One as old as you describe is unlikely to be a power hungry being, have aided anyone in wars, or be the founder of blood magic. Such physically based "magic" is practiced by physical beings in an attempt to gain power from and over other physical beings. An entity of the age you are describing would have no need for any of that. Beyond that I might ask that you consider why you want to contact the entity in question, you are likely to get much more than you bargained for, no matter which one you actually end up with. Zygo
  8. Hey Dem what does that make you, if you get to stay up till well after 4? I had a warm cosy and quiet holiday with a touch of awesome...I am about to start blacksmithing since my lady bought me a very pretty (and heavy) Anvil for winter festival and the kids funded some tools and scrap steel so I could build a forge to go with it. All I need to do now is use the hammer, anvil and forge to make the tools to start smithing just about everything else we have a use for. Yay !!!!!
  9. I would like to introduce you to Deinococcus radiodurans aka Conan the bacteria.... its a little green thing that won't make you sick and won't give you nasty infections but is the most radioactive proof bacteria discovered so far. Bodily you've probably encountered it already, in its wild state, by breathing it in or to be honest eating it on your dinner since it gets all over the place quite naturally. Whats amazing about this little being is that it can withstand and repair DNA damage from ionizing radiation very quickly (upto 500,000 rads which is about 25 times what would kill a human) and manages to survive ultraviolet exposure, certain acids and dessication far better than most other bacteria. So whats my point...well little Conan here has an "Other Self" a conan thats different inside. Genetic engineers have managed to make a version of Conan that can be used in bioremediation of radioactive waste from weapons production and is actually capable of detoxifying radioactive mercury and solvent residues... Now I dont like Genetic engineering of any kind but if you're going to do it I definitely think this is the kind of thing it should be used for .....I would give Deinococcus a round of applause but I might squash one.. Zygo
  10. Otherkin have been relatively common knowledge for many years. I remember my father telling me about a man at his place of work who was draconic in 1983ish. To most people it is just one of those fringe religions that they know about, and possible chuckle about but don't really believe in or take any notice of anyway. People (generalising here) seem to accept the "movie star" religion that suggests aliens are coming to earth to rescue us from ourselves so over all I don't think its really a worry. Zygo
  11. Its a fun powered furnace....Fun is the perfect biofuel. all it takes to produce some is a smile but it can go all night on a single joke
  12. An apple a day keeps the doctor away,,,,but a worm a day means you ate a worm....then you did it again.

  13. Just for once I feel completely justified in saying Samael Aun Weor would be incredibly biased on this particular subject. He was baptised Roman Catholic and later became a Christian Gnostic. What better way to demonise masturbation than by saying it makes demons. I Feel I must also point out that women don't make seminal fluid (seminal fluid contains spermatazoa) either so his description is somewhat flawed. Zygo
  14. Nothing for me either but thanks for the warning, I think checking to see if you have a PM is an excellent way of doubling up security on this one, it gives the scammers no way to win. Thanks very much, Zygo
  15. Here are three quotes I like very much 2 well known ones "it is a mistake to think we can solve any major problem, just with potatoes" "Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so" and possibly my favourite which I found in one of the hitch hikers books "Life speaks with a voice to you, a voice that brings you answers to the questions you continually ask of it..." (this one is, to me, pure genius) Zygo