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  1. Hey all. I have been reading through a few old post on other forums over the holidays, and I found a thread about the 'Otherkin Comunity' and how one of it's goals for the future is to come clean with the general public/human/non-kin population and declare itself 'Otherkin and Proud', or something like that. So my first question is, who or what is the 'otherkin community'? Can it really make decisions like that? If it does decide that all who call themselves otherkin should come clean and tell everyone, would you? I'm not sure I would.
  2. I use olive oil a lot in my cooking, so I wondered does it work from the inside out, as well as from the outside in?
  3. You may call them whatever you wish. It is of no interest to me. Good and evil are individual concepts based entirely on personal experience and beliefs. To call a thing good or evil is to judge it based on personal experience, and is, in my view, a mistake. What is good for one person may not be good for someone else. I did not say they did not exist in my world, I said I did not believe in the concept of them. I also said that they have no place FOR ME, in within the Universe, and they don't. You obviously have different views, I wish you well with them.
  4. Me too. I couldn't believe there were no games here. light
  5. No, I almost always sleep really well. I hope you manage to sort it out though, it sounds miserable.
  6. Surely we all know how this works? OK let's play.. GREEN...
  7. I have never thought of making savoury cupcakes, but I have a feeling these would be delicious. I love chicken, and sweetcorn and cheese, so why not? Thanks for this interesting idea. If I try them I'll let you know what they're like..
  8. Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
  9. I have a warn status too, but I have never thought anything of it.. Hmmm... Does everyone else have one too or is it just Arulin and I?
  10. @ Zygo. I like your thinking but it would need to have some carbon connection though wouldn't it, in order for us to be able to connect to it, read it and in some cases manipulate it?
  11. Thank you for sharing your picture Mog. It looked so beautiful. I'm sad to have missed it.
  12. I would suggest that candle meditation is an excellent way to connect with your inner self. My favourite one, and one that I have known to work for a few people is to wait until it's dark and set your candle in front of a window. Light the candle and close your eyes, meditate for a short while thinking only about the candle and the flame. When you are relaxed open your eyes and ask your inner self to show itself to you reflected in the glass of the window pane. I can't make promises, as Rhannan said things like this don't always work, and rarely work straight away when they do, and it will probably not be a clear image to begin with, but if it does work for you it might help you understand yourself a little better.
  13. As Rhannan said a person doesn't have to be a witch to perform magic or cast spells, (though if you asked the general population what a person who performs magic and cast spells is called it would surprise me if their response wasn't 'a witch'), and energy work is something anyone can try, though as Rhannan also said, it doesn't always work. I don't believe that 'dancing with the Universe' need necessarily involve magic or spells of any kind. I dance with it, but I don't try to influence it. I would rather open myself to receiving whatever the Universe wants to send me, trusting that it would never send me more than I can deal with.
  14. You're welcome Lyssa. I find a less religious aspect helps me immensely with many things. I hope we get a chance to chat soon.
  15. It was raining here, so I missed it too. Ahh well, if the Universe smiles on me I will see the next one.