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  1. Lol, yeah, Meowstics are somehow our current Mascots lol. They fit our system theme. Anyway, I can try and see if it is possible for us to make the Gallery more like how you suggested. We are still new to Google Sites. As for the 'About Me' videos for system members, it might be hard to get everyone but I'm sure I could get the Body Owners to do it. -Samari
  2. Lol, he was really fried last night. He must have worked on it for over 4 hours and into the late night hours. He did such a great job though :D And too bad no onions lol. Anyway, is there anything we could improve on? -Samari
  3. I have spent the past 3-4 hours working on our new website. Don't ask me how I got to be the one to do it, but my mind is basically fried right now after working do hard on the d*mn thing. The website is located at Feedback as well as constructive criticism is highly appreciated. Also, feel free to post and comments or onions about it. It's still a work In progress but I'd love to see how others think we are doing. -Jacob G.
  4. We prefer to use the term 'Resident' or 'System Member' when we refer to other system mates. And when we talk about the Headspace, we generally use that term, but only because no one else really knows what we're talking about when we say 'Closed Space' or things of that nature. -Jenffa
  5. Berlin Never will I forget Forget that dreadful day Day that you were taken Taken far away My whole life changed Changed with that wall Wall that had gone up Up and would not fall It went up in an instant Instant without a care Care what we all wanted Wanted to be spared The days that followed Followed and were bare Bare for you were gone Gone and were not there How long has it been? Been since it’s stood there There where I’m reminded Reminded of despair Seasons come and go Go but last forever Forever it will stay Stay this bitter weather Spring turns to winter Winter for us all All who are forsaken Forsaken behind this wall No longer do I care Care for what they say Say about this wall Wall that must not stay Today that wall will fall Fall upon the floor Floor from which we’ll rise Rise for it’s no more. (I made this a few years ago for a Creative Writing Contest, I hope you enjoy it. It was made for a couple of our system members who are from a world where the Berlin Wall separated him and his brother for years). -Jenffa