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  1. *blinks* I just passed some congo squares sneaking around the corner. Were those yours? - Nobody
  2. I don't have a lot of input for this, so sorry for the lack of advice. I'm agreeing with what the people above have already said in respect to energy. Abundant or tasty sources are like candy - speaking from observation and experience. A lot of my kind have preferences like that, but we're at least polite about it. If there's something that keeps coming back for more, I would consider that as a reason. As for getting them to stay away... If you can shield or mask yourself with something less appealing, that may work, or at least make it very clear that there will be hell to pay if uninvited guests continue snacking on you, so returning is more trouble than it's worth. Proximity to something or someone who's feeding unintentionally also sounds likely. - Marx
  3. Demovora, that makes me think of improvised weaponry villagers (among others) will take to when they're left without a defense. :) Those lead to some very interesting martial arts. Come to think of it, I know there's someone here who's used knitting needles as weapons. As for me, what Alethos said. I am a Grimm. I blenderize and eat things that tick me off and refuse to leave. It isn't very exciting. - Marx
  4. Going through a Vlogbrothers and Milky Chance binge. is playing now.- Theo
  5. After the Renai came out here, we wound up with several piercings and a longer list of tattoos than was planned. O_o It started when Crow wanted three piercings on each lobe. He got the two initial piercings. Jordan got a second set because he was taking too long, and a third cartilage piercing. We still have to go back and get the third set eventually, and I know some people want a series of helix piercings that we will eventually get. We have three scarifications - a yin-yang sign, a butterfly, and something Ferris did I'm not sure how to describe. Eventually we're going to get tattoos - we're going to start with one the Brothers wanted, then probably get an ankh that Meriel requested. Rd wants a dragon tattoo and ornate justice scales on the body's hip. I have no idea when or if we'll get those. XD They sound very painful. Beka has considered getting a hummingbird somewhere, and a few from the Renai's group want something to represent the astrological zodiac. - Alethos
  6. Lately some people have gotten into crochet. I've taken to it, myself. ^^ I'm not very good yet, so I've only been doing very simple shawls without a pattern, to get used to the stitching. Usually I take long walks outside to visit the shops around here, but it's far too cold now. U., Alecto, and I all read a lot. Iris knits, I think Anil plays video games. Beka gardens - so do a lot of people, but it's winter so we don't have as much to work on. Theo writes short stories - Beka is making him do one next session with the moral "Don't accept help from suspicious magicians" as penance for something he roped her in to. Castor and RL(?) both code, but they haven't taught the body how to yet. Crow listens to music and sometimes he'll make up playlists. Theo and Alecto also draw more than anyone else. Theo's tried his hand at digital art, and he isn't bad at it, but he says it's a hobby fit for masochists. I know other people have their own stuff, but nothing else comes to mind right now. ^^ - Alethos
  7. *laughing at Rhannan's post* Okay. My thought of the day is that it's very, very cold outside. This is the perfect time for a relaxing night by the fire with a book, a blanket, and cup of tea. - Alethos
  8. I don't have a lot to offer on the development aspect of this thread. I will talk about gender in my species. *headtilts* See, we're independent as soon we we're "born" - comparable to snakes or other reptiles. We don't have extensive social ties, or societies to shape our genders, so we're without categories for a lot of the qualities people associate with gender presentation - like gender roles. A lot of Grimms say they're agender, but really we do have genders - they're looked at as a part of our individuality. Gender for us is different as personality and orientations and preferences are different. So for us, it's something innate that we develop our understanding and presentation of over time. - Alethos
  9. Tea

    A tea room would be amaze. O.O The body stopped tolerating caffeine even the slightest bit, so we can't drink black tea anymore. Even that gives it issues. -_- We've taken to drinking white and green teas, or decaf herbal teas. Pure peppermint and chamomile are very good, and lotus tea is a favorite for a lot of Grimms. :) Alecto likes ginger pear white tea. A few people really like chai, but it makes the body's stomach upset. :( Brand-wise, we get a lot of Stash and Tazo. Tazo makes very nice blends, and Stash is where we get our herbal teas. - Alethos
  10. I left off on The Subtle Knife from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. It got very existentially depressing after the first book. :( I'd like to pick it up again, because the story is a good one, but it's still very heavy. Currently, I'm reading The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook by Robert Bruce. This is the first of its kind I've read, so I don't have an deep opinion on it. It has interesting ideas, some things that I'm familiar with from my own experience and the memory of others who've shared the body, and what he writes does make sense. It does feel like he's playing off a lot of negative influences as paranormal phenomena, to the point where it may seem like he isn't considering any bad habits or types of negativity to be a person's own, but I don't have anything to say past that. It can be paranoia-inducing to people who are sensitive to the idea of their actions being directly influenced or controlled by something else. - Alethos
  11. We were recommended Charles de Lint books some time back. :) He's been proven an amazing author whose writing is better described as poetry than prose. His work falls in the urban fantasy genre. We finished Forests of the Heart recently, and somebody started Memory and Dream not long ago. They're both part of his Newford series, but they aren't sequential - you can read them in any order. - Alethos
  12. @Vaerynn - somebody recommended Oglaf to us not long ago. XD It's amazing. I have a few more to add. :) Dresden Codak - Johnny Wander - Sakana - Stress Relieving Strips - Wilde Life - SuperCakes - - Alethos
  13. I don't have any favorites personally. :) I haven't had that much time to get to know the stones we keep around here. We all use hematite for clearing negativity. It also seems to help when people have having issues with the computer - staying around it too much and getting bogged down. There are also a couple palm-sized stones of Sodalite and Labradorite people favor. :) We also use rose quartz a lot. Individually, I know three people take to our lava stone - Beka, Nobody, and Basalt. Beka carries a piece of jade with her, and Nobody I think likes the sodalite too. Alecto favors garnet, while he and Dexyn favor tiger eye. I think RN carries orange citrine with him - Ts might too. I know other people have their own preferences, but I'm not as certain about any of those. ^^ - Alethos
  14. Hmm... The body has issues syncing with some of us, so I think I'll pass this around to the others. :) We've been looking for ways to make it adapt better to our frequencies, since it has trouble on its own. My species (Grimms) takes in matter and energy, and we can manipulate what we've taken in. I couldn't tell you how it works exactly - shifting forms comes naturally to us as movement does, and I couldn't name all of the functions required for movement either - but changing matter to energy and vice versa feels a lot like changing the state a material is in; it's all the same "stuff", but in different forms and configurations. - Alethos
  15. I love reading these. :) Makes me want to try some of the ideas. Lately we've been doing simple veggie stir-fry for breakfast, sometimes with bacon or eggs. Bellpepper and onion are good with everything. A few people would mix finely chopped veggies in with a scrambled egg mixture, plus some milk and cheese, and fry that. Last summer I took to slicing up apples and mixing them with honey and a little bit of dried herbs (rosemary usually). That one is very quick and easy. :) - Alethos