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    Magic for the most part. Its been lonely though so I'm looking for friends and maybe someone I've know from long ago.

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About Me

I learn more and more of myself with every passing day.

My name is Azrilyan and I am a few things. Im an Angel, Dragonkin, plural, and blood drinker, in almost that order. My story first starts before the Fall and First Angelic War and starts again half way through the second. My first "mortal" life was as a dragon for an unknown amount of time, then I ended up here living human lives, locked away from my ability to reach out past the soul I inhabited. But now its time to free myself from the prison I put myself in, and my it's been a long time.

Azrilyan- Angel and Dragonkin

Zac- Angelkin and blood drinker

For more information view my on site blog