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  1. I don't spend much time in chat rooms, but it might be fun.
  2. Niex Germany
  3. For those who can it's possible to feed from the energy and emotion raised in a human being by absolutely anything, it really doesn't matter what it is, if it raises emotion and energy in them it can create food for someone. Art usually creates much more gentle emotions though, there will always be artists who set out to shock and revolt people (Damian Hurst) but most seem to be seeking to either entertain, please or calm people. I think that in general it's a much more peaceful medium, even for those who like to read unpleasant things into the work it's hardly ever a violent emotion it's usually discomfort or unease. People might say I don't like that or I don't understand it, but not often I hate it or it makes me feel like doing something violent. I prefer to feed on happy and peaceful emotions and I find a lot of those kinds of emotions around art galleries. Also christmas displays in shopping malls.
  4. I agree Velvet. That's a wonderful idea Zygo. I hadn't thought of doing that, I wonder if anyone else did?
  5. Great idea, and a really cool name. Since everyone gets a vote I vote Yay
  6. It's called Portrait of Ross and is extremely simple when you look at it and think "How is that art?". Then you hear the story and realise that not everything is as it seems as the whole things takes on meaning and great depth of emotion. http://shape-and-colour.com/2010/06/23/felix-gonzalez-torres-portrait-of-ross/
  7. Weekdays breakfast is only hot buttered toast and a cup of coffee, at weekends though I have scrambled eggs or poached eggs and ham on toast, or cinnamon pancakes with apple sauce if I am feeling really indulgent.
  8. Entrecasteaux France
  9. Aww, I've only been drunk once and I didn't rampage, I curled up somewhere warm and went to sleep, but I love your vivid imagination. lol Your wish is granted, and suddenly your bath tub is filled with teeny tiny toy naval war ships and you can play soap bubble battles to your little heart's content.
  10. Passes a beer I smuggled out of the chat room
  11. You know you are a devil when you keep sizing up people's shoulders and wondering if you could balance on them long enough to whisper in their ears
  12. Agreed. The world would be a better place if banks had to pay bonuses to their customers for staying with them and helping them make as much profit as they make.
  13. You forgot to make a wish Velvet. I wish I hadn't drunk so much beer in the chat room.
  14. Aww Speedy Gonzales, I love that mouse. Andele Andele Ariba. Argentina Hey when did this become the 'starts with A and ends with A' game?
  15. Sly He was my favourite High five to him for all the Rockies, yeah. This boys and girls is what happens when you get into a chat room with Claudius and Zygo and drink too much beer.