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  1. Personally I haven't picked any god/goddess to follow. Unpersonally Ma'at keeps sending signs that I pointedly ignore for now o.oU
  2. Nice.... I need to try to get that. Only FF I have is FFXIII
  3. -walks in behind Mog- O.o oh my. Where did you get all of that??
  4. O.o oh my. Where did you get that??
  5. What giant marshmallow demons? -munches a chocolate truffle-
  6. -Munches a smore, pulls out a box of assorted chocolates, and offers some to Styxan-
  7. -changes back to normal and sits by Styxan-
  8. -bounces around on top of the statue crushing it with marshmellowy goodness-
  9. -suddenly Lin turns into a giant Stay Puft marshmallow man and stands on one side of the finish line-
  10. -watches the broom race with a thoughtful expression...while munching on a spice cookie-
  11. >.> How'd he inspect it when I snuck it to ya?
  12. What about him?
  13. why not call them Cubi's? Anyways, honestly I would say that a succubus/incubus can also be called a sexual vampire. The connotation between the two terms is really the only difference. Some people see succubus/incubus as automatic bad thing, and vampire as some mysterious creature that they can have a good time with (I'm stereotyping).
  14. But I already snuck you a bag of cookies D:
  15. @DrakensonofDrakonis referring to an earlier comment where I was flying circles around him with a bag of cookies.