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  1. I love looking at stores for clothing and going to places to get the energy there. I also check out Tumblr for new vegan recipes or even check out the kinfood recipe blogs since I want to see what kind of recipes are out there to eat. If anyone got cool vegan recipes, hit me up with a PM with the recipes! I can't wait to try new things. (I love food, no denying it.) Also I have to add, I love going to places that are just amazing to look at. I used to love taking pictures of scenery when I had a good camera, now I just have a potato and all I could do is just look at nature. Traveling is fun, I like walking around or even biking and I always look back onto the memories of certain places and I just want to visit there some more.
  2. Need a good start on making my own spells for everyday life. :)

  3. I went to an abandoned house in South Korea for a few days when I was young. It was pretty run down and it felt eerie, almost like someone was watching from the shadows. There are many houses like that in the countryside in S. Korea, and just up for grabs for anyone who want to take it as their own... I think that's why my parents brought me there to check it out.
  4. Signed. :D
  5. I identify as demonkin only for the sake of easier explanation towards others. My form from my memories look like your average demon-like stereotype and I tend to provoke people into being frightened and uncomfortable.
  6. Brass Goggles by Steam Powered Giraffe... ^ ^;;
  7. I really love those tumblr blogs, even the foods not tagged for demonkin look appetizing to me! ^ U ^
  8. I personally don't believe in a place like Hell, but I'm not the one to speak since of the possibility of "what if it does exist?" From where I come from, at least from my memories, is a place with cloudy skies and a world "similar" to Earth. But I guess now I think about it, a place like Hell, at least from literary descriptions and such could exist in a different plane of existance.