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  1. Today: Drinking and playing games with friends while my girl plays games next to me with friends. 10 years ago: forging friendships with foreigners and practicing another language. 20 years ago: cartoons and some truly close to heart toys. 30 years ago: infinity and a purging cycle of rebirth.
  2. Green
  3. The leveling up system actually works by gaining insight points to revive the doll who will help you level up. Gaining insight can be obtained by discovering a boss, killing a boss, event/cinematic or finding madman's knowledge. There's an optional boss way early in the game that you can reach by just rushing through the mob and heading to the bridge. Doesn't matter if you're killed, you keep the insight point. Also as a hint, if you gain over 40 points early game, to quote Doc Brown; ''you're gonna see some serious shit.'' As for The Witcher I can't help much, only started the first one from the very beginning recently. Also do rest and keep your health up. Good luck!
  4. It's rather glorious, isn't it? Hopefully there's some players around you can call in at times. The NPC's aren't as useful in boss fights besides absorbing hits for a short time.
  5. Damn, now who's gonna buy these poisonous fish I pl- I mean discovered here, in the swamp. I mean, totally invested on this fancy boat and all.
  6. There's a toll on here poison swamp, filled with poisonous fish, for me to ferry over.
  7. There's poison in thar swamps.
  8. To be fair, it is a testament to the staying power of a forum to have people come back after it lays dormant for extended periods of time. Especially if the regulars keep it alive. I've seen a few sites crash down even with heavy traffic but no one staying after more than an introduction.
  9. And die by bazillions of things that want to murder you?
  10. Humbug Mog my old boy! We will overcome! And everybody was kung-fuuuu fighting!
  11. The Admins are just a legend, a fairytale to scare everyone to not snatch the prize. Which I am forced to assume is related to the movie Highlander in some capacity.
  12. No that's not the sound of da police, yoink!
  13. Nah, seems you're outta luck. They gave the very last post away, to me!
  14. Pfffft, filthy casuals, tic-tac-toe is a man's game, a true test of might... wait, you took the center spot? hell with you then.
  15. Ahh nice, personally for negating shields I go dual or two handing shotel(s). Keep the stamina regen enough to dodge anything and get up close and personal. Remember though, mages are filthy casuals! Unfortunately haven't paid for plus so can't kick ass in PvP. Compton: a Soundtrack by Dr. Dre.