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  1. The castle was opened in 2007 and was originally on a free service and it was fantastic, but then the host company was sold and everything became hideously unreliable. There were mess ups, hosting difficulties, the site was always going down for one thing or another and in the end it just got unacceptable, so Zygo and I discussed our options. We could either leave things as they were and never be sure when or if we would be able to access the forum from one day to the next, we could close the Castle doors and fasten all the windows and walk away or we could find somewhere new to go. We did research for a few months and the only reliable way we could find to keep the Castle going was to move to a new site, but this time one where we paid for the service and so could demand better treatment and more reliability. We packed everything up and moved here. The hosts are really good and when I don't mess up everything runs smoothly for the most part. Its overgrown now and mostly hidden by vines and trees, but the old castle is still there, full of cobwebs and so many memories I could never bring myself to pull it down. So many people I still miss after all this time. Ooooh, shivers all over. Time to move on. lol
  2. One of what ways Draken? The Castle will be open for as long as there are people who want to come here, I won't close the doors until I'm sure I'm the last person here.
  3. This was completely my fault guys. The renewal payment was due and my card had expired and I hadn't changed the details to the ones on my new card, (duh!!) so when the money was requested from the card the request was denied and the castle was closed until I could talk nicely to the people and change the details, then there was the obligatory 24 hour waiting period for them to re-issue the payment request and then a further 24 hours for the payment to clear. I am so sorry for worrying anyone, I messed up. But the Castle is not closed, it isn't closing and as far as I'm concerned only the end of the world could bring about the end of the Castle. And if the end of the world as we know it should come I'm sure all of you will have other things on your minds than not being able to log in here.. lol Mog I hope you haven't caught a cold outside in the rain all this time. I'll get Zygo to fire up the furnace and make lots of lovely hot coals for you to cuddle up to. I am really, really sorry.
  4. Oh my. We're not in Kansas any more Toto!
  5. Guilty You have hidden behind the furniture to avoid someone you didn't want to see when they called at your house.
  6. It's very important that everyone understands that of course this is only friendly advice, and I wouldn't want it to be mistaken in any way for any kind of threat to your health and well being, but you wouldn't want to try and take anything that belongs to me without my permission. You really wouldn't. And the two castles and everything that lies between them belongs to me. Having said that I do hope you all enjoy your little adventure.
  7. YAY! Road trip. Well not quite, but almost. YAY! Almost road trip.
  8. Disco, Illinois.
  9. Guilty You have called someone just to see if they are where they said they were going?
  10. Ants (Them! Warner Brothers movie 1954 )
  11. Tea

    You'd need an huge set of shelves if you were going to buy all of the tea ingredients available, perhaps even a small room dedicated just to tea making, like the Japanese used to have.
  12. From A Jack To A King - Elvis Presley
  13. I'm glad you had such a good day Mog. Here's hoping for a better car for you next year then you can join in the Ute run, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Here in the UK many of our towns and villages have carnivals every summer, and each year a carnival queen and her attendants are selected. They travel through the streets on the backs of wagons decorated with fabric and flowers, sitting on gold thrones. Crowds line the streets to wave at them as they pass. There is often a band and sometimes clowns, majorettes or morris dancers, local businesses also decorate floats, and people in fancy dress ride horses, drive vintage cars or just walk, and some carry buckets to collect change from the crowds for local charities and good causes. The procession ends at a local park or playing field where there are fairground rides, games, stalls and competitions all weekend. I used to love going to those when I was a child, and really enjoyed taking our children to them too. They were a really great family day out that didn't rely on spending a ton of cash. Can't say that about many things these days. lol
  14. My family were all mainstream religious or completely non-religious folks and I realised from an early age that neither of those paths were right for me. I believe in deity, but have a lot of trouble with all the human representatives here on earth, and with all the conditions they place on worship. I can't understand why the worship of any god would require a special building, huge and ornate and expensive, special clothing, made from the most expensive fabrics, decorated lavishly with precious and semi-precious stones and sewn with gold and silver threads, gold and silver accessories, (goblets, plates, crosses, etc) encrusted with precious and semi precious stones, and the total, endless, mindless, complete abandonment of self will to follow the teaching and instructions of any god as translated and passed down by a person whose only qualification to give anyone this instruction is 1 the fact that he says he can and/or 2 the fact that the people who run things and earn vast amounts of money for doing that, say he can. Give me an open space and some peace and quiet and I'm happy. My deity is found in the wild places, where nothing comes between me and nature. I only have to open myself to the connection and I feel it, all around me and within me, passing through like a cool refreshing wind. My experiences with mainstream religions always left me feeling unworthy and less than I am, waiting to be punished by their god if I step out of line, but my connection to the Universal energy leaves me feeling blessed and comforted. I believe I was given free will, on the understanding that I harm no-one without just cause, without fear of punishment for any transgressions perceived by others and without any other living being having the right to sit in judgement of me or my actions. My deity created all as equals and relies on my own code of good conduct to guide my actions. I believe my choices dictate how my life will turn out, and that I alone am responsible for my actions. I try to be the best person I can be, not through fear of repercussions, but through a sense of responsibility for my place in the Universe and all that I could mean and accomplish. This is my path and my belief in a better way for me than mainstream religion was what started me on it.
  15. Breathe Claudius, you're turning blue sweetie. I know of a very old castle, no longer in use, where replacement cobbles could be found that would not upset either your cold cobweb-spun heart or the local branch of the CHCS. Also we own all the property for miles all around here so plummeting values there are nothing to worry about.