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  1. Definitely noted a weird dream trend over the last day or two in this household; anyone else?
  2. *nods* Nemesis, I too love trees/forests and being outdoors-in fact, I'll often leave a window cracked regardless of the weather because I dislike feeling cut off and sterile indoors. I need to be around green, growing things. When I'm upset or needing recharged, I'll sit under a tree awhile in fact, walk around barefoot, etc. I tend to the not-carnivore end of the spectrum though:)
  3. Currently in a weak spot with mine but at least it shows me what I *truly* feel-one, no one is there to save you, and two, the Earth and Sky are Powers. The Universe may or may not have a path or answer-we here on this planet do the best we can. *I* do the best I can and other people *always* tend to mess it up for me-so it's time for me to go back to those basics; the Earth and the Sky, and doing for myself. I've walked my path and believed various things throughout; most of it, I'm *still* not sure of:D
  4. Tea

    Earl Gray is my favorite tea, but I also like Chai and Irish Breakfast. With milk and sweetener. Honestly, I'm not a fan of coffee but LOVE caffeine so I've learned to drink it-quite adamant about it now actually LOL With LOTS of milk and sweetener.
  5. Oh! Sweet! I *demand* to be involved in shenanigans:D ....Played on *Someone Else*, of course! LOL
  6. Syryn? Mad scientist? Mad man with a mad plan all right--LOL Its safe...mostly...well..sometimes anyway...um... ANYWAY....*looks around* There's just one eentsy problem...NO ALE!!!! *crosses arms and scowls* *POOF* Enter the cask of ale and mugs. *giant swig* Ah!! Now THATS more like it:D
  7. Mine would have to involve things to smash and/or weaponry. And alcohol. And chocolate.
  8. ...LOL Guilty. More like a capella singing, though, than true karaoke. ---You've read an entire book start to finish in one sitting without stop except for food and other necessities.
  9. Here's a link to a good review/practice site I'm on: http://www.writing.com/index.php I'm WinterFall2881 on it:)
  10. You know you're a Nature being when you walk into a room and think it needs a tree...
  11. Thanks everyone!!:D Yes, sadly, money has become more important than the environment:( Especially here in US.
  12. Thank you all!!
  13. Here's a petition I started, to ask Kellogg's to eliminate GMOs from their cereals. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/204/656/991/no-gmos-for-breakfast/
  14. This is to President Obama, helping to say Continue to Stop Keystone! Care2 is a fairly solid site to my knowledge; thank you. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/269/090/770/?z00m=22322710&redirectID=1519243417
  15. I too like to read and write stories when I have time to do so; of course, gardening is also a big one for me. I also like star gazing and (easy) hikes. I refuse to try to make a living off of them though; I find that this world is too good at killing the joy from anything one makes work, so...fun and hobbies they remain. Though I admit I hope to change that part somehow one day...