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  1. Now that I did not know, the more you know huh!
  2. Not Drae/Dark Elf here, but throwing in my input. Dokkalfar are not actually Dark elves even though it actually translates to "Dark Elves". They are actually Dwarves, both Ryn and Jalyndre can back me up as they know jus about much as me on norse myth as I do. The actual dark elves in that mythology are Svartalfar or "Black Elves".
  3. Your welcome, never heard of that document, but hopefully the faq helps.
  4. I have been in the community for more then 10 years now and as an elf I have never heard of that term used for anything elfy. I assume it just means what the actual words means. Also the silver elves are not kin related. I recomend looking at
  5. Ye Season Five has been good so far, just no Derek D:
  6. Teen Wolf hands down here for me. As in the MTV TV series!
  7. I am well aware of the common traits, its been many of a debate between myself and my few elenari friends if they are linked some how.
  8. I don't envy my memories as some of them are horrifying at times.
  9. Alvan'diel was something... sometimes my own words don't do it justice but I do try but it may only be a memory but it lives on in me alone in my heart.
  10. Actually from my own knowledge I have gathered Sidhe translates to roughly as Faerie Mound/Hill. The Hill/Mound part might vary depending on which form of Gaelic so its interchangeable me thinks. Interesting tid bit I have discovered is this; The Tuatha Dé Dannan also known as the people of the goddess Danu are also refered to as the Aos Sidhe/Aos Sí.
  11. Most likely he did, I also know some fellow elves who remember the world of Lord of the rings being real once.
  12. Yes Svartalfar or black elves where considered to be highly alluring, deadly and evil lol regardless it is curious how even Tolkiens work aligns with the Tuatha and the Alfar in some ways.
  13. I found the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Films resonate in places and I also feel a resonation with a certain character from the TV show "Teen Wolf"
  14. Currently I am listening to: Monochrome no Kiss which is the opening theme from Black Butler season one
  15. Giant Twins are a form of Ice Cream Bar here in aus.