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  1. So, Demovora, Rhannan, you want the hi-test stuff? About 2 years ago now, I was on a business trip to upstate New York and Vermont. Listening to one of the local radio stations in the morning, I was hearing a lot of ads for something called Death Wish Coffee, which holds the Guinness World's Record for the strongest coffee on the planet. Lo and behold! Their roasting facility just happened to be in Albany, where I was staying. So, one morning I got up a bit early before I was to make my appointed rounds, and stopped by the roasting house to grab a pound or 2...and lemme tell ya, works as advertised! I'd look into that...and while I am unsure if they do international orders Dem, if you're interested in acquiring some and they can't get it to you for some reason, just drop a line here, and I'd be more than happy to be your international clearing house for weapons grade caffiene. :D
  2. Evidently not. :D
  3. Whilst you lurk, I am all the time winning! I'm the best winner, of all the winners out there, A lot of people will tell you that I appear to be the best at winning. :D
  4. No you... :P
  5. I've lulled all of you into a false sense of security.....for now, for how ever long this may last, I am the last person to post, and therefore,but for the moment, I win.
  6. You know, there's nothing saying if there was enough interest, a Castle DnD run or Shadows of the Empire campaign.... :D
  7. That's quite alright Rhannan.....I just needed to get that off my chest. Sounds like I'm not the only one who's indulging in a little adult beverage... ;) I think the funniest thing she said after I said that was "Well, yeah, you should have known better than to try and make a relationship with an elf work" "I'm the Elf" "REALLY? Drinking like you do?" "I have my reasons" ;)
  8. Since it is kinda sorta related, I figured I'd post it here rather than create a new thread, since it kinda sorta has something to do with the idea of Otherkin as common knowledge.... I think I might have made a bit of an oopsie last night. In my extremely weak defense, I was bombed outa my gourd and the friend I was out with, who happens to be a Norse Pagan, and myself were engaging in conversation about life after divorce. In my state I uttered the following statement: "In retrospect, I should have known that a marriage between an elf and a dwarf wasn't gonna last for the long haul". She asked me what I meant by that, and I just kinda... spilled my guts. :\ About how I wasn't super surprised that I haven't been able to enter into any sort of relationship with anyone else because they wouldn't get me... and how my first GF, my ex-fiance, and my ex-wife were all kin, so I shouldn't be shocked that I'm just not clicking with the average population. She just kinda cocked her head and said "Well, I've heard of the idea before, but I hadn't put much creedence into the idea having never met anyone who identified as such". The night progressed and a good time was had by all, but now I'm just not certain if one of the few friends I have around here I can go and physically hang out with is now completely freaked out by my admissions. *sigh*
  9. My condolences, Simara. :( It's never easy when the ones we've lived our lives with for a good chunk of our lives leave us. It wasn't all that long ago that I lost my partner in crime of 17 years. He's still here with me, though part of him is in the lake he loved so much, and he is also watching over my mom, as he took a special shine to her when she first fell ill, like he was protecting her whenever I'd come to visit. She may have shed her physical shell, but she'll never leave your side, Simara. *hug*
  10. I've been staring at the placard for the Lost in Space reboot Netflix just put up. I wanna, but I don'wanna....if that makes sense.... ;) I just finished a Japanese series that's on Netflix called Midnight Diner. It's quite a nifty lil show about a restaurant that's open overnight to tend to people coming back from the bars and the stories the customers have. Quite something.
  11. Agreed. I like the idea of a blog...but much discussion I think needs to happen before someone pulls the trigger on this. Heck I'm even open to the idea of getting the ball rolling, since it seems I've got nothing but time these days. I've skimmed over this entire thread, and there are just a couple of thoughts I had I wanted to put out there. 1) Yes, there are a lot of folks out there, both keen on the idea of Otherkin and not so much, that regard the lion's share of the the kintypes that people discuss as pure myth. To counter that, I say, even myths are rooted in a kernel of truth. I have my own thoughts on the subject and I believe at one point I might have put the TL;DR version of them in one of the various subforums floating around in the castle ether. 2) While I get that making this information a matter of public record might not sit well with some for various reasons, I say, #)*$ em if folks in general are much too narrow minded to accept a concept that challenges their worldview. It's one of the myriad ways a person grows is to have a little challenge like that thrown at 'em every now and again.
  12. Also, as an aside, Aww shucks, Rhannan.
  13. I was wondering why it took you so long to find this place, Brendan. ;) Welcome! Folks have a tendency to pop in rather randomly here, but everyone's good people here! You're in good company.
  14. Everything that I've come up with myself has the term "rememberance" in it, so perhaps, something akin to that would like, as Rhannan has stated. A shrine, a temple, something along those lines... of rememberance. I second that. :D
  15. Cookies, you say?