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I grew up in the small little town of Aurora in Upstate NY. It is lakeside around plenty of farms, wood, and vineyards. I would grow up going to that school and then to a few different ones locally making friends few and far between. Since early childhood I pondered my identity, which in later years I would come to have found the words, or terminology to describe it which brings me plenty of Pride. I would go on to artistically express my inner self and share drawings and other media with the world because words were never something that came easy for me. I have lived in North Carolina for 3 years, and Florida now for 2 with my family until I find a place to officially call my home. Someday I hope to be able to go back to college and progress my credits for Biology and being Zoology. I like to balance my spirituality with science and philosophy, and invest my free time into the subjects recreationally. I have a few other hobbies here and there such as learning languages or creating my own aside from the usual art.